> "I heard a bird sing> > In the dark of December> > A magical thing> > And sweet to remember.> > We are nearer to Spring> > Than we were in


"I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December
A magical thing
And sweet to remember.

We are nearer to Spring
Than we were in September,'
I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December."

--Oliver Herford, I Heard a Bird Sing.

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This week I celebrate a friendship of a lifetime.

If you hang out with us on Facebook you have likely seen lots of fun photos over the last couple years. From wild games in the forest with the kids of Great Hollow Wilderness School, to Herbal study hikes, and a lot of posts about food and trees. Between the two of us, it's been a time of several life transitions including loss of loved ones, business transformations, and moving from state to state, and through the times our friendship has provided kinship. solace, advice, encouragement, and tireless compassion.

And though it's only been two years, Darcey and I feel connected for life.

It's hard for me to conjure up a practical recipe today, for my heart is immersed in honoring this change as my bff begins her travel home to Arizona, and my hands and nose create a table full of herbals for this Sunday's Red Tent Temple.

So I come to you with an open heart and wishes that every woman on Earth can be blessed with a friend as special as I have.

This is one of those instances where my love for plants has made a recipe of me. Friendship mush.

Safe travels, sister.... may Spirit guide you gently home.

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Botanical Perfumes are HERE!

On an aromatic note,

I've been wildly busy preparing for our Red Tent Temple Solstice Artisan fair! All of us crafty ladies come with our gorgeous wares and help support each other and the space that hold our monthly Temple. If you are in CT or MA, come join us!!

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Free HRZ with your Self-Care Membership

Lady's Slipper Ring is Filling Up!

I'm considerably blown away by the amazing women that are showing up for this journey of sacred self care. Every day I become more and more inspired by it! I am so filled with gratitude.

And indeed ... the spaces are filling up. If you're considering this journey, take some time to really sit with it today, read through the components, and imagine your life with the support of something deeply nourishing for your soul and your busy life. How would your life be richer?

If it calls to you, please don't hesitate ... in order to be able to receive December's package, you must enroll by:

Monday December 12!!

Otherwise, registration will roll over into January - which is the last month to register.

Enrollment closes January 10, 2012.

and of course, it comes with bonus goodies!

If you're in for December - I'm including a super-special Yuletide gift! (it's a secret though!)

If you're longing to learn more about plants, Kristine Brown and I have teamed up to bring you FREE Herbal Roots Zines when you become a member of my Lady's Slipper Ring!
I LOVE Herbal Roots Zine. I've used it with my students, my kids, and just for my personal enjoyment. It's clear, thorough, beautiful, and filled with hands-on activities to get you really interacting with the plants.
How can we care for yourselves with plants, unless we take the time to learn them? Herbal Roots Zine is a course unto itself, and I'm completely honored to be able to bring it directly to my members in support of their healing journey.

Full payments get a whole year's subscription.
Pay-plan members receive one issue every other month.

Thanks Kristine!

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As you go through your week, I invite you to make time to connect with your friends. Take time to taste the fruits of your labors as you prepare foods and gifts to acknowledge those that we love. Take time for the sweetness of life.



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