12K JANUARY 2011 NEWS I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and thank you dearly for your support during 2010. The music business is obviously c


I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and thank you dearly for your support during 2010. The music business is obviously continuing to undergo mass confusion and shift, the rules - what's left of them - are changing almost every day. I'm very touched by the fact that 12k has remained an important part of the music landscape for almost 14 years. And with this changing landscape 12k, too, will change, adapt, and never rest. There's a great year ahead with some big changes, fresh releases, more vinyl and a couple of very special projects.

We're starting the year off with two big pieces of news: First, starting this month, the LINE label is now its own independent entity, run by Richard Chartier, and separate from 12k. Richard will continue to curate the label as he has for the past 11 years, however, no longer a sub-label, LINE will be forging a new path with a renewed sense of passion and focus, expect some great things from Richard and LINE in 2011.

Since many of you are accustomed to buying your LINE releases along with 12k here in our online shop we're making sure that 12k still remains a retailer for all LINE releases so you'll still be able to get them here or, alternately, through LINE's own new website at: www.lineimprint.com. We wish Richard a very successful adventure with LINE and I'll still be working closely with him to smooth the transition as well as dream up some great new projects.

Secondly, what better what to start the new year than with a sale! Much of 12k's back-catalogue as well as the vinyl will be on sale for the month of January as we make room for new releases.

Read on for more news, new releases and details about LINE and the 12k sale.

I wish you a very creative, productive and peaceful 2011.

Taylor Deupree


LINE is now its own label (no longer a 12k sub-label) run independently by Richard Chartier. link name

Please booomark the new website!



Solo Andata's highly acclaimed new album, Ritual, released on 12" vinyl by Desire Path Recordings is now being carried by 12k and in our online shop. Topping many (many) year-end top=10 lists, this album is not to be missed. We're also carrying the super-limited special edition.

title: RITUAL
cat. no: Pathway001
format: 12" Vinyl
info + sound samples

After the highly praised “Fyris Swan” (Hefty) and “S/T” (12K), Solo Andata return with “Ritual”, a meticulously-crafted album emphasizing an engagement with the unknown.

The special edition version (only 49 were made) of the Ritual 12" comes with a copperplate etching is also available from 12k.

cat. no: Pathway001 SP
format: 12" Vinyl + copperplate etching
info + sound samples

The Limited Art Edition includes, along with the 12″ LP, a hand-made copperplate etching, each print uniquely inked by hand and printed by Christopher Koelle. Each print is individually signed and numbered in an edition of 50.


thisquietarmy + scott cortez Meridians 12" LP now available in the 12k shop.

cat. no: TFR005
format: 12" Vinyl

The collaboration between Scott Cortez and thisquietarmy doesn't really come as a surprise. The latter acknowledges that the previous works from Cortez (under the lovesliescrushing moniker) greatly influenced his work, to the point of using the same way of writing the band's name for his actual solo project. The main thing that they have in common is their unconventional use of the guitar, which they consider as a signal generator. They then process those sounds through various effects, to obtain a different result than that of the original signal until the source becomes almost undetectable. The original drone was supposed to be played like a three tones piece, with the use of a different string for each tone. They then sent the result to each other to work on the piece that the other had begun. This is how they recorded the two tracks that feature on this record. Written and pressed to be played at 45 rpm, the record can also be played at 33 rpm. Darker and more mystical, the result is stunning. Numbered edition of 499 copies.


cat. no: 12K1064
format: CD

Between 1928 and 1932 the earliest recordings of historically informed performances of music from the late Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque era were etched into 78RPM records. The initial soundwaves produced back then by period instruments like the clavichord, viols, lute, hurdy-gurdy are read from the grooves by a cactus needle and amplified by the gramophones diaphragm housed in a soundbox. Mathieu picks up these sounds by a pair of customized microphones and sends them to a computer to be transformed by spectral analysis and convolution processes.

cat. no: 12K2019
format: CD

Recorded live on April 10th and 11th, 2010, Tasogare: Live in Tokyo documents the performances of five 12k artists at two temples in Tokyo, Japan. This release represents the importance of recording and keeping documents of performances seen and heard around the far corners of the globe - a chance for many others to hear what went on a world away in live sets that can’t, and won’t be duplicated again.