Healthy Body Network Newsletter \*\*February 2011\*\* Well the winter months are upon us and everyone is looking forward to spring arriving, but we s


Healthy Body Network Newsletter **February 2011**


Well the winter months are upon us and everyone is looking forward to spring arriving, but we still have another month or so of winter left to deal with. This time of year is when flu season really kicks in and we're sure you know at least someone who has suffered a bout of the flu.
In this issue we will provide you with information about why the flu causes body aches and pains and how best to help your body get over it.

Also in this issue from our health network:

Sciatica Exercises
Exercises for Bulging Discs and Pinched Nerves
2 new HBN websites
Thoracic Spinal Stenosis


What's new from SpinalStenosis.Org?

1. First, our latest blog post about: thoracic spinal stenosis
2. Second, what we first discussed at the beginning of this month's newsletter: Back aches and the flu
3. Finally, excercises for sciatica

Check out these popular articles, and when you are done get involved in the conversations on our Facebook page: Spinal Stenosis


What's new on our neck pain topic?
1. Pinched Nerve Exercises
2. Bulging Disc Exercises
3. New web pages in our anatomy section: cervical nerves and a comprehensive look at the cervical spinal cord

We hope you'll take a moment to check out these and other useful posts. As always your feedback is welcome, so be sure to comment.


Stem cell treatment has a very promising future as advances in research make it possible to use stem cells to cure diseases and assist in traditional treatments. On our stem cell treatment website you will find new topics regarding:
Stem Cell Treatment 101 - what exactly is this?

Finding stem cell treatment

Stem cell assisted treatment - how stem cells are currently being used to assist in treating diseases.

This website gets a lot of community involvement as there are many unanswered questions around this topic. Feel free to join the discussions.


Our first new website of 2011 is Back Surgery offers information on the latest advances in back surgery. On this website we take a deep dive into the different back surgery options available today. We cover the pros and cons of each and things to consider before making your final decision.
Check it out and let us know what you think:

blood cells

Our second new website of 2011 is about Banking Stem Cells.
A spin off of our stem cell treatment website, Stem cell banking is a process where stem cells are extracted from various sources and saved for future treatments. Cord blood is rich with stem cells that can mutate into any living tissue so this is a very promising topic.

We hope you find the information useful. Please let us know what you think! Banking Stem Cells


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