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Welcome to the September 2010 - issue #39 - of the LumberJocks eMag
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From the Editor


At the first of this month, we made the exciting announcement of the corporate site for Martin Sojka: CreativeHands Network. With this has come some changes.

You should already have received the first issue of our CreativeHands News, which will be published at the first of each month. With the addition of this newsletter, you will be receiving your LJ eMag in the middle of the month. (This issue is out a little early due to personal schedules).

Many of the LJ eMag contents are now in our main newsletter (interviews for example), and so our eMag will now be a tad different than in the past.

I would love to hear your comments about change in contents. You can post your feedback here.


LumberJocks' Summer Woodworking Awards 2010

summer 2010-header-logo

77 projects were entered into our Summer Awards, each depicting "Fluidity". You can read about the Awards here in Martin's blog as well as the official Awards page.

Our top Awards Recipient was Triumph1 with his fluidity project: "Ripple". Congratulations to Triumph1 for this exceptional piece of art and interpretation of "fluidity".


Top Award Winner: Ripple

There were 10 Award Recipients in total, plus three lucky winners of hats donated by our very own Todd Clippinger. Be sure to check them all out.

Congratulations to everyone who entered, to our Award Recipients and to all those who voted. Also, a big thank-you to our sponsors for the wonderful prize donations.

And now - get ready, because the Winter Awards are just around the corner!

LumberJock Laughter


Projects: From shop to ...?


One Pen, Two Pens, 3 Pens, 4

When I first saw the "LumberJock Laughter", above, I laughed out loud as I thought of the number of postings here at LumberJocks.com where woodworkers become addicted to creating a certain item (pens and cutting boards come to mind) and they just can't seem to stop themselves from making more.

Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad thing! It is through the creation of multiple items, each time improving on the last or adding some new twist to the design, that we improve our skills as well as our creativity. However, at some point, we have to step back and devise a plan for what we are going to do with the creations.

A person's home can only hold so many items (well, unless you are like Dick & Barb Cain and seem to have an unending list of projects that are found around the home).

So, my question is: what do you do with your shop projects? Where do they go from there? Let us know...

Book Draw


Last month Fox Chapel Publishing provided a book, Transforming Your Kitchen With Stock Cabinetry, for a free draw.
Winner of the draw is zombeerose.

Congratulations and a big thank-you to Fox Chapel Publishing for the donation.

The Talk of the LumberJocks Shop


One of the "Hot Projects"

(For the "most discussed' projects this past month, click on the "Hot Projects" link on the Projects Page's toolbar) and don't forget to check the "silent projects" that are waiting for some feedback.)

And speaking of "waiting for feedback", there are forum topics that are unanswered, as well.

The following are some other projects posted by our fellow LumberJocks.


Blog Links

And here are some much talked about blogs.

* Shop Tricks & Tips
* Shop Irritations
* The Two-Way Door

Where In The World Is MsDebbieP?


This month we head to "Cincinnati, USA" to check out the shop of Dan Walters.

I picked Dan's workshop today because it represents many of our LumberJocks shops in that there are no pictures posted of his workspace and also because it is different than most since he has a kiln (or two) that he uses for the beautiful tiles that he makes and frames - also beautifully.


Although Dan hasn't shown us any pictures of his work space, he has listed the tools that he has.

I asked Dan what he would change about his work space and he said, "getting it cleaned up. ,,,around here in Cincinnati you can hire two cleaning ladies for $200 for five hours. Been thinking about hiring them as a present for Peggy."

I also asked him if he had any tips for woodworkers. His response: "Keep your tools sharp, in the right place and in your possession."

As for the photos of his shop, well, "in a few months" is the plan, probably after those cleaning ladies have been in and out. I'll keep you posted!

From the LumberJock Store

Picture 1

Whether you are entering the fall season or spring, a sweater might be a good idea to keep handy.

How about our zipped hoodie as part of your seasonal wardrobe?


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