August 26, 2010 Volume 1, No. 1 Welcome to our eNewsletter!! This is the first edition of the newsletter. We hope to send out a

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August 26, 2010 Volume 1, No. 1

IL - Watseka 1st Tower

Welcome to our eNewsletter!!

This is the first edition of the newsletter. We hope to send out a newsletter every other week, certainly no more than that, but because we are new at this, the initial few newsletters might be spread out a little more than that. We will keep you up to date with events, highlights from the website, updates on the forum, great information we've found, and your comments and questions. Please feel free to email us at, or call us at 1-866-522-2681 if you have any comments, would like us to find something for you, or have information that will help other water and wastewater operators. (FYI - This is Watseka IL's water tower.)

What You Need To Know About Us

We are here to support small community water and wastewater operators. We've found thousands of free online resources and created an easy way to sort through them quickly. We've also created a national events calendar that lists training, exams, conferences, and workshops for every state and national training provider that has that information on the internet. In developing such a comprehensive set of information and tools, we are also serving the 800+ training, primacy, and technical service organizations, by helping operators get to their information.

You can call us if you need assistance. We will find the right TA provider or expert to help you in your state. We will print large documents you find on our website and mail them to you for free. We are a free service, grant funded to support small community water and wastewater systems. We aren't buying, selling, or advertising anything.

If you would like help navigating our website, call us, we can walk you through it, and even show you some of the cool features that aren't publicly accessible yet. There are also video tutorials at the bottom of the home page, one for looking for information, and one for finding events.

Operators Helping Operators

We've just launched a forum for operators to use to ask questions and describe their experiences with past problems. To get into the forum, you have to register on the website to get a username and password. If you want a preview of the forum, we will be putting up a tutorial video soon on how to use it. Hopefully, we will have more info in the next newsletter. Here's an example:

IL - Ohio

Come By For A Demo

As much as possible, we attend and participate in operator and TA provider conferences around the country. We recently gave a presentation at the Louisiana RWA and the EPA Small Systems Workshop in Cincinnati. We will also be presenting and have a booth at the Evergreen Rural Water of Washington Conference August 31-Sept 2. Stop by, if you are there!

Additional events we will be at soon:
National Capacity Development/Operator Certifcation Workshop in Dallas, Sept 13-16
National Rural Water Expo in New Orleans, Sept 27-29
ASDWA Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, Oct 18-21

Small Systems Workshop in Cincinnati

August 10-12, USEPA hosted the 7th Annual Workshop on Small Systems issues. What started as a workshop to discuss the Arsenic Demonstration Program, has expanded into a workshop on many small systems issues in addition to arsenic. It's a proven to be a great event for state staffs to share their successes and challenges in working with small systems. What amazed me the most was how the implementation in the various states can be so different in meeting the same set of rules regarding drinking water and public water supplies. State laws, differing primacy agencies, and differing public will all play a role. We will be posting more specifics in upcoming blog posts on the website, let us know what you think.

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We Are On Facebook!

We started a facebook page on August 1, 2010. It has blog summaries, events, pictures from job shadowing, misc stuff of interest, and it's a place where you can mention whats going on in your area to others or give your thoughts about related topics.

Before Next Time......

Please consider sharing this with any operators you think might be interested. We would appreciate comments and suggestions about the content of the newsletter, as well as the format. Thanks!