OPPORTUNITIES ------------------ ✳ Renovate It Could your home office use a facelift? If your place of biz is cluttered, dated, or non-existent, you

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OPPORTUNITIES ------------------


Renovate It

Could your home office use a facelift? If your place of biz is cluttered, dated, or non-existent, you could be on TV! Email The Nate Berkus Show with your contact information, a recent photo of yourself and your space and a description of your business. Or you can visit this website for more info on the opportunity.


Get Listed

The Founding Moms' Directory is now free to list your full business profile. Get in there and do it. If you already have a profile on FoundingMoms.com, log in here and update your profile. Haven't listed yourself yet? Head here and register. Time to find folks to swap services with and connect with fellow mom entrepreneurs everywhere.


Celebrate It

You're invited! On December 8, we'll be celebrating at our First Annual Holiday Spectacular Extravaganza! Join us for dinner, drinks and de-stressers. Need a mani-pedi? How about a massage? A little makeover? A photo in our Ugly Sweater Holiday Photo Booth? Of course you do. Don't live in Chicago? Don't worry. We have 10% off coupons on American and Southwest Airlines (just hit reply and let me know you need one.) Get ready for greatness. Get your tickets here.


Present It

Stop using PowerPoint. Right now. Use Prezi instead. Prezi is an incredibly popular cloud-based presentation software that is the lovechild of The Whiteboard and The Slide. It's got a zoomable canvas. Ridiculously easy maneuvering to create your slideshow. Having created two Prezis myself, I can tell you that it's awfully fun to create and doing so forces you to see your presentation very differently. Discover more here.

READ --------------------------


Connect This

Connecting with people is pretty important these days, wouldn't you say? Lisa Marie Platske's new book, Connection: The New Currency, says it all. Learn how savvy, generous women across the country share their knowledge, resources, and talents to create a brighter future not only for themselves but for others in their communities. When you know how to connect, your business and your life can’t help but prosper. Check it out here.

WATCH -------------------------


Got Clutter?

We all need to edit our lives. You may be an Amazon.com-purchasing pro like me, but this 6-minute TED talk is worth the watch. Writer and designer Graham Hill asks: can having less stuff, in less rooms, lead to more happiness? He makes the case for taking up less space and lays out three rules for editing your life. We have 3 times the amount of space that we did 50 years ago and personal storage is currently a $22 billion industry. Hill illustrates how credit card debt and environmental footprints are very much related to our happiness. Watch it here.

GIVE -------------------------


Goody Goody

Zealous Good connects people with things to donate to local charities with matching needs. Find and be connected with the charities that specifically need your clothes, toys, appliances, furniture, supplies, or tools. By donating directly to a local charity of your choice, you can receive a tax deduction while getting to know exactly who is benefiting from your donation. Head to ZealousGood.com to donate.

DO ----------------------------


Check It

Smartling.com takes your website global. Use this translation service to grow your fanbase outside the US and increase global exposure easily and intuitively.

Shoeboxed.com turns piles of receipts and business cards into expense reports, accounting entries and contact lists. Save time and cut admin costs by letting Shoeboxed scan and extract the data from your paper clutter. Access your organized documents online and export data to accounting, CRM and email marketing tools.

Outright.com automates your small business accounting online. The site dramatically streamlines the work involved with running a small business by helping entrepreneurs pay the right taxes, organize income and expenses, and keep their businesses on track.

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