Newsletter - October 2011 Active Consciousness is now available! Welcome to the premiere issue of the Active Consciousness

AC-Madmimi-darker Newsletter - October 2011


Active Consciousness is now available!

Welcome to the premiere issue of the Active Consciousness Newsletter.

This monthly newsletter is dedicated to exploring the message conveyed in Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within, the second book by author Amy Lansky (also author of Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy). Amy's new book just became available in print and as an eBook on Amazon, and is also available for ordering at bookstores (via Ingram Distributors).

Active Consciousness is now one of the most exciting, and far-ranging books available on the topic of consciousness, spirituality, meditation, and the evolution of human awareness. In many ways, it builds a bridge between the powerful use of similar vibrations in homeopathy and its even more potent application in everyday life. Readers of Active Consciousness will embark upon a voyage of discovery to their inner Selves. Get ready for an exploration of the esoteric, grounded in an intriguing model of reality based on higher dimensions in space!

Comprehensive, yet at the same time accessible and personal, Active Consciousness invites you to not only learn about these mysterious subjects, but to develop the power of active consciousness for yourself. By including a series of exercises and experiments in meditation and self-inquiry, this book provides readers with an experience that may transform their lives and help them evolve to a new level of awareness.

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What is active consciousness?

Most of us use the term "conscious" or "consciousness" to denote the state of awareness when we are awake or alert, as opposed to asleep or simply unaware of what is going on. This is what I call "mundane" or "shallow" awareness or consciousness.

Another feature that is commonly associated with the word "conscious" or "consciousness" is how we affect the world around us -- that is, whether we "consciously" or "unconsciously" do things. For example, we might consciously move our hand, as opposed to unconsciously blink our eyes. This form of consciousness is more active (as opposed to passive), but it is still shallow or mundane.

What about deeper forms of consciousness?

When meditators access a stillness within them that is focused in the present moment -- the Now -- they also often access a deeper form of awareness. This depth awareness links them to their inner or higher Self -- the part of them that perceives things from a higher and wiser perspective. Access to the Self is the goal of most meditative practices and yields what I call deep consciousness.

When a person uses deep consciousness to affect the world around them, they are exerting active consciousness.

For example, using active consciousness, a person might:

Enable their own body or someone else's body to heal.
Affect the behavior of a physical object -- for example, the behavior of an otherwise random device.
Make wise and fortuitous choices that direct them toward their goals.

Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within is all about understanding deep, active consciousness -- how it might work, how it relates to esoteric wisdom from the past, and how we can all develop it for ourselves, not only to benefit our own lives, but also the greater collective good of the world.

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