From Betsy As I'm writing this to you now, there is a frigid and nasty “wintry mix” falling outside. Thankfully, I'm in my leather club chair with a

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From Betsy

As I'm writing this to you now, there is a frigid and nasty “wintry mix” falling outside. Thankfully, I'm in my leather club chair with a roaring fire, a golden retriever snoozing at my feet and a cup of hot chocolate next to my laptop - I love working from home! :)

This Southern girl is having a hard time adjusting to the freezing temperatures outside but I can assure you that not even this dreary weather can dampen my enthusiasm. You see, I have so many new, information-rich programs for you in 2011 that I'm about to burst with excitement!

First, my one-on-one GRANTcoach program is beginning January 11th with students eager to learn grant writing consulting allowing them the freedom to work from home, do good and make money.

I'm also offering webinars in 2011! January topics include:

Grant Writing Basics: What You Need to Know to Get Started – January 12th Register Here

Work From Home, Do Good and Make Money as a Grant Writing Consultant - January 26th Register Here

It is going to be a super new year! Keep being vigilant in your grant writing efforts because I promise that it will pay off. There is a reason I continue to advocate adding grants to your fund raising efforts – because I know the HUGE difference grant funding can make to a financially-strapped nonprofit. Don't give up!

All my best,


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What Grant Makers Wish You Knew

Nonprofit staff can be excellent at establishing relationships with major gift donors. They cultivate their donors, learn everything they can about them and invest time and energy in forging meaningful relationships. Unfortunately, the same often cannot be said when it comes to a nonprofit's relationship with potential grant donors.

It used to be that grant makers were kind of like the Wizard of Oz – they hid behind a curtain and didn't want to be seen. That's simply not the case any more though and there's definitely an openness today that didn't exist then. However, many nonprofits are still operating under the assumption that the grant maker is untouchable and therefore are not even taking the time in learning how to approach them properly.

So, what is it exactly that grant makers wish you knew? Here are just a few items for your consideration:

They like when nonprofits have done their homework and ensure that they are a good match before submitting an application.

They like communication. Don't let them hear from you just to ask for money. Stay in touch through your mailings, keep them informed and even call sometimes. This is especially true after a rejection! Be persistent. Sometimes a “no” can be interpreted as “not now.”

They like for you to follow their guidelines. As simple as it sounds, there are still nonprofits that send blanket proposals not bothering to check if the grant maker is even accepting applications at that time and not following the suggested guidelines.

You should also inquire about grant makers from other nonprofits you know – they often have some insider information that they're more than happy to share that could help get your foot in the door. Don't forget too that grant makers often have websites that detail their interests, plus their 990's will list who they have supported in the past. All of this is crucial information that can help you determine whether they're a suitable match for funding for your organization.

Be the nonprofit that the grant maker wants to work with. Go for it!

Coming Soon

fastGRANT – Wish that I would apply my grant writing knowledge and expertise and just write the grant for you? You might be chosen by me to do just that! Stay tuned...

GRANTmasters Training Circle – You, Me and All-Inclusive Access to All Things Grants! I'll be sharing details soon. :)

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