Crescent Hill Nursery November E-Newsletter 2010 The CHN e-newsletter is our show of gratitude to the loyal market customers at our many events aroun

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Crescent Hill Nursery November E-Newsletter 2010

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Banksia spinulosa 'Schnapper Point' at our facility in Watsonville.

The CHN e-newsletter is our show of gratitude to the loyal market customers at our many events around the Central Coast. It will serve as a site for seasonal updates, "plant of the month" specials, the "ask a nurseryman" section, links to our partners, and a whole lot more. The e-newsletter is a way to stay connected with our thriving and knowledgeable garden community. Please send us your comments on how to make this e-newsletter more useful to all, and don't forget to pass along the link to a friend!
Happy Planting,
Nathan Krupa (owner/grower)



Nursery tours are available. Please come out and see our 2 acre facility in Watsonville. With over 200 varieties grown, the growing grounds are turning into a little botanical park. Please call for an appointment. Groups are welcome.

November is Customer Appreciation Month at Crescent Hill Nursery. To say Thank You for another great year of Central Coast gardening, all one gallon sized containers of Crescent Hill stock will be offered for $5 each, and all five gallon stock will be in the range of $10-15!! Don't forget, on all non-frost sensitive stock, winter is the best time to plant. Allow those roots to go deep with the winter rains, and your garden will be ahead of the game come springtime. Call for directions.

Please remember Crescent Hill recycles all 1,2, and 5 gallon plastic containers. Drop off available at all markets, or here at the nursery. Thanks again!!




Swedish Ivy in full flower!!

Plectranthus ciliatus

An old favorite rules the roost as the November Plant of the Month. Plectranthus ciliatus, or Swedish Ivy, was one of the first plants grown here at Crescent Hill, and still never fails to impress. This is especially true in November and December when a floral eruption emerges that shocks me even to this day. Long spikes of white or light lavender blooms cascade from the tips of every branch, and their dainty, softly speckled grace warms the spirits as the season gets cold. This plant is a true pick-me-up when many garden flowers are starting to fade, which also gives a winter nectar source for the hungry hummingbirds. Throughout the rest of the year, Swedish Ivy is known for its attractive two-toned foliage, dark shiny forest green above, with deep purple on the underside. This purple hue trails through the leaf veins on the topside and on down the stem, giving a elegant appearance which draws the eye in. This shade loving specimen is used effectively both as a hanging basket and a quick growing ground cover. In the ground, these huge specimens will fill out a 5 ft X 5 ft area in no time flat. Plectranthus ciliatus will tolerate full shade, but flower production will suffer without at least some light. In a hanging basket they are grown under eaves or in mixed light, and can even be grown indoors in a semi-sunny location. A perfect way to bring the gift of plants to the holiday season!!

Special E-Newsletter Price; $10 per 10 inch hanging basket, (regular $12 each)!! Mention this review to receive discount.




Mike Astone showing off Protea family cut flowers, ready for market.

In this quarterly section, we introduce our industry partners that may be of interest to the Crescent Hill gardening family.

Astone's Protea

"Thank you Nathan for introducing Astone's Protea to your readers. We grow, cut, and deliver a variety of Australian banksia, African protea, leucospermum (pincushion), and leucadendron from our ranch in Aptos. People can find our booth at these farmers markets: Friday at Monterey Peninsula College 10am-2pm, Saturday at Aptos Cabrillo College 9am-1pm, and Sunday at Menlo Park downtown off the main market from 9am-1pm. In addition to the above, we also sell plants and protea wreaths in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. We can be reached at 831-662-3735. We look forward to meeting and greeting,"
Bettina and Michael

Editor's Note: If you are unfamiliar with Protea wreaths, this December market may be the perfect time to explore these amazing pieces of art. They are breathtaking in beauty, extremely unique, and the perfect compliment to the warmth and fullness of the holiday season. And these are not just "any" protea wreaths, but those grown and designed by two of the area's true masters. Mike and Bettina have sought out, studied, and grown protea family plants for 30 years at their ranch in Aptos, and in that time pioneered what probably amounts to the largest collection of this family in Northern California. This huge diversity leads to wreaths that are otherworldly, loaded with rare and unusual blooms, foliage, and seed pods that shine with the glowing colors of the holiday season. Any of us that have planted, and patiently waited, for those leucadendrons and proteas to grow, will surely appreciate viewing lush mature specimens woven together to form a "highlight reel" collage of this awe-inspiring plant family. A true conversation piece whether placed on door or table, and the perfect holiday gift for the plant lover, which also supports local farmers.

As they are a superb example of the drought resistant Proteacea plants that Crescent Hill has introduced in 2010, we will be proud to offer these wreaths at the December De Anza College market. But Mike and Tina work alone, so supplies will be limited. Please contact Nathan for pre-order 831-246-1128.


Large size wreath ready for your door!