Dear Friends, Palm Sunday was a wonderful day for us as a parish and we have much for which we should be thankful: \* I am grateful that the rain he


Dear Friends,

Palm Sunday was a wonderful day for us as a parish and we have much for which we should be thankful:
* I am grateful that the rain held off at 2 key times: (1) On Saturday morning we were able to have our Easter Egg hunt outside (1,200 eggs and 33 kids - those who braved the cool weather hit the jackpot!) and (2) on Sunday morning we were able to process with palms around the block (I hope that this is the beginning of a new tradition here at St. Marks!).
* We received our annual Episcopal visit from Bishop Hicks, who welcomed 23 people who have joined our parish in the last 6 months. Let us give thanks to God for His work amongst us. As we celebrate those whom God has added to our number (including those regular attenders who, though not "officially" members of the parish are none-the-less very much a part of our family here), let us also give thanks for the many who have been faithful servants here for many years. On Sunday the Bishop entered Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Mitchell into the Bishop's Book of Appreciation, honoring them for their 20+ years of faithful service in the Reformed Episcopal Church, many of those years having been spent here at St. Marks.
* I am also very thankful to announce that last night Bernie (and his team) heard the new pipe organ play for the first time. We are not quite ready to completely disconnect the electric organ which we currently use, so the new organ is not going to played during services yet - BUT Bernie has agreed to play the postlude on Easter Sunday on the new organ.

Finally - allow me to strongly encourage and exhort each of you to attend the remaining services of Holy Week. You will find a reminder as to the schedule below.

In Christ,
Fr. Patterson, Rector


Holy Week

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Holy Week services continue tomorrow with Maundy Thursday (7 pm) at which we commemorate Jesus' institution of the Eucharist. This is a Holy Communion service which ends with the stripping of the altar.

Our Good Friday service is at Noon and will consist of the Litany, Penitential Office, Biddings & Collects, Reproaches, Hymns and a series of homilies on the Passion and Death of Christ.

The Easter Vigil begins at 10 pm Saturday evening. This is one of the Church’s most ancient and well known vigil services (records indicate that it was celebrated in Jerusalem in the 2nd century and soon spread to the rest of the Church). It is a service of watching and waiting – Christ has died but He has not yet Risen. The service is full of prayer, Scripture reading, song and quiet reflection. The structure of the service is much the same as when it was first celebrated in Jerusalem. Click here to read more about the Vigil.


Easter Sunday

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Our service on Easter Sunday is at our usual time (10 am). There is no Children's Church or Sunday School today.

Parents: Please remember that the Jr. Choir is singing, so please try to arrive by 9:15am.

On Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday, a service of Holy Communion will be said at 7:30 am.


Please Sign-Up

altar flowers

A sheet on which you may sign-up to give Altar Flowers for any Sunday of the year is now located in the hallway just inside the back door. A $25 donation is suggested. Please be certain to indicate if the flowers are given in memory of, in thanksgiving for or in honor of a particular person, anniversary, birthday, etc.

You may also submit this information via e-mail at:


Mark your Calendars - Seminar for Parents

As we grow as a parish, we have identified Children's & Youth Ministry as one of our top priorities at St. Marks. As a part of our efforts to better serve our children and youth, we will be hosting a "Ministering to Youth" conference on Saturday, May 12th. Speakers include The Reverend Brian Foos (Headmaster of St. Andrew's Academy, Lake Almanor, Ca) and The Reverend John Boonzaaijer (Rector of the Chapel of the Cross and Headmaster of The St. Timothy School). Parents - please mark your calendars now and plan to join us for this important seminar. Details to follow.


Briefly Noted:

The April Serving Schedule is now posted here.
"Women's Day". May 4, 2012 (10:30 am) - St. Mark's will play host to the annual REC women's conference. This year the conference will be led by Mrs. Jolie Grout and is entitled "The God for all Seasons: The Gospel Through the Church Year." For more information please click here, speak with Dawn Mitchell or call the church office.


On the Calendar:

Pipe Organ work days: 7:30 pm Wednesdays and 9:30 am Saturdays. All are invited.
Men's Prayer Fellowship - Saturdays at 8:30 am.
Maundy Thursday - Holy Communion and the Stripping of the Altar, 7 pm.
Good Friday - Meditations upon the Passion and Death of Christ - Noon.
Holy Saturday (Easter Eve) - The Great Vigil of Easter, 10 pm.
Easter Sunday - Holy Communion 10 am (no Children's Church or Sunday School today). Jr Choir - please arrive at 9:15 am.
Easter Monday & Easter Tuesday - Holy Communion, 7:30 am
Vestry - April 22nd.
Feast of Title (St. Mark) - April 25th, Holy Communion, 6 pm