From Betsy Are you getting ready for my FREE call on Tuesday, November 16th? I cannot wait to answer your questions and share with you how I got star

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From Betsy

Are you getting ready for my FREE call on Tuesday, November 16th? I cannot wait to answer your questions and share with you how I got started as a stay-at-home grant writing consultant. You all know how much I love my career that gives me financial security and time with my family but don't take just my word. Here are what others have to say:

Grant writing has become a large part of my consulting business which I operate from my home. I am a Mompreneur and need the flexibility with my family's schedule. Most independent grant writers I have connected with do work out of their homes. Crista Walsh, Minneapolis-St. Paul

I own and operate a national virtual consulting firm (primarily focused on grant research, grant writing, and grant management) and serve clients in all 50 states. I started the business in 2004 (after working 20 years for nonprofits and doing a lot of grant writing) and have never regretted doing so. In order though to be successful, you/your company needs to ensure quality service and products (this is done by having high standards and holding your workers to those standards) and have a demonstrated track record/history of success in your grant writing and client satisfaction. Laura Coleman, Boston

See? It's not just me that's making it work – you can as well. Will you take the first step and simply participate in my call? Formal registration will begin soon but go ahead and mark it on your calendar today! You can also shoot me an email at letting me know that you'd like to participate and what questions you have for me. While I have lots to share, I also want to know what YOU want to learn on this call. No rock will be left unturned!

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Mom and Rhodes at Computer

You as a Grant Writing Consultant: Work From Home, Do Good and Make Money

In today's dismal economy, many smart, passionate and good workers are looking for employment. The interesting outcome of this scenario is that folks who have spent years in one career are not finding opportunities in their current field and begin to consider an entirely new one. I think this is both a brave and smart move if done correctly and with patience.

What makes me reflect on this new wave of job-seekers is that my field of experience seems to be getting a lot of notice. I have been a grant writing consultant for the past nine years. While I spent the previous seven years before this in the nonprofit development field, it was still considered a risky venture (at least in my own family) for me to give up full-time employment and work from home on a freelance basis. It is with great pleasure that I can report to you that everything has worked out fine and that I don't regret for a moment choosing this course of employment.

That being said, did I achieve a successful career overnight? Did grant writing jobs just fall into my lap? Did I win every grant I applied for? No, no and no. But I want to encourage those who have sought my advice in getting started as a grant writing consultant with three simple words – just do it. Talking about it and wishing you were already one (and making money at it) will not achieve your dream. You have to start at the beginning. Not only is this a great career for those who want to begin a new one, it's also great for spouses that stay at home with children and want freedom and flexibility in both caring for their family and making money at the same time.

Your primer is simple to get started:

Establish a track record of getting grant applications funded – this can be accomplished by volunteering your time and talent for nonprofits that you are passionate about (those that cannot afford a grant writer are grateful for your willingness.) You gain experience and they gain a chance at grant funding.
Begin spreading the word that you're in business – become involved in nonprofit professional groups such as the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Association of Grant Professionals.
Seek out grant writers that have been in the business for a while, have achieved some degree of success and ask them to mentor you - this can be as simple as thumbing through their old grant applications, seeking their advice on where to find grant funders and asking them for assessment of your proposals.

Your patience and willingness to succeed are key ingredients for success. Like any new field, it will seem strange (what in the heck is a BOD* roster that the application is asking you to provide?) and will take time to process a new way of thinking. But let me end on this note – it's not rocket science. I didn't go to a “special” school for accreditation, I didn't complete a “certificate” course and I certainly didn't pay the thousands of dollars that some businesses require to teach you any and everything you ever wanted to know about grant writing. I did something radical and it worked – I practiced! I probably turned in some not-so-awesome grant work but I at least I was trying. And in the beginning, if I got turned down for a grant I did something even crazier – I called and asked why!

What I'm preaching to you here is common sense but I know that sometimes it just takes a push (gentle nudge?) in the right direction to get some folks going. So now that I've done so, what are you waiting on?

*What is a BOD, you ask? Board of Directors (don't worry – you'll learn the lingo in time.)

Are You Still With Me?

There is a reason that you have gotten this far into my newsletter! As you think over whether to trust me as your grant writing coach (whether it's for your nonprofit organization or as a stay-at-home grant writing consultant,) I want to be someone you can place your faith and trust in. What I'm teaching you is what I've learned over the years – both what has worked for me and what hasn't worked for me. I'll keep you from making mistakes and I'll work hand-in-hand with you in meeting the goal you're working towards. If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to drop me a line at I look forward to partnering with you!


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