Welcome to the March 2012 Newsletter Greetings! Take a break from the pollen and inchworms and read our latest newsletter. Do you have news? Please

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Welcome to the March 2012 Newsletter

Greetings! Take a break from the pollen and inchworms and read our latest newsletter.

Do you have news? Please send your updates to the News Team.


Faculty News

037312 gao0022 small

Photo Credit: Megan Morr, Duke Photography

Professor and Chair Haiyan Gao has contributed many news stories this month:

She was recently interviewed for an In the Spotlight feature on EurekAlert!’s website. Read the article “Brain drain (and gain) is an outdated notion for China” here.
On March 15th she participated in a live webcast interview to which members of the Duke community were encouraged to tweet, email or Facebook questions. Link.
Finally, she was featured in a Duke Today article “Physics Chair Sees Entire Universe in a Neutron.” Read the article here.

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Research News

kotwal cr

A special scientific seminar on the W Mass measurement from CDF took place February 23 at Fermi Lab with speaker Prof. Ashutosh Kotwal.


In a recent article accepted by Physical Review Letters, Prof. Shailesh Chandrasekharan and former Duke postdoc Anyi Li conduct accurate computations near a fermionic quantum critical point.

nick buchler

Research supported by the DARPA grant recently awarded to Prof. Nicolas Buchler was featured on the Duke Today website.

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Graduate Student News

Two of the Physics Department's graduate students defended their theses this month!


Chenglin Cao defended on March 21. Here he is adviser Prof. John Thomas.

P1000428 cr

Josh Albert defended his thesis on March 23. Here he is with adviser Prof. Chris Walter.

Read more graduate student news here and undergraduate news here.


Staff News

RandyBest SCC2010 Bicycle Duke

Administrative Manager Randy Best

The Durham Board of County Commissioners has appointed Duke Physics Administrative Manager Randy Best to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission as the representative for Duke University. He will begin participation in the next meeting, March 20. Congratulations, Randy!

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"Why Duke Physics?"

This month there are two new entries to our revolving photo essay series in which we ask members of our community "Why Duke Physics?"

N Buchler2

Nicolas Buchler (Assistant Professor): "I was attracted to the cross-disciplinary research at Duke, both within the Physics department and across the university." Click the image to read the full entry.

sucheta cr

Sucheta Jawalkar (Postdoc): "The combination of being affiliated with a cutting-edge photon beam facility--TUNL--within walking distance of the university physics building, was very attractive to me." Click the image to read the full entry.

View the complete "Why Duke Physics?" album on Flickr here.

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Upcoming Events

Event details may change at any time. Always click "More Info" to retrieve contact info for event organizers when planning to attend events.

Public Stargazing will meet next this Friday, March 30th at 8:30pm at the Duke Teaching Observatory.

Triangle Nuclear Theory Seminar The next TNT Seminar will be with Sebastian Koenig of U. Bonn speaking on "Low-energy p-d scattering and He-3 in pionless EFT" Tuesday, April 3rd at 3:30pm in Physics 298.

Condensed Matter Seminar Series The next CM Seminar will feature UNC-Chapel Hill's Dmitri Khveshchenko with "Josephson Junctions Between Unconventional Superconductors and Their Arrays" on Thursday, April 5th at 11:30AM in Physics 298.

The Hertha Sponer Biography Celebration will take place on April 5 at 2:30PM in Love Auditorium, LSRC followed by a reception at 3:30PM and the Hertha Sponer Presidential Lecture "Sugar-Coated Cells: The Good News and the Bad News" by Carolyn, R. Bertozzi, PhD of the University of California, Berkeley at 4:30PM.

Physics Department Colloquium The next Colloquium will feature Deborah Jin of the University of Colorado at Boulder's "Ultracold Polar Molecules" on Wednesday, April 25 at 3:30PM in Physics 128.

TUNL Seminar The next Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratories Seminar will be held on Thursday, May 31st at 2:00PM in Physics 298 and will feature Josh Klein of the University of Pennsylvania.