Powerlines 99 - The Newsletter for Reputation & Stakeholder Managers Dear Powerlines readers, The findings of the latest EisnerAmper USA Board of Di


Powerlines 99 - The Newsletter for Reputation & Stakeholder Managers

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Dear Powerlines readers,

The findings of the latest EisnerAmper USA Board of Directors Survey revealed that 69 percent of respondents identified reputational risk as their primary concern.

Regulatory & compliance risk, which topped last year's survey, was a close second at 61 percent; followed by CEO Succession Planning at 55 percent and IT Risk at 51 percent.

Commenting on the Survey's results, Steven Kreit, a partner in EisnerAmper's Services to Public Companies practice, said "Protecting a company's and a board member's individual reputation has taken on heightened awareness." Kreit noted that, "Reputation, together with the closely related concerns about IT, privacy, data security, and product or service failure are now a focus of many boards."

The Report's underlying conclusion is that directors and their companies are subject to the same dangers everyone faces in a digital world where information spreads virally at enormous speed; and where the impact of reputational damage is magnified and the ramifications to a company are great.


I have redesigned my blog – Deon Binneman on Managing Reputation

When you have a moment - please check it out - Do you like it? I would be very interested in your thoughts and feedback.

I have also posted the dates for my public training for the rest of 2011. Now's your chance to plan ahead to attend one of these interventions and up your game.

Feature Stories

The Problem with Reputation Risk

Rep Risk Always

Reputation risk has a tendency to emerge when we expect it the least. Since everything we do and say can have an impact on the reputation of the organization, careful attention needs to be given to the management of a company’s reputation as an asset and a risk.

It is only when a reputation incident severely damages the credibility of an organisation or one of its brands, or its standing in the eyes of its stakeholders, that the potentially catastrophic consequences of not managing the crisis properly become apparent.

Studies of organisations that have handled crises affecting their reputation badly have identified long term and irreparable damage to share price, market share and brand value.

Many organisations make the mistake of assuming that all that is needed is media training and crisis planning. However, a reputation crisis exposes to public and media scrutiny not only the organisation's competence at crisis handling, but the values, standards and shortcomings that existed beforehand…..

It will therefore be in an organisation’s interest: Read more:


Using Tools & Techniques to boost your Personal Reputation


They say first impressions count.

This statement is not always correct, since you cannot judge a book by its cover. However, making an initial good first impression goes a long way to establishing credibility and a favourable reputation.

One of the ways to create this impression is to act as if you are in control and that you can do things quicker, faster and more elegantly than others. I find that many technological tools and techniques exist to become more productive and create that impression.

Read more about my favourite tools and useful applications that might be of benefit to you.


Preparing for Crises

Dominos will fall

Recently I facilitated a training seminar called Crisis Management and Communication for Reputation Protection at the Grand Millennium hotel, Beijing, China. This was my opening statement I shared with the audience:

‘Your reputation is probably the single most important commodity your organisation owns. You rarely get a second chance to avert a crisis. It is crucial that your organisation have in place a crisis management plan and the know-how to hopefully avoid, plan for and act, when a crisis arises. This seminar will cover preparing for a crisis (in advance), handling a crisis when one arises, formulating a strategy and deciding on a plan of action to protect an organization’s reputation, minimise damage and, if possible, turn things around.

As 90 percent of a crisis response is communication, the seminar will place an important focus on crisis communication response, especially now in an era of social media, as best described by Robert Scoble in Fast Company when he said “Reputations are created and destroyed online in the speed of 140 characters.”

For more information on crisis management or to read some of my blog posts on Crisis Management & Crisis Communication, access the following links:

Your Crisis Communication Response Plan is Due for Maintenance (And/Or a Rewrite)
Why You Should Plan for Crises Before They Happen
Is your company ready to deal with a Product recall? A Checklist for your convenience
You better be Awake: Searching for Vulnerabilities


Even Shakespeare knew about Reputation Risk

William Shakespeare, the greatest English writer knew a lot about Reputation because he also had a lot to say about it - Read more


Community of Practice - Stakeholder Reputation Group on Linkedin

I would like to share with you the importance of a stakeholder grouping called communities of practice.

A community of practice is defined as an affinity group. It is an informal network or forum where tips are exchanged and ideas generated [Thomas A. Stewart] or it can be defined as a group of professionals, informally bound to one another through exposure to a common class of problems, common pursuit of solutions, and thereby themselves embodying a store of knowledge [McKinsey & Co.].

Since we all share a common objective – Building, protecting and sustaining our organization’s reputations amongst our stakeholder groups, you are invited to join my Stakeholder Reputation community of practice on Linkedin – the Group for Stakeholder & Reputation Managers - Please start to share and learn from each other and let’s communicate and share resources and build strategic alliances.


Interesting Snippets

Studying towards a qualification like a MBA - Read this and supplement your skills with knowledge - Report: Only a small percentage of highly ranked MBA programs offer a #PR course Want to learn more about Reputation? Take a look at our training.

This website’s tweets is a must – follow. They offer handy powerful tips on maximising your use of Twitter.

A Powerful way to reduce Reputation Risk - Map the Stakeholder's journey and contact points with your company. Identify gaps and close them. To learn how to do this, attend my next training.


Advertisement - The Crises Manager Toolkit


By the way if your organization needs a comprehensive Crisis Management & Crisis Communication toolkit which can help you plan for events including potential Social media crises, check out our Crises Manager Toolkit

The CM toolkit includes: An 11 page Crises Preparation Analysis questionnaire, Integrated Crisis Management & Crisis Communication plan template, Risk testing questionnaires, Risk analysis template, Sample Social Media crises strategies, Sample vulnerabilities chart with a complete scoring methodology, etc.

Here is a small example of what is in the kit – Step- by – Step to Create your own Crisis Communication Kit


Upcoming Training Courses - Dates for the rest of 2011

I offer specialised multi-disciplinary training courses and workshops for Corporate Affairs, PR & Communication, Stakeholder managers & OD practitioners and teams. I work in-house with Leaders, Executives, The Board and staff based on need, as well as consultants and professionals who want to build a reputation in an interconnected knowledge economy.

I am currently offering an Early Bird Special booking discount for all courses starting in July - valid until the 10th June. Now is the time to diarise these dates and up your game. Book online by clicking on the links or e-mail reputationeducation@icon.co.za for a registration form.

Here are the dates for my public training courses:

Stakeholder Reputation Management Master Class

• 21 – 22 July
• 22 – 23 September
• 24 – 25 November

Reputation Risk Management Master Class

• 5 – 6 July
• 6 – 7 October
• 5 – 6 December

Strategic Employee Stakeholder Engagement

• 13 – 14 June
• 18 – 19 August

Marketing a Professional Practice

• 24 June
• 26 August
• 27 September
• 4 November

Other programs for in-house teams include Product Recall Crisis Management, Media Survival Skills, Crisis Management & Crisis Communication for Reputation Protection and Transforming Organizational Thinking Patterns.


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Availability - I am available for training, consulting & speaking assignments globally where I can assist. Specifically I run training courses on Managing Business Reputation, Stakeholder Reputation, Mitigating and Managing Reputation Risk, Product Recalls, Dealing with the Media and Crisis Management and others, and have done so in 13 countries.

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