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Newsletter #59 for January 10, 2012
This is a corrected version, the previous version we sent had a non-working link to the featured video.


What We Can Do for You

We've surpassed the 500 subscriber mark now and thought maybe it was a great time to remind everyone what types of help we can provide to small water and wastewater systems.

SmallWaterSupply.org is not just an information portal. We are here to serve the water/wastewater operators and decision makers of small, rural communities.

We have a toll-free phone number: 1-866-522-2681
We have an email address: info@smallwatersupply.org
We have a forum where you can ask questions
We can connect you with your regulator or TA provider
We can find specific topical resources for you
We can help you find an operator school near you
We can help you design a more effective CCR
We can help you create social media accounts (eg, facebook)

If you can ask for it, we can probably help. When you need something, think of SmallWaterSupply.org! We'll do the legwork for you.

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Help with Cross Connection Control

A few years ago I shadowed a Maryland Department of the Environment sanitary survey of a small system in western Maryland. It was an eye-opening experience, especially since I was pretty green in the industry at the time.

One thing really stuck with me: the importance of a cross connection control program. I also learned that this is one of the most commonly noted deficiencies in sanitary surveys.

A cross connection occurs whenever there is an actual or potential physical connection between the public drinking water system and any possible source of contamination.

We have documents from many states in our database (including specific regulations and requirements); check out the link below for some of the most helpful introductory materials.

Continue reading on SmallWaterSupply.org


Video of the Week

In each week's newsletter, starting in 2012, we will highlight an excellent video worth watching. That video will also be featured on our home page during the week.

Wastewater Treatment: Video Series for Non-Operators
This week's featured video is an introduction to a series of seven videos on wastewater treatment taught in simple, everyday language. These videos are perfect for sharing with town council members, water board members and other non-technical community members involved with the community wastewater system. The series complements A Drop of Knowledge: The Non-Operator's Guide to Waterwater Systems. The Rural Community Assistance Partnership has been developing a new collection of documents (print and downloadable) with companion videos for small community decision makers and water system staff.


Wastewater Treatment Introduction


Weekly Reading for January 10, 2012

Each week we'll provide a collection of our favorite links we know you'll love too!

How To Make Your SCADA System Pay For Itself - This case study of a system serving roughly 2600 homes demonstrates the time- and cost-savings of a SCADA system. (Disclosure: Requires site registration and was written by a SCADA vendor.)
What the heck, La Niña? - This blog post provides a brief overview of 2012 climate predictions for the western United States.
Report debunks job-killer myth - Whether you agree or not, one report says that environmental regulation "creates jobs and strengthens local economies."
Opflow goes digital - AWWA has temporarily dropped the membership curtain on the first issue of its new digital edition of Opflow.
Social Media, Small Town Style - Article on being true to who you are includes a tip on providing customer's frequent questions as you build a presence on the Internet.

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SmallWaterSupply.org Calendar

Upcoming Free Webinars

January 26 - Using Water Audits to Understand Water Loss
from US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)
This two-hour webinar will introduce water loss control and focus on water audits and the tools and methods to conduct water audits.

January 31 - Metering 101
from National Rural Water Association (NRWA)
This webinar will cover why metering is important, the most common types of water meters, when and how often you should test your meters, and proper meter installation.

February 15 - Computerized Maintenance Management System
from Water Environment Federation (WEF)
This webinar will discuss the uses and implementation of CMMS and how to work smarter on a tighter budget.

Visit SmallWaterSupply.org for more free webinar listings! Never participated in a webinar? Need some help getting registered? Give us a call or send us an email, and we will help walk you through the process.


About SmallWaterSupply.org

SmallWaterSupply.org is a free service, grant-funded to support small community water and wastewater operators with comprehensive resources and information in one easy-to-use place. We also serve the 800+ training, primacy, and technical service organizations, by helping operators get to their information. We aren't buying, selling, or advertising anything. You can call us at 1-866-522-2681 if you need assistance.

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