State Championships! Welcome to the 2012 California State High School Mountain Biking Championships! This weekend will see the largest gathering of c


NorCal's Drake HS on a SoCal podium? Must be from 2011 State Champs! -Photo by Phil Beckman

State Championships!

Welcome to the 2012 California State High School Mountain Biking Championships! This weekend will see the largest gathering of cross-league California high school mountain bikers (550!) in history as well as the last time the State Champs will be in SoCal until 2015. The venue is the Dirt Club near Los Olivos. A venue rich in mountain biking history which has hosted national series races for nearly 15 years. By far one of the best venues to spectate at as racers can be seen riding back and forth across the hills like ants on a mound of sugar.

In order to help you have the best time possible at the race we wanted to give you a heads up on some important points that may be slightly different than what you typically experience at a SoCal or NorCal race:

• There is no on-site registration. Registration is now closed and plates have been assigned. Race ready (paid and waivers) plates are being pre-sorted and will be given to coaches. Non-race-ready riders and independent riders should collect their plates from Registration. Registration will be open Sunday at 8:00 am and may be open Saturday afternoon.

• Race plates are unique to State Championships. You do not need to bring your SoCal/NorCal plates. You will get a new plate.

• Those who won final Leader Jerseys in NorCal and SoCal SHALL bring and race in those jerseys.

• The top 10 overall riders in each League will be called up by alternating League (SoCal, NorCal, SoCal, NorCal). 20 total riders in each category. Please pay attention to and respect staging staff!

• We have virtually unlimited primitive camping on site. We are asking for $20 per night for an RV and $10 per night for a car. This is payable in cash or check when you enter the venue. Camping will be available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. There is no potable water or electricity on site but there are supermarkets and restaurants in nearby Buelton and Solvang.

• No open fires at the campsites. We will have one communal fire pit in Charlotte's Meadow. BBQs or camp stoves are OK with a fire extinguish and/or water and shovel present.

• We are planning on screening a movie outdoors in Charlotte's Meadow on Saturday night. Please bring a camp chair and join us!

• There are two pump tracks at the Dirt Club. Many have seen the small track. There is now a larger track as well. The small track will be open for use. I will evaluate the big track and determine if it will be open or closed. In either case --- pump tracks are great training tools. However, if they become JUMP tracks we WILL close them. Please help us spread the word.

• California Grizzly Bear jerseys will be awarded to the winner of each field and that winner is the State Champion.

• Team awards will be given three deep in each division.

• In the case of high heat we reserve the right to add an additional feed zone as well as to shorten races. The 'current' forecast is calling for a very warm weekend. Make sure you hydrate steadily all weekend and use shade and sunscreen. Don't come to the start line thirsty! We want the safest experience possible.

• Be sure to use the best passing etiquette possible. Don't ride up on a rear wheel and start yelling. Begin calling out your pass as you approach. If you are in a long line of faster riders passing a slower rider, try to call out the number of riders needing to pass. Riders being passed, please be courteous and predictable! Don't swerve out of the way then back into the racing line. Move over smoothly when safe and hold your line until passing riders have passed. We understand there will be many riders and traffic. That is a fact of racing. However, we can still be courteous to each other.

• We will have official 2012 State Championship letter jacket patches and t-shirts available at the SoCal Merchandise tent beginning Saturday at 1:00 pm (cash or check only).

• The TikiTaco truck will be on hand Saturday lunch and Sunday breakfast and lunch. Slushies will be available at the truck if it's hot!

• The race flyer and google course map are available on the Race pages of both the NorCal and SoCal websites. Please familiarize yourselves and print out and bring a flyer.

• Be sure to stop by the Trek trailer and take a spin on one of their demo bikes Saturday afternoon. Trek suspension engineered by a SoCal League parent ;-)

• Be sure to come by the SIDI booth and get the perfect fit for your next pair of shoes!

• We could still use volunteers to make sure the race will be as pro as possible. Please register HERE by Thursday as we send out one large blast email to all registered volunteers Thursday evening. If you don't make it by then, come down to the volunteer sign at Registration and we will find a spot for you!

We are looking forward to a fantastic weekend of hard racing and camaraderie!

See you in the Dirt Zone!

Matt Gunnell
SoCal League Director

norcal inv camp-2012

2012 NorCal Invitational Camp

The 2012 NorCal Invitational Camp takes place at the fantastic campus of UC Santa Cruz from June 25-29, 2012. This is a week long residential camp where student-athletes and coaches stay on site in the UC Santa Cruz dormitories. Though the camp is being held in NorCal, it is open to both qualified student-athletes and coaches from the NorCal, SoCal, Colorado, Washington, and Texas Leagues.

There are only a limited number of spots and they are filling! Partial scholarships will be available to SoCal student-athletes. For information on the camp, please go to the camp web page. For information on scholarships please contact


State Championships takes place at the beautiful Dirt Club near Los Olivos. What a great spot to race, camp, and spectate! -Photo by Scott Kennedy

Keep Your Pit Zone Organized with Feedback Sports

Have you ever been in the Pit Zone and seen a group of bikes, leaning haphazardly on one another? Not only is this an inefficient use of space, it can put student-athletes in an unsafe situation when they have to climb over bikes to get on their bike. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way.

Feedback Sports offers NICA teams great discounts on storage racks, maintenance racks and other products your team can use to help maximize space and safety in the Pit Zone at the races. Ordering can be done directly with Feedback Sports.
Download the Feedback Sports flyer for more information.


NICA Awards Nominations

The NICA Awards were established in 2010 to annually honor those individuals, student-athletes, coaches, volunteers and partners that have made outstanding contributions toward the development of high school cycling and the national high school mountain biking movement.

We are constantly inspired by the tremendous commitment of our student-athletes, dedicated coaches, and passionate volunteers that form our close-knit and dynamic community. The NICA Annual Awards are a means of formally recognizing the tremendous contributions the individuals that have been made in the name high school cycling and the national high school mountain biking movement.

Nominate a Student-Athlete, Coach or Volunteer
To nominate a student-athlete, coach or volunteer in any of these 2012 award categories (PDF), click HERE to fill out the online nomination survey.

Nominations for the 2012 NICA Awards are due by November 1, 2012 at midnight (PST).

Award Selection
Nominations are reviewed by a national Awards Selection Committee, made up of league directors, NICA advisors and partners.

NICA Award recipients will be notified by November 16, 2012.

The 2012 NICA Awards Banquet is tentatively planned for January 12, 2013

Recipients will be drawn from all NICA leagues racing in 2012: NorCal, SoCal, Colorado, Washington, Texas, Minnesota, and Utah.

SoCal Facebook Pages

The SoCal League has two official presences on facebook. We have left our facebook "group" and gone to a facebook "page" for general league information. Please "like" and share the official SoCal League page by clicking HERE.

We also have a group for our coaches and staff to interact. This is a closed "group" called the SoCal High School Cycling League Coach Zone. If you are currently a coach, a volunteer that is part of the ongoing management at races, or seriously considering launching a new club you can ask to join by clicking HERE.


May 20 State Championships

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Jun 25-29 NorCal Invitational Camp

Oct 20-21 Leaders' Summit

Dec 8-9 Wilderness First Aid for Mountain Bikers

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