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NOVEMBER 2010 NEWSLETTER - The Worlds Largest Bible Study Site on the WEB
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ScreenHunter 02 Oct. 31 11.24 is so thankful and continues to praise God at the response from you, our readers, as you have begun to respond to the Challenge our generous donor has placed before us. We ask that you pray that we are able to take advantage of the entire $500,000 that he has offered as a matching gift. We also ask that you pray as we gear up to accelerate the developments we have underway in response to your donation support. We stand at a cross roads and watch expectantly as God begins to touch the hearts of His people. Truly God wants us as it says in Malachi 3:10 “prove Him if He will not only open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing so great we will see it overflowing! ” Why would God do that? He does it because that is His character, (James 1:17) as the Father of Lights in whom there is no variableness or change!

Jesus told the disciples to “watch and pray” and we ask that you do the same. Watch each day as the indicator thermometer is updated on the home page! Then pray and praise as you see it rise! We are humbled and so very thankful for our matching gift and for your sacrificial giving as it impacts the Kingdom Plan that God has for us!

Update: "TheWord" Bible Software has just informed us that until 11/25/2010 they will donate 30% of their profit to our Fall Fund Raiser. We are working with them on our Chinese NET Bible project. read more


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Psalm 136:1

Recently in a discussion it was remarked that in today’s culture it seems we are moving “fast stream” from Halloween to Christmas with little thought to Thanksgiving. Both Halloween (All Saint’s Day and Reformation Day) and Christmas are celebrated worldwide.

Perhaps it is time to go back to our biblical history and become familiar with Sukkoth, one of the three biblically mandated festivals to be held at the end of the year and to be celebrated for a period of 7 days. God instructed Moses to teach the Children of Israel to build temporary dwellings, as a reminder of His provision during the 40 years they wandered in the desert and lived in tents. They were to recite blessings and to hear the Law read on every 7th year. God instructed that Sukkot to be held when they gathered in the harvest from their field (Ex. 23:16); and after they had gathered their wheat, threshed it and also had made the new year’s wine. (Deut. 16:13). Coming as it did at the completion of the harvest, Sukkoth was regarded as a general thanksgiving for the bounty of nature in the year that had passed.

Here are some articles you might consider as you set aside this day: “Thanksgiving” (anonymous) and “The First National Thanksgiving Proclamation” by George Washington.

"Out and About" sharing at conferences around Dallas

MBB booth  1

MBB Conference Booth

kingdom Agenda Conf 001

Michael Garrett shares about the online Bible Study tool at the Kingdom Agenda/First Ladies Conference

FreeGraceAlliance 008

David Austin shares the online Bible Study tool at the Free Grace Alliance Conference

kingdom Agenda Conf 021

Gaye Austin at the Kingdom Agenda/First Ladies Conference

Meeting new people, interacting and sharing about in October covered the MBB Conference, the Kingdom Agenda/First Ladies Conference and the Free Grace Alliance Conference. The highlight of the MBB Conference was in the prayer group that came by and prayed for the staff as well as each of the ministry tables present. God answered each and every prayer. Thank you to the Ministry Prayer Group! What fun it is to meet and greet! Our new friends made our days fly by and we miss them already!

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All About Women!

A quick reminder: The women will be at The Women's Leadership Conference with Carolyn Justis James as the featured speaker. The theme this year is All About Influence and will be held at Dallas Theological Seminary on Nov 15, 2010.

Register soon for your place (the last day to register is Nov 8, 2010) and then come by and visit with the ladies! Come meet some of the authors whose work is on And get your Bible Study purchase signed by Kay Daigle, Ph.D. a author


At we are thankful for your continued support of the ministry. We continue onward with our focus of “Ministry First”. We strive to provide trustworthy resources for you to use in your ministry. God has richly provided each and every need that we have had this past year and we praise Him for his provision and protection. Our staff remains committed because we have seen His hand in your thankful offerings.

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image010 Mailbox- Each month we receive many wonderful letters of encouragement. We cannot express how your notes encourage us! SonShine continues to post new "B&B" Notes (for all of you in the younger set those are the Bread and Butter notes or sometimes known as Thank you notes your Mother reminded you to write) in the group on users called Sharing how has blessed me. Although SonShine posts letters you are welcome to post your own in this group as well!

From "Ann" A good friend and my former pastor has spoken with me about the NET translation for a couple of years. Finally, I asked him where to purchase one, and he directed me to your website. My Bible arrived yesterday, and I love it already! My heart has been yearning for a readable translation that also has depth. The NET seems to provide that for me. Many thanks for sending it so very quickly. I was impressed! Thanks too for your ministry and offering Bibles and materials free of charge. Blessings in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus,

A NET Bible Review by Marty: [a former Editor of news and journalism] All I was really looking for was a software Bible that I could have on my laptop when I couldn't connect to the Internet.There is a plethora of sites for any Bible version online nowadays, but they are no help when not connected. I first found eSword and I love it, especially because I'm not wealthy and can't run out and spend $200-300 on software every time I really need something.......AND THEN I SOMEHOW FOUND THE NET BIBLE . Be sure to go and .. Read More

{Editor comment: this is why we encourage you to donate so that we may have more "Ann's and Marty's" in our mailbox! and more Bibles in the hands of those who need to know! Thank you Ann and Marty for confirming the vision of}

Social Networking News and Initiatives


Facebook Update: One of the joys we have had in recent months is to use Facebook to share resources. Each week our resident Facebook Fan, Todd, chooses an idea to share and to interact. As we near the end of October there are 13,177 people who have joined us online. If you are not registered on Facebook and would like to join in the excitement, go to Facebook and register.

Through the month of October and into November the topics continue to prepare us for the Thanksgiving season and will be on uplifting and encouraging.

Soul Nourishment First written by George Muller.


Blogs: As we prepare for the Thanksgiving season you may want to go and re-read Lael Arrington's blog A Time for Thanks, Not Just Tricks and Treats


Prayer Ministry: Each week, SonShine puts together a prayer log of needs for the staff, ministry needs, and local pastor’s ministries. We encourage our readership to join in praying for those needs. You can join the group by sending your email address to be added to the list which is sent via email along with the W.O.W. (word of the week encouragement) or you can follow the prayer needs on the Treasure Chest of Praises and Prayer.

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The Children's Ministry is starting a new way of training children's ministry personnel, beginning in 2011, using short training modules and technology at their fingertips! They had an instructive time learning how to do "Moodle" as a way of doing distance education. It is ONLY because of your sacrificial donations that this will be possible. As always using our motto "MINISTRY FIRST" we hope to provide it FREE to the reading public across the globe.