> Food experts tell it like it is on Best Food Facts Best Food Facts gives you the opportunity to connect with food experts from around the country w

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Food experts tell it like it is on Best Food Facts

Best Food Facts gives you the opportunity to connect with food experts from around the country who have done the research, checked their work and want to share the results. Through blog posts, experts provide answers to your questions about food. Best Food Facts encourages open discussion - please send us your questions.

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What's Cookin'?

Recently we’ve talked with University-based food experts/researchers about these topics

It's My Right: Genetically-Modified Labeling
Dr. Peggy Lemaux's interview with NPR discusses what labeling genetically-modified foods could mean for consumers.

Animal Care on Large Farms - Oxymoron?
Dr. Dan Thomson and Dr. Peter Davies say the amount of animals isn’t the key. It’s management that’s key.

Enough Land to Feed U.S. Residents?
Dr. Tom Tomich explains that in the U.S., we are fortunate to have abundant natural resources in our agriculture sector.

Expert provides follow-up response: Can organic farming feed the world?
Dr. Robert Paarlberg gives reasons why most food in the U.S. is grown through conventional methods.

Mad Cow in California: Is Beef Safe?
Best Food Facts provided details about the case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).

Genetically Engineered Sweet Corn – Is It Safe?
Experts weigh in on the safety of genetically-engineered sweet corn.

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Meet Our Featured Expert!

Dr. Ann Macrina is a Senior Instructor in the Department of Dairy and Animal Science at Penn State University. Her research areas have included bST use in dairy cattle, induced lactation, and hormone concentrations in milk. She teaches a senior/graduate level lactation biology course and a senior level course in equine facilitated therapy. Dr. Macrina serves as Coordinator of the Equine Science Minor and Co-advisor to the Penn State Collegiate Horsemen’s Association. She advises undergraduate students and is involved in student recruiting at Penn State. In addition, she is a consultant in the area of human lactation. A native of the Mohawk Valley in New York, Dr. Macrina grew up on a dairy farm.

Dr. Macrina has contributed to the following Best Food Facts posts:

Hormones in Milk: Are They Causing Early Puberty in Girls?
What could be causing early puberty in girls? Our expert clarifies a reader's question.
Hormones in beef? Our expert answers a reader's question.


Coming Right Up!

Best Food Facts readers asked questions – and our experts will be providing answers! Look for these topics to be covered soon!

Water: What's the magic number? How much water should you drink per day?

Is there concern about BPA in food packaging?

Should the government require labeling of genetically modified food?

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