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May 2011 Release

2010 Bindi Composition Chardonnay

2010 Bindi Composition Pinot Noir

2010 Pyrette Heathcote Shiraz

All wines are available for immediate delivery.
The 2010 Original Vineyard Pinot Noir, Block 5 Pinot Noir and
Quartz Chardonnay will be released in September 2011.


Vintage 2010

A beautiful vintage offering purity, intensity, complexity, harmony and length.

It has been an interesting journey working with the beautiful growing season of 2010, the even fermentations and the long lees ageing of the wines in barrel. I have heard many reports of the success and quality of the season from winemaking colleagues but as usual have tempered any expectations as the wines mature slowly in barrel. It is only now, post bottling of some and post racking and sulphuring of others, that the outcome is more defined and I feel comfortable in saying this is an outstanding vintage for Bindi. The true nature and quality of the wines will be revealed with half a dozen years in bottle but it is reasonable to say that these wines are very consistent with our usual style and have an deeply satisfying level of fruit and site purity and complexity. Tasting through the wines recently with Stuart Anderson he was compelled to say "These are the best wines Bindi has produced." That places high expectations on the wines. Maybe they will be met, maybe not. Regardless, it was very satisfying to hear and time will tell.

A note on the 2011 growing season

The vineyard is patient. The vignerons must be also. 
 We have entered a period of nostalgia as we amble through a March that seems more like 1993 than 2011. The fruit is finally veraised. The nets are on. The vines are green. The fruit is exposed and healthy. The crop was thinned by 30% and what remains is calmly awaiting some sunshine. Hope is what we have. And an expectation of some testing weather but some confidence that our vines are able to work through the next four or five weeks to produce a worthy expression of the season and their unique place.

( blog excerpt from 17 March 2011)

A note on the 2011 harvest

Amongst ourselves, and to some winemaking colleagues, we said we might not make it. Many didn't make it this year. There were a myriad of different challenges and anxieties to overcome and the feeling from November to April was that at any point the crop could be lost. This season more than any other we were ever focused and attentive to what the vineyard needed in response to the incredible weather conditions.

For eight years now we have not used any systemic fungicides. It is now six years since we have applied systemic/chemical sprays for weeds - now we use straw mulch and slashing. We do not use systemic applications to eradicate pests. Our focus has been to promote life forces rather than to apply death to control our vineyard environment. This year we held firm to this regime with the exception of two systemic fungicide applications, the first in eight years, to the foliage in December. There was a temptation to use anti botrytis fungal sprays on the ripening fruit but we had done so much work to have an open, clean, airy canopy we felt more comfortable to take the risk than spray. Also, we dropped 30% of the overall crop on the ground before veraison/ripening as we didn't want fruit on small shoots or in clumps where fruit ripening rates would be compromised and disease would be more likely to develop with bunches touching one another. Also, a larger crop would have required another week to 10 days of ripening and this was clearly not the season to risk exposing the fruit to extra adverse weather events.

As a reward for the hard work April provided some important warm, sunny classic autumnal weather and the flavours and sugars developed beautifully. The pickers were very diligent in removing any fruit not in optimal condition and the quality of the grapes arriving at the winery was quite remarkable. All the pinot noir has been pressed out post fermentation and is resting in barrel. There are still some barrels of chardonnay fermenting. Overall, the volume of wine is very reasonable (30 tonnes from 16 acres/6 hectares) and, whilst clearly early days, the style of the wines looks to be intense and balanced. For this stage the wines are representative of their site and usual style.

(blog excerpt from 11 May 2011)


2010 Bindi Composition Chardonnay

The nose is fine and quite complex. It is typically floral and gently spicy with a delicious mealy, pulpy mineral chardonnay fragrance. The fruit complexities range through white peach, nectarine, lemon, grapefruit and nashi pear. The palate is fresh and intense and walks the line of mouth filling texture combined with finesse and delicacy. It is a beautifully fine and flavoursome wine. It may be at its best in three to five years time.

This wine spent just under eleven months in barrel, 25% new, and was on lees for ten months. Screwcap closure.

2010 Bindi Composition Pinot Noir

The nose provides bright red fruits (raspberry, cherry and strawberry), beautiful sweetness and perfume with complexing earth and mineral elements. The level of fragrant, pinot purity is quite wonderful and is enhanced by spicy barrel nuances. The palate is lavish and textural to begin then has mineral drive and grippy tannins. It is a balanced, firm and long wine. There is a delicious combination of flavour, texture and structure. It is a very pleasurable wine now but will be more complex and silky in five years time.

This wine spent just under eleven months in barrel, 20% new, and was on lees for nine months. Diam cork closure.

2010 Pyrette Heathcote Shiraz

Aromas of ripe red cherry, raspberry and savoury, earthy, spicy elements are immediately evident and there are subtle layers of flavour lurking. Graphite and licorice and a 'cool' sweetness of ripe fruit. The palate is fresh, seamless and long. The balance between fruit ripeness and purity and restraint from spicy, savoury aromas elevates this complex wine from the fruity/oaky style to a very serious wine of intensity, structure and complexity. It will improve in harmony and complexity for at least five years and live well beyond.

This wine spent eleven months in barrel, 15% new, and was on lees for ten months. Diam cork closure.

One thing these wines have in common is they all have a dramatic level of fragrance that leaps from the glass.


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