> The field whispers in icy phrases> > Ducks laugh and herons stalk> > as the bare-boned trees open wide to the eagles> > and let fall the year'


The field whispers in icy phrases
Ducks laugh and herons stalk
as the bare-boned trees open wide to the eagles
and let fall the year's sugar

Reflections shine back to me
Clarity on the surface of depth
Hope in the ripples of liquid
Reality in the mirror of Dreams

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Sacred Herbs

Herbs for Renewal

Herbs throughout time have been, and are, intrinsically linked to our spiritual lives as much as (if not more than) our practical.

We know how Frankincense and Myrrh make us feel - some think of Church, or a Temple, or a faraway Ashram. We know how smell bypasses our logic and speaks to the subconscious.
We know too, that plants are sentient beings that are part and parcel of the great and wondrous entity we call the Creator.

On this poignant day; the point of death and rebirth at once, I call upon my plant allies as messengers and protectors to carry me into the new year.

I'm offering these from empirical study - I'm no trained Druid or whatever, but all plants carry the ability to connect us to the Earthly miraculous - and they need not be exotic hard to find items.


Apple blossom

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

When creating or collecting plants for simple spiritual use, my guiding desire is to acknowledge the four elements.

Think about the element of the plant you are collecting (either from the outdoors, or your pantry). Is it earthy and grounding like burdock? Or does it feel watery and flexible, like willow or seaweed. Perhaps you are calling in the intellect, an aspect of air, and you find that energy in something like peppermint or rosemary.

In my opinion, (assuming plant collection is done with utmost ethics) the most important aspect of any spiritual activity is the element of belief.

If you believe Cedar to be the carrier or your wishes to the heavens, that will be more effective than a doubt-filled prayer done with something you feel to be more destructive than creative (as in tobacco, perhaps).

In addition it can help us feel complete to include an herb from each of the four elements in our ceremony.

Spiritual prayer is intentional co-creation. It is accepting that our energy + creator's energy = synergistic energy with a purpose. Alchemy.

Tulsi Lip Balm 004

As we head into this day

of "resolutions" (which I strongly dislike) I invite you and your plant allies to make some intentional offerings towards your life in a way that feels nourishing.
Deciding to 'take away' something from yourself for a whole year will naturally trigger rebellion in your subconscious.
Instead, we can focus on invocation.

The spiral of creation is the inertia of human nature/life that is always at work and ready to be tapped into and navigated.

Combining this concept with herbs can be simple , joyful, and immensely powerful.

RedTent   Yule Herbals 006

Mountain Ceremony

Recipe for Simple Ceremony

Herbs + Feelings + Imagination + Affirmative Action

( = manifesting)

Choose little bits of plants, seeds, spices, of your choosing to symbolize your intention.

Many people at this time of year want to let go and call in.

Making a medicine bundle for each is a wonderful activity that allows the heart and mind to contemplate and focus while the hands work to craft the bundle. It can be done alone or with a group.

The letting go bundle can then be let go into the earth or into a fire - something that allows transformation of energy.

The calling in bundle can then be either planted, given to a river or ocean, or placed onto your altar for the year - something that cultivates growth.

Small slips of paper with written words can be included.

The herbs and words are bundled into a small piece of cloth and tied with string.

Seal your ceremony with gratitude.

Some traditional and accessible herbs for your New Year's ceremony or ritual ....

Juniper ~ For magnifying wishes and clearing negative energy

Roses ~ For magnifying love, romance, heart healing, and compassion

Cinnamon ~ For magnifying health and prosperity.

Sage ~ For clearing negativity, protecting one's space, and calling in of spirit guardians

Rosemary ~ For inviting in strong intellectual pursuits, protecting the mind and health.

Apple seeds ~ Fertility, love, and family ties

Beeswax ~ Social change and sweetness of community

Acorns ~ Strength of spirit for long term projects and goals

Chocolate ~ Beauty and pleasure

Fennel seeds~ Assimilation of experience and to strengthen one's hunger for life

White Pine ~ Peace and plenty


Yet, it's up to you. Invite in the plants around you to be allies for your new year, in a way that's most believable and meaningful to you. Invite in the experiences, feelings, and energies you wish for the coming year - remember that all "things" we wish for are really a means to an end - what is that feeling you desire? Thrill? Adventure? Safety? Connection? That's the core of what we seek. When the core is clarified, we immerse ourselves in the current (or currency) towards our ocean of well being.


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May your dreams take flight this year!


Ananda Lakshmi Wilson

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