Welcome to the October 2011 - issue #52 - of the LumberJocks eMag Click here to view the LJ eMag archives ~ Click here to view eMag in web browser


Welcome to the October 2011 - issue #52 - of the LumberJocks eMag
Click here to view the LJ eMag archives ~ Click here to view eMag in web browser


The sawdust is flying in the LumberJocks shops, this month!

We have two official challenges taking place right now: a Hallowe'en special (ooooooh, scary "Headless LumberJock Guy") and a scrappy challenge. (See the Special Events section for more information.) I look forward to seeing the entries being posted - how creative will you get in these quick and easy challenges?!!

~ Debbie
(as always, feedback on the eMag is appreciated!)


In Memoriam

Our sincere condolences go out to the family and friends of

Dave Leitem (dlcarver) a member of LumberJocks since 2008.


The Headless LumberJock Hallowe'en Challenge

"Oh it's Hallowe'en night, and the goblins are out, to give you and me a fright..."
... and the Hallowe'eners need a container to hold candy... so, what do you think this challenge is about? Check out the details here.


LumberJocks Scrap It Out!

It's time to get your scrap together and join us for this fun challenge. All you need is: some scrap wood, a wee bit of time and a little ingenuity.
And what are the benefits? Well, you can't beat a little fun and friendly competition but you might just get a little "15 minutes, no .. days ... of fame!
Read more here.


Last Month's Draw

FREE Book Draws

This month we have three, yes, count them, 3 book draws for you!
Information about how to enter your name for each of the draws is located on the respective review page.

1. Handcarved Christmas
Donor: Fox Chapel Publishing (FoxChapelPublishing.com)
Book review and draw information, here
2. Woodworking Joints
Donor: Gary Roberts (Toolemera.com)
Book review and draw information, here
3. Sand Shading
Donor: Ralph Bagnall (ConsultingWoodworker.com)
Book review and draw information, here

The random draw winner for last month's book, Woodcarving Noah's Ark, is... woodzy! Congratulations

Tea Lights for Charity

If you have wood scraps lying around (and I know you do or you could have by the end of the day) then this challenge is for you! Grumpy has challenged you!! See his blog here.

Georgia, USA - Woodworking "Meetup"

Looking for woodworkers in the Georgia region to talk shop with in person? The "Modern Woodworkers Association" meets on the second Saturday of each month. Read more here.



Rules are meant to be broken, right? But first you have to know the rules... and then, well, Darrell Peart says... read his blog, here
"Here Comes The Sun" - helluvawreck blogs about his carving project.
A great blog with lots of pictures!

Re-finishing a table: oh the heartache when a beautiful project has been stained by daily living. But, Karson comes to the rescue on this gorgeous creation
First projects, first toolkits, and first tools - all come together in this project by a 10-year old and blogged by Dad, Tomcat1066.

Over the past couple of months, Brit walked us through the restoration of a hand brace. Now he is turning his (and our) attention to the salvaging of a tenon saw. Here is the blog series.
Looking for business tips? In this blog series, Michael1 shares information on selling your product. Blog series.

Pizza, Pizza! Brett shares the making of a pizza peel in video format. Here is part I of the series.
Perhaps it is a sign of the times that we are seeing an increase in restoring and using old tools. Here, Brian Shourd shares his first backsaw restoration.

Video of the Month: Wax Pucks
Bill Schenher III shows us, in this video, how to make wax pucks for multiple uses around the shop
Tutorial of the Month: Milling Lumber
MoshupTrail shares some strategies and safety tips in this tutorial blog.

Shop Tour of the Month: There are basement work spaces and then there are basement workshops. JL7 has definitely created a workshop in his lower level space! You will know what I mean when you check out his video.
Review of the Month: Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table
Woodtechbbq shares his review here





Hit by the woodworking bug early on (building his own scooter), you can feel the joy he has for the craft as he shares his story in this interview. Read about his journey here.




LumberJocks readily share tips, tricks, plans, and tutorials on anything and everything related to woodworking. The following Gateways have been created to compile information for easy access.

Project Gateways
Ex. This Gateway takes us to everything tagged as Canes
Tips & Tricks Gateways
Ex. Here is a list of tips for working with Children in the Workshop
Safety Tips Gateways
Ex. Here are safety tips for the bandsaw Any other tool I should include in the list? (Send me a message re: your ideas)


LJ Stats

October 1/11
32,331 woodworkers making 1,349,293 comments on 52,813 projects, 23,959 blogs, 2,293 reviews and 29,420 forum topics.

Looking Back
October 28, 2008: 6,000 members
November, 2009: 1,000 reviews

Did you know that we used to have a LumberJocks' Comics? Check this out

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