OPPORTUNITIES ------------------ ✳ Get Down To Business Today's the LAST DAY before the price goes up for our stellar one-day event on March 16, 201

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OPPORTUNITIES ------------------


Get Down To Business

Today's the LAST DAY before the price goes up for our stellar one-day event on March 16, 2011. Another ticket was sold yesterday for The Momtrepreneur Exchange LIVE: Getting Down To Business. That's one less for you. Remember, it's an exclusive event limited to fifty fabulous women. You'll get food, drinks, speakers, interaction, networking, free stuff...all for only $99 until tomorrow. After that, the price jumps to $129 through February 1. It's the holidays, so why not buy yourself--and your company--a little gift? Plus, it's a business expense (can you say "tax write off?!") Don't miss out. Click here to register now.


Have Products That Should Be Famous?

Ever wonder how to get your products into movies & TV shows? Wonder no further. Entreprenette Sarah Shaw, the creator of The Instantly Famous Products list, worked in Los Angeles for over a decade building relationships with the key influencers to product placement in Hollywood. She now supplies almost every major TV program and movie. As a service to costume and wardrobe personnel, Sarah provides them with access to small businesses throughout the country who have products they want featured on the set. And today, she officially invites you to join her list. Get yer free registration here.


Need A Newsletter?

Dig this newsletter? I use Mad Mimi. And I want you to use them, too. The mailing list provider is already so low in price with such an easy-peasy interface and amazing customer support that I thought a discount would be silly. Mad Mimi has upped their awesomeness by offering to set you up with custom themes to match your site and, if needed, even design a banner for you. FREE ART, PEOPLE. This is usually charged between $199 and $349 but they'll offer these lurvely enticements as a "Welcome to Mimi." Do it! Head to this post and sign up there.


Want To Chat?

Paul Orlando is bringing conversation to a whole new level. He wants to introduce you to Chatfe, his communications startup, and he wants your feedback. Chatfe puts people with common interests together for voice conversations. Users are matched based on a common topic and can have anonymous phone or computer voice discussions. Momtrepreneurs can discuss a plethora of questions about building businesses or raising kids. Chatfe would appreciate any comments you have on their service; would you use Chatfe? What would you talk about? Check out the site and share your thoughts with Paul here.


Unite, Women Inventors

The lovely Melinda Knight has created a marketplace for all women inventors called Womentorz. Melinda welcomes you to her community of women inventors who use the concept of group marketing in order to make the most profit possible. You can join the site (free!) and even go ahead and get a storefront just like this one (free!). Check out the site and featured products here to become womentorz yourselves.

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Crunch Those Numbers

Can't count? Neither can I. Beyond The Pedway's Tim Jahn vets two different accounting apps for small businesses on his blog. If you haven't heard of Xero.com or LessAccounting.com, you can get right to it in this article. And if you have even better suggestions for us, we're all ears. Please post them here.



Like Links?

Here's a sample of the links that we discussed last week on our Facebook page. Stop by and post your own helpful links anytime.

* 10 trends in 2011 to watch including tourism, affordable luxuries & fitness.

* How strong is your social media signal? "Social signals " contribute to regular search results

* Throwing a holiday party for your company? They're 100% tax-deductible. BRING ON THE EGG NOG!

* Tip for saving $$ on laundry: make your family wear the same outfits at least 3 days in a row. Have found it to be very helpful.

* "Businesses should build a mobile-friendly website before building an app."

* Are you backed up? "50% of small business workers don't utilize external hard drives or cloud-based solutions."

* "Experts on entrepreneurs and marketing say there is no substitute for personal contact when launching a small business."

Wanna catch up on previous opportunities? Find the goods here!

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