Empowering You on Your Mission! Hello Ooze Community, In preparation for Soularize 2011, we sensed an opportunity to center the conversation around

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Empowering You on Your Mission!

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Hello Ooze Community,

In preparation for Soularize 2011, we sensed an opportunity to center the conversation around a theme that could propel us into the future. This year's theme is...


Each day, there will be a different focus that is designed to inspire and challenge you toward the unique mission that God has given to you. This isn't a one-size-fits-all conference. This is about helping you get in touch with what God is calling you to do uniquely in your community.

Firestarters will fire you up to think and feel in new ways - 8 minutes of pure heat!
Keynotes will kindle fresh insights and perspectives.
Workshops will help you connect with others and wrestle with what you're learning.

Day 1 - Redefine Your Theology
Firestarter - Jay Bakker
Keynote - John Caputo
Firestarter - Tim King
Live Podcast - Philip Clayton, Peter Rollins, Tripp Fuller, Jay Bakker

Day 2 - Rediscover Your Humanity
Firestarter - Monica Coleman
Keynote - Rita Brock
Firestarter - Morgan Myers
Keynote - Peter Rollins

Day 3 - Recommit Your Passion
Firestarter - Claudio Oliver
Keynote - Rachel Held-Evans
Firestarter - Brian Ammons
Roundtable - Mark Scandrette, Claudio Oliver, Rich McCullen, Spencer Burke

Interspersed are over 40 workshops within 8 different tracks including church planting, creativity, social justice, family, and more!

Don't wait another day - register now to join us for three days of empowerment!

See you in San Diego,


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Fuller Theological Seminary

Stick Around After Soularize for the "Social Phonics Boot Camp"


October 21, 2011 (9am-4pm)
Missiongathering Church

$30 discount for Soularize attendees:
Click here to register and use “Soularize” as the discount code!

Stick around the day after Soularize for a one-of-a-kind “social media boot camp” for pastors, non-profit executives, authors, and social mediaists. Doug Pagitt will guide you through the basics of the most popular social media services, including blogging, Facebook, Twitter and free broadcast media. You will learn how, in just three 30-minute periods each week, you can dramatically increase your communication to members of your church, organization, or business — and, even more importantly, to those who have the potential to visit your church or business. Most importantly, we’ll help you determine your own social media philosophy, so that you’ll know exactly why you’re going online each week.

Imagine getting real-time feedback from your parishioners as you prepare your sermon, spreading the word about a church outreach program without buying a newspaper ad, or posting a YouTube welcome to new neighbors in your community. Imagine hearing what customers are saying about your business or organization. All of this is possible, and it doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, we’ll make it fun! All you need to bring is yourself and your laptop (borrow one if you have to!). Each Boot Camp is limited to 50 registrants.

REGISTER TODAY and use “Soularize” as the discount code!

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by Christian Piatt - Soularize workshop leader

I was talking to a woman at Church on Sunday who has been through more than her share of hard times. She wears her life in the lines on her face and along the scars and blemishes on her fragile hands. Through it all, she’s held on to her faith in God. But the relationship has, at times, been strained by hardship. “I know everything happens for a reason,” she said, “but sometimes I just can’t imagine what the reason is. I know I shouldn’t but I just get so mad at God from time to time.” I reassured her that any God worth believing in can likely handle a little bit of human anger. I reminded her of the scene in the movie, “The Apostle,” when Robert Duval rages against God up in his room. “I love you, God,” Duval hollers, “but I’m mad at you!” read more

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by Jon Huckins - Soularize workshop leader

Although we had only met each other a few days before, my Arab Palestinian friend Milad (who lives in the West Bank) looked at me with tears welling up in his eyes and said, “I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus the Messiah. Why do people in your country think I am a terrorist?” I was left speechless, confused and sad. The next day, while watching a group of American Christians pray for their breakfast before beginning their day of touring the Holy Lands, Milad asked me, “How can Christians pray for their breakfast, while completely ignoring the oppression of their brothers and sisters just minutes away on the other side of the Separation Wall?” Milad’s story is the embodiment of the tragic theological and socio-political consequences of Christian Zionism. Worst of all, I quickly realized my complicity with Christian Zionism enabled the cycle of violence and oppression directed towards my friend and Christian brother to continue. read more

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by Joshua Walters

I am a white, middle-class man working on a master’s degree. I’m supposed to eat lunch at anAsian-Fusion restaurant or Whole Foods or a sushi bar (tongue in cheek). I shouldn’t be eating the free meals that urban churches are cooking up for people in need, right? Or… should I? I’m beginning to think that I – we – actually should be. read more

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by Phil Wyman

“Yesterday’s Madmen have become today’s Prophets, Seers and Saints. Today’s Madmen…?” The quote remained unfinished upon the walls of the art installation. This was Burning Man, and the search for people who hear voices ought not to be considered a strange thing in this radical desert festival event of self-sufficiency and self-expression. But of course, even the mad create their own boxes of sanity. Over the course of the week hundreds – no, I am sure thousands of people visited the site. They stood at the flame altar, they cast the things they felt compelled to surrender, they meditated upon the ten to twelve foot tall pillars, and they shared words which they “heard” by writing in holy graffiti upon the walls. Some people might tell us that divine inspiration does not come in words. Others might view deity as something distant, unconcerned or perhaps even impersonal. read more

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by Sean Bess

Troy Davis, who was arrested and convicted for the 1989 murder of officer Mark MacPhail, was executed on September 21, 2011 at 11:08pm EST—this after years of appeals, seven of the nine witnesses recanting their testimonies, and a number of jurors expressing doubts that Davis was in fact guilty. Needless to say, the execution of Troy Davis has brought a long running debate front and center: should capital punishment stay or go? Everyone has their own feelings and instincts about capital punishment, but let’s try and set aside our presuppositions and see what, if anything, Scripture says on the issue. read more

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by Chuck Queen

William Sloane Coffin, a few years before his death, wrote a wonderful book titled, “Letters to a Young Doubter.” At the beginning of the correspondence, he asks his young friend a probing question, “Who tells you who you are?” As Chaplain at Yale for a number of years, he knew full well the power of higher education to tell students who they are. There are powerful forces in our culture that impact and shape who we think we are. The Christian answer that I was given as a young person is that we are all sinners. Certainly that is true. I know that I am flawed and fail regularly to live up to the best ideals of humanity, or even my own best ideals. All of us are a mass of contradictions. But is that the first and foremost thing about us? read more

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