Important Update re: Nitinat Crew Gathering 2011 If you intend to come to Nitinat this year, you must respond! Right now we have very few people com


Important Update re: Nitinat Crew Gathering 2011

If you intend to come to Nitinat this year, you must respond!

Right now we have very few people committed to attending. Unless I get 30 participants signed up we will cancel the formal catering of the event and just invite those of you who wish to attend to do so with your own supplies.

If you plan on attending I must know by Friday the 22nd of July.


Option 1 - Full Meal Deal, $175
Includes your meals for 3 days, Friday to Sunday as well as the event tent, chairs and all supporting material rentals, a limited edition "Nitinat Lake 2011 Crew Event hoody similar to the one shown at right and full use of 2012 demo equipment including all 4 styles of kite and 3 styles of board for 2012. You simply show up, set up a tent a relax.

Option 2 - Bare Back Meal Deal, $100
Includes everything above except the hoody. Those of you who attended our Hatteras Event might choose this option as the hoodies will be similar in style (but a different colour)

Option 3 - Survivor Man, $25
Includes nothing. You are a rugged man of the woods and will trap and kill your own meals. You do get a burger and some pints from Saturday night's beach BBQ to take back to your hovel however.

Please respond asap with your intentions, thanks!

As I am sure you can appreciate, organization of this event takes weeks of planing!

John Z - OR


Join Us! Nitinat Lake Crew Event! August 12-14th, 2011

Join us for the weekend and demo all the new 2012 kites and boards from Ocean Rodeo!


Windfest 2011

Ocean Rodeo has once again timed its 2011 Nitinat Lake Crew Event to coincide with Windfest!

Windfest draws amateur kiters from across the Pacific NW to participate in its own unique blend of competitions, big air spectacles, music and events with many OR Crew members electing to compete in the past. Ocean Rodeo has traditionally sponsored Windfest as well with prizes and give aways for participants.


We got you covered...

As in the past we will have a designated OR Crew base camp just far enough away from the main Windfest area to ensure you all get your beauty rest.

From Friday dinner to Sunday lunch we'll have all the food taken care of, including a Saturday evening beach party complete with a keg of locally brewed beer.


Camping at Nitinat

Located on the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island, Nitinat Lake is a remote, unique and beautiful place to visit and ride and is almost always windy in the summer.

However, you will be camping in the Canadian wilderness so you should be comfortable sleeping in a tent and aware that not all the regular amenities of home will be available.


Sign Up Now!

With only limited space available on the beach and with the logistics required to feed the Crew space is limited! Please sign up now to avoid missing out! Email to register!

Registration is $175 USD or Canadian and includes:

Friday dinner to Sunday Lunch, all meals and snacks will be catered for you
On site event tents, tables and chairs for your comfort
Limited edition 2011 Nitinat Lake Crew Hoodie (both men and woman sizes available)
Saturday night beach BBQ and Keg party, featuring beer brewed by one of our fantastic local breweries
Full complement of 2012 Ocean Rodeo kites and boards to demo throughout the weekend

What you should know...

Nitinat is a 2.5 hour drive north of Victoria BC, Canada. Participants will need to get themselves to the lake. Those flying in are encouraged to rent a car. Solo travelers, we might be able to help connect you with rides - we will do our best.
If you are flying to the island, you will want to book into YYJ, Victoria International
Drivers can take BC Ferries from Tswassen to Swarz Bay or the Coho from Pt Angeles to downtown Victoria
Many Crew members will come early - some as early as the weekend before - to head up to the lake and make a trip out of it, if you are so inclined we encourage you to come early and stay late!
Those wishing to spend a night or a week in downtown Victoria are also encouraged to do so! Victoria is a beautiful city to visit with a ton to offer in August.
You have to bring your own camping gear! If you want us to rent you a tent, therma-rest and sleeping bag the cost is $80 per person, $50 each if you and a friend want to share a tent.


Sign Up Today!

Email us today to secure your space for this year's event! As mentioned, beach space and logistics do limit the number of available spots!

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the lake this August!

John Z - OR Crew

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