July 7, 2010 Dear Friends in Fiber, It's getting closer! 133 vendors - can you visualize it? Well, we've made it easy for you! (You can't touch it y

July 7, 2010

Dear Friends in Fiber,

It's getting closer! 133 vendors - can you visualize it? Well, we've made it easy for you! (You can't touch it yet, though...have to wait for that). MOST important...did you know that the whole building is AIR CONDITIONED? (No bugs, no mosquitoes, no humidity, no foolin'!)



The Fair Map is now available on our website! Now you can plan your trip throughout the Marketplace. To help you find your favorite vendors - we've divided the Market into 3 sections: Section 1 (booths starting at 100) is to your left as you enter the Fair; Section 2 (booths starting at 200) is straight ahead, in the middle; Section 3 (booths starting at 300) is to your right. And, we have these nifty support poles that have great big letters on them: A through I. Vendor booth numbers include the alpha letter of the pole closest to them - so find the section, find the letter and your vendor will be nearby! The Fair Map is under "Announcements" at www.fiberandfolk.com



You can still register for all workshops that aren't full! Register by end of business on Friday and you'll get your admissions passes for half day and all day classes before the Fair. Those that register after Friday may have to pay admission and then see us at the FairWear booth later for a refund. Get started at www.fiberandfolk.com/workshop.htm


Pattern Writing for Knit & Crochet is now a half day workshop (it was all day). If you were interested, but didn't have the time - here's your chance! Sign up now to take this great class with author and personality Edie Eckman!



Now that's a coffee mug (16 oz, too)! We'll have FairWear mugs, V-neck shirts, and bags with nice long handles available all weekend at the FairWear Booth. You can only get these once a year at the Fair!



Make sure you pick up a Fair Program at the Reception area in the Lobby once you get to the Fair. Not only is the centerfold a nice map of the Marketplace and Exhibits (you don't have to print the one from the web site - we've done it up big for you), but you'll need the book to check out the Fair Specials some vendors are having! (Hint, not all Fair Specials are on the Fair Special page, either). You'll also find the complete Vendor List, Schedule of Events, Musical Entertainment, and lots more.



Have you seen all the cool stuff we are giving away in our Membership Appreciation Totes this year? See the list at www.fiberandfolk.com/member.htm. You can sign up to be a member there, too (scroll up from list) and maybe you'll get one of the totes!



We'll be giving away FREE shirts or bags to the first 200 people through the Admissions booth each day of the Fair! WAHOO!

There's more to come...shopping sprees, schedule of events, etc - stay tuned!


Celebrating the Work of our Hands

Writing to you about the pattern class reminded me...after the last Fair I got all intrepid and wrote my first TWO patterns! Those of you who listened to the radio interview with Rick Kogan on WGN heard me give him socks (still up: click here to listen) - that was one of the patterns. He really liked them, too - a great test! I've designed a lot of garments in my time - including gloves, hats, mittens, socks, shawls, quilts, table runners, draperies - even my own wedding dress! However, designing something that has to be reliably repeated, and more - understood by other people - is something else entirely. You can't just take a nip here or let it out a bit there and it has to have a gauge that is repeatable, too. I have nothing but respect for pattern designers! And - I recommend to all of you - even if you don't intend to ever sell it - set yourself a goal to write a pattern. Challenge yourself. It is an education unto itself...I learned SO much!

See you soon, Friends!

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Carol Cassidy-Fayer
Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair
July 16-18, 2010
Lake County Fairgrounds, Grayslake, IL
                          "Come Celebrate the Work of our Hands!"

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