July 28 Director's Note I am here with NICA's new Educational Programs Director, Austin McInerny, in the middle of Iowa riding with 25,000 cyclist a


July 28

Director's Note

I am here with NICA's new Educational Programs Director, Austin McInerny, in the middle of Iowa riding with 25,000 cyclist across the state. Everywhere we go we are finding more and more interest in high school mountain biking. From our East Coast Tour to the small towns along the RAGBRAI route, I have been amazed by the awareness and enthusiasm around high school mountain biking.

People looking to stay in touch about efforts to bring high school mountain biking to their area should join one of our regional Single Track Times email newsletters. While we work to bring a Leaders' Summit out east, we hope that our Coaches' Manual and online resources will serve as a stop gap.

It has been a busy summer, but there is lots more to come! The Colorado League starts practices on August 1st; NICA will be putting out a Back-to-School NICA News special in mid-August; and NICA has several exciting announcements to make in September.

We hope you tag along for the ride!

Matt Fritzinger
NICA Director


Inside Look with Kate Rau, Colorado League Director

Kate Rau has been busy preparing for the Colorado League’s Fall racing series. Teams start practicing on August 1st. We caught up with her while during her preparations to see how things are going.

The League is entering its second season. What has been keeping you busy this summer?
I have been doing lots of outreach events this year, connecting student-athletes, parents and coaches from the Denver Metro area and on the Western Slope (areas west of the Continental Divide). Both of these areas have the potential to be a hotbed of high school cycling and I’m excited to see teams taking shape.

One of the highlites this summer was the exceptional turnout at the Bailey Hundo. Colorado League coaches, supporting shops, regional clubs, and individual supporters raced and raised funds for the Colorado League, Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder, Colorado Mountain Bike Association, and Kids on Bikes.

I have also been working hard to secure new race venues. The opportunity to scope out new trails and venues has reinforced my deep appreciation for the diverse natural beauty of the state. My copy of Roadside Geology of Colorado is getting lots of use!

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Quick Spin with Chris Spencer, NICA Programs Manager

This summer has been a busy one for Chris Spencer. We caught up with him over ClifBars and Quinou in the break room to talk about what he's been doing and what's coming up in the near future.

Tell us a little about yourself, Chris. What is your connection to high school mountain biking?
Straight up, high school mountain biking has done a lot for me. As a high school cyclist, racing in the NorCal League, I gained a lot of discipline, real-world understanding and confidence that helped me grow as a person. As a NICA employee I'm able to tackle big projects with the support of my super sharp co-workers.

Tell us about your summer so far, Chris.
This has been one of my favorite summers! It kicked off with an overnight trail work event at Boggs Demonstration Forest (just north of Napa Valley) .

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2011 NICA Awards Nominations

Have you come across a coach, student-athlete or volunteer that has had a profound effect on you? If so, we want to hear about it!

At NICA, we recognize that high school mountain biking is made up of extraordinary individuals, which is why we established the NICA Awards in 2010 to honor student-athletes, coaches, volunteers and partners that have made outstanding contributions toward the development of high school cycling. View the 2010 NICA Awards Recipients here.

We are now accepting nominations for the 2011 NICA Awards to be held January 14th, 2012 at the CLIF Bar Headquarters in Emeryville, CA. Head over to the NICA Awards webpage to view nomination categories or nominate someone who has made a difference to you. Nominations will be accepted until November 15th to include Fall Leagues.


July 24–30 NICA will be attending RAGBRAI in Iowa
Aug 4–6 NICA will be attending Outdoor Retailer in Utah
September 11 NorCal League Chileno Valley Cycling Classic
September 18 Colorado League Season Opener
September 13-16 NICA will be attending Interbike (booth number L10)

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