Newsletter 009 - 05 Nov. 2010 Special Information for Our County Government Please read Henry Lamb's latest article entitled, "Tea Parties’ next cha

Newsletter 009 - 05 Nov. 2010


Special Information for Our County Government

Please read Henry Lamb's latest article entitled, "Tea Parties’ next challenge."


In the article linked above, Mr. Lamb expresses the opinion that we must refocus the Tea Party energy to expose the damage that has already been done in local government by those who would organize the world into a "managed system." His explanation of the jeopardy to American sovereignty and to individual private property rights is shocking and compelling.

We discussed this strategy at our last meeting, and we have since been arranging for our members to speak at local public meetings that may involve the non-government organizations that carry out the ICLEI campaign.

We have also been conferring on this with our associates in other grassroots organizations. The movement to stop SB 550, the Septic Tank Law, is one effort in this campaign. It illustrates how deep is the penetration into government by environmental extremists and also shows how disengaged the public is when it comes to their property rights.


SB550 - The Septic Tank Law

Our associate in Santa Rosa County, Sharon Glass, suggests that we contact Governor-elect Rick Scott as follows:

Link to this article:

Rick Scott's Suggestion Box

At the bottom of the article, you are directed to a link for Rick Scott. You have the opportunity to register for news updates. Once you register, a “thank you” screen opens up. One of the tabs on the thank you page is a “Suggestion Box”. Please go in there and ask him to push to repeal SB550, the Septic Tank Law. Do this right away please!

Sharon Glass
Public Awareness Coordinator
Santa Rosa Tea Party Patriots


Objections to Septic Tank Law in SB 550

1. Requires inspection of septic tank systems every 5 years regardless of whether they are functioning properly or not. Will require pumping to inspect-see draft of DOH rules. Systems not in compliance will have to be upgraded at owner’s expense. Many systems won’t meet compliance even though they are working.
2. Gives the Department of Health (DOH) authority to enact future rules that have the effect of laws without having to pass the full legislature. DOH has a “signed blank check” to create and enforce rules for all the septic tanks in Florida at owners’ expense.
3. Benefits septic tank contractors and pleases environmentalists at the expense of septic tank owners, while doing little to decrease pollution.
4. Septic Tank Owners weren’t represented in passing the law. The majority of those affected was NOT represented or consulted before the legislation was passed. It is a special interest law—which should be unconstitutional.
5. Bill failed on its own merits several times in the legislature in the past—was then “sandwiched in” with a much bigger bill to pass it. Bills that can’t pass on their own merits don’t need to be passed---simple logic—common sense.
6. Bill was changed numerous times—71 amendments-- so that some legislators claim they were “hoodwinked” into voting for it.
7. Any septic tank law should target problem areas rather than the whole state since about 98% of septic tanks are not causing any problems.
8. Increases pollution by requiring unnecessary pumping of tanks requiring off-site disposal.
9. Violates citizens’ freedom to control their own personal property attached to their own house----may be unconstitutional.
10. Penalties for non-compliance are very excessive. $500/day and a misdemeanor charge each day.
11. The law is an open-ended, perpetually changing law similar to recently enacted US Congress laws. Such laws are un-American in nature and may be unconstitutional for that reason also.
12. It increases the size of government agencies and expense to the taxpayers.
13. Counties should control this issue by passing their own laws covering septic tanks for their own localized conditions---similar to the law in Escambia County which covers only environmentally sensitive areas.
14. Has a total lack of common sense and reason.
15. Indicates corruption in the legislative process.

See the following county resolutions:

Bay County
Gilchrist County
Santa Rosa County


The Foundation

"The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave." --Patrick Henry


Citi: Central Banks Are Going To Start Dumping Dollars In The Coming Weeks

Read the article by Joe Weisenthal HERE.



The next meeting of the Martin County Board of Commissioners is scheduled for Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM. While we encourage you to attend, we agree with Commissioner Ciampi, who stated at the last meeting, that the more effective way to communicate (than the Public Comment) with the Commissioners is to call their offices or to email them. Some of the Commissioners receive this Newsletter indirectly, but you may want to send them whatever information you see here that you feel strongly about.

Commissioner Ciampi is at

All of the Commisioners list their email link on:
Martin County Commissioners.

We'll be having a meeting of the Martin 9/12 TeaParty Committee next Friday (Nov. 12) at 6:30 pm at the REC HQ office.

Suite 134
111 SE Federal Hwy
Stuart, FL

For the Committee:
Cindy Lucas
Shona Darress
Jim McGovern

Donantions to the Martin 9/12 TeaParty Committee are not deductable for tax purposes.

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