Jurassic Bark It's 2012, the Year of the Dragon, and Piff is returning to Edinburgh with a brand new show. But more importantly, so is Mr Piffles! Ca


Jurassic Bark

It's 2012, the Year of the Dragon, and Piff is returning to Edinburgh with a brand new show. But more importantly, so is Mr Piffles! Can the World's First Million Dollar Chihuahua™ cheat death on a nightly basis as he is laminated live on stage, escapes a flaming straight jacket and is fired from the Cannon of Certain Death?

Jurassic Bark, 1st - 26th August, 7.10pm, King Dome, Pleasance. Click here to book tickets.

The show previews in London at 9.15pm from 26th - 28th June and 24th - 26th July. These will be the only London dates of the show for a while, so if you don’t like to travel, book tickets here.

Piff will also be returning to his favourite testing pad, Buxton Fringe Festival, where Piff picked up Best Comedy Award in 2009. The show will be at the Pauper’s Pit theatre 9th -12 July, show times and tickets here.

As well as Edinburgh, this show will be Piff’s first major UK tour with dates across the country throughout Autumn/Winter 2012. Details to follow very soon. Before he heads off however, he will pop over to Australia to make his Sydney Opera House debut performing for nine nights from 15th - 23rd September. I think the appropriate vernacular is boooooom!


Playing Catch Up

It's been a while since we last had time to do a newsletter and lots and lots has happened since. No, Mr Piffles still hasn't been fed, but we thought it might be nice to bring you up to speed nevertheless...


Big Apple Loving Dragon

Woah-oh, he’s a dragon. He’s a magic dragon. He was a magic dragon in New York...

Thanks to the support of his loyal fans, Piff managed to get to New York City and perform for Amnesty International at Radio City Music Hall. He shared a dressing room with the Muppets and was introduced by Tim Roth, and only got mistaken for Godzilla seventeen times. Sadly Mr Piffles had to stay at home, but he watched the video online, and you can too.


West Side Story

Dragons tend to hibernate in the springtime, so after a couple of weeks off for R&R, (Roaring and Running about Roaring) Piff went on a small American tour, visiting San Diego, LA and Las Vegas. Along the way he was joined by various stand-in Mr Piffles’s (What’s the plural of Piffles? Pifflie?), some of whom performed their role marveloussly, some of whom just piddled in the tacular. Along the way Piff also met some of his favourite magicians of all time, including Mac King, Amazing Jonathan, Penn & Teller and even Mr David Copperfield. If you're in Las Vegas anytime soon, every one of these shows is totally Piff-Tacular.


Mumford & Sons Adopt Two More Strays

Finally, Piff & Mr Piffles managed to join their old friends and fellow Radio City buddies Mumford & Sons on the road for a couple of dates. The pair perfomed at an aftershow party in Huddersfield and opening for them in front of 10,000 screaming fans in Galway. Although 9,995 of them were probably screaming for Mr Piffles.



You may have heard a story about a Russian Piff imposter, (of course the technical term is impiffster). Well, sadly it was true. You can read the full details in Chortle here, in the Guardian here and on the Huffington Post here. We also made little video to clear the whole thing up here.

We've been out and about making a few videos recently. Click here to see our favourite so far - Piff goes to Magic Con.

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Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Toasty warm wishes,

Piff & Mr Piffles

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