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New research: On Ramps to Cloud – the Network

January 11, 2018, by Mary Allen

The notion that “a cloud is only as good as the network it connects to” has inspired development of the Toronto Cloud Business Coalition’s latest publication, On Ramps to Cloud – the Network. With the help of experts from across the Canadian cloud networking industry, the new report provides best practice guidance on the aligning network capabilities with new cloud infrastructure demands.

In uncovering the ‘how’ in cloud networking, the report considers a range of both technical and management criteria to help technology adopters assess what they have, what they need, how they should go about getting it, and when they’re there. To learn more, click here.


SMB Cloud Summit – the first round

December 23, 2017 by Lynn Greiner

With support from Ontario government partners, InsightaaS mounted the first ever SMB Cloud Summit in Toronto this past December. An event designed to showcase how midsized Canadian businesses can take advantage of the agility that cloud can bring, the Summit focused on the alignment of cloud strategy and best practices in business planning.

To read more about morning panels featuring key Canadian cloud suppliers’ and practitioners’ views on how to identify cloud objectives and select cloud platforms, check out the first segment of report coverage of the event.


An IoT report card on Dell EMC integration – pt 2

January 23, 2018 by Mary Allen

Success in mergers and acquisitions is often measured by how quickly and completely two independent entities come together from the perspectives of operational and cultural integration, and how well this blending translates to the creation of new business value. But with sprawling organizations like Dell and EMC, with 20,000 odd employees and multiple lines of business, how is it possible to assess progress towards a effective merger?

Part two of our Dell EMC report card on integration focuses on IoT as a specific test case for the creation of a single vision within the now merged company. For more on how IoT is helping Dell Technologies showcase its decade long dream to operate as a full service provider, click here.


Canada playing catchup in an era of digital transformation

January 3, 2018 by Denise Deveau

A who's who of Canadian ICT government and industry leaders opened this year's Datacenter Dynamics Toronto show in a plenary panel devoted to the process of digital transformation in Canada.

To learn more from senior execs from the Government of Canada, Intel Canada, Google Cloud, TELUS, Microsoft Canada, CenturyLink Canada, Equinix Canada and Deloitte Canada on domestic strengths (AI, Fintech and Blockchain), and weaknesses (IT investment, and the pace of innovation), click here.


Upcoming events!

March is a busy month for InsightaaS and its sister communities. We’re looking forward to meeting up with you at two events, focused on analytics and IoT.

InsightaaS’s V2V community will hold its second live meetup on March 8th from 6:15-8:30 pm in downtown Toronto to explore “Problem Solving: The Right Data for the Right Question.” The event will feature research from a new report, which attendees will receive, a panel discussion and a networking reception. If you are interested in attending, please contact us at

Later in the month (March 22nd at 6:30 pm), InsightaaS will host “IoT in Community Ecosystems” at Cisco’s Toronto Innovation Centre. Similar in format to the V2V session detailed above, discussion will focus in this event on what makes a community ‘smart’, who participates, and what best practices can drive IoT adoption in Canadian environments. To reserve your spot, contact Stephen Symonds


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