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What Do You Call It When Something Amazing Just Got Better?


Our running skirts are among our most popular items and we just improved one of your favorites. Great for camp, school, running, sports, and just walking through your day's errands. Our skirts are comfortable enough to play and move in and look great to segue right into the rest of your day.

Our much loved running skirt with leggings is made from a lightweight bathing suit type fabric 88% polyamide/12% Lycra for the most comfortable modest running skirt, aerobics skirt, or walking skirt.

We have *revised* these skirts making the sizing a bit fuller so that our larger ladies can enjoy these as well.The light, stretchy fabric is UV protective, chlorine safe, breathable and will wick away sweat from the body to ease natural evaporation. Its quick drying fabric makes this the sports skirt of choice for water play and wet hikes.

This skirt also comes in a running skirt version without the built-in leggings.

We have also added a convenient internal key pocket as well.

This skirt runs true to size (and is very stretchy and flexible), but it is designed to have some cling. Comes in women sizes XS - XL in black only.

This adorable faux button tank layer flares out with fishtails towards the bottom. This cute fashion addition is made from 90% Viscose/ 10% Lycra and is a great modest layering option to wear over any of our wonderful fitted layering tops.

Our tank layer is currently only sized in two junior sizes XS and S, and comes in black and sand. Only $18.

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