Just Thankful I honestly cannot believe how this year has flown by – can you? There's a lot that has happened in the course of this year that I'm pro

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Just Thankful

I honestly cannot believe how this year has flown by – can you? There's a lot that has happened in the course of this year that I'm proud of, that I'm grateful for and that I'm humbled by. Yep, last time I checked I'm still human. How about you? As you look back over the events of winter, spring, summer and fall, what do you find yourself reflecting on?

As with any other year, this one has been full of ups and downs. Maybe a contract I'd really busted my hump for didn't come through but then just a little while later my 3 year old made me laugh 'til I cried (happy tears this time!) Do you find yourself looking back on the highlights of the year both good and bad like I do? As I ponder them, more than anything I just feel thankful. Maybe I'm most thankful that some of that bad stuff is behind me! Whatever the case, please just indulge me a moment as I share with you some of the good stuff:
* A healthy little boy that keeps me on my toes while he keeps a smile on my face
* A healthy, loving husband and parents that love me despite my shortcomings
* Friends that I can share both my triumphs and my heartaches
* YOU – I'm thankful for your support and I am so enjoying getting to know each and every one of you!

During this season of Thanksgiving, I hope that you'll take time to count your many blessings. Safe travels to all who will be on the road and best wishes to everyone for a Thanksgiving celebration that you may count as one of your blessings!

All my best,


The Conundrum

I realize that grant writing can seem like a daunting task when you don't even know where to begin. If you were with me on my call last week, you heard that one of the questions I'm often asked is how to get grant writing experience. If you're with a nonprofit and you've been asked to take on this responsibility, my best piece of advice to you is to just jump in and get started. (Just don't try to take on a federal grant application if you have no experience. You'll only get frustrated and quit before you you even get started.) My suggestion is to look for a private family foundation that you can find online that supports your nonprofit's mission. Try the www.tgci.com website that lists foundations by state and request an application from one that supports your mission. What do you have to lose? Even if you don't feel comfortable submitting the grant to them with your very first effort, at least get your feet wet and get familiar with the process.

For those of you wanting to jump into grant writing consulting with no grant writing experience, I hope that you joined me on my call “How To Become a Grant Writing Consultant.” Again, those folks that wish to pursue this career that don't have the track record potential clients are looking for are often discouraged because they don't know how to start to even build that track record. On the call, my suggestion for this challenge is to find nonprofits that are looking for volunteer grant writers to support their mission. If you go to www.volunteermatch.org, you'll find organizations that would love to partner with you as they advertise for a volunteer. It's a win-win situation – they're not paying for a grant writer and you can gain experience without a great deal of pressure. Try these suggestions and let me know what you think!

Missed my “How To Become a Grant Writing Consultant” call? Don't worry – you can listen to the call Here.

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Are you ready today to realize your dream of becoming a grant writing consultant? You might have considered my ebooks GRANTstarter and GRANTworks (and may have even purchased them,) but still yearn for more “hand-holding” to get you started on the road to your stay-at-home career. For me, personally, I'm not a huge fan of change and when I'm beginning something new I like knowing there's someone who's been there and done that.

That's why I created GRANTcoach, an 8-week intensive training program designed to start you at Step One with real-life accountability exercises, a series of coaching calls and my undivided attention as you build your own career. You'll benefit from my 9+ years of grant writing consulting bringing my clients close to ten million dollars. You know what, though? I've experienced failures along the way as I've built my business, so I've also included what you don't want to do in your career as well as the stuff that has worked for me.

The program begins January 11th and I'm offering special pricing to the first 20 registrants before December 6th. You can find more information and register here.


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Betsy Baker is President of Your Grant Authority, a company dedicated to assisting nonprofits, both large and small, develop superior grant writing techniques to help them win large grants. Betsy is also devoted to those who wish to begin a career as a stay-at-home grant writer and provides step-by-step instruction in turning this dream into a reality.

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