Welcome to the June 2010 issue #36 of the LumberJocks eMag Click here to view the LJ eMag archives From the Editor Happy Father's Day, Happy intern


Welcome to the June 2010 issue #36 of the LumberJocks eMag
Click here to view the LJ eMag archives


From the Editor


Happy Father's Day, Happy international Day of the LumberJock, and Happy Anniversary to our eMag.

June is a busy month here at LumberJocks.com - not only in honouring our fathers and father figures but also the milestones we have achieved here at our online woodworking shop.

June 2007 was our very first eMag issue. It's hard to believe that the LJ eMag has been out for three years now. Looking at the stats posted in that first issue I smile, being reminded of how far we've come. it was in June of 2007 that we reached 1,000 members. Yes, about 18,000 members ago we were celebrating this great achievement.

We've come a long way LumberJocks - and there is just so much more waiting for us in our future. How exciting!! Thanks to everyone for their contribution in making this the best website on the net.

Now, back to this issue of our eMag. I hope you enjoy this edition. As always I would love to hear your comments about the content. You can post your feedback here.

International Day of the LumberJock


On June 12, 200?, the LumberJock site reached 1,000 members. In honour of this special milestone, it was declared that June 12 would be our (unofficial) International Day of the LumberJock.

To celebrate this day, members are asked to don their LJ t-shirts, hats, or barbeque aprons, meet with fellow LumberJocks, laugh, share woodworking stories, and spread the news about this amazing site.

LumberJocks' Summer Woodworking Awards 2010


It's what you have all been waiting for - our Summer Awards!
Again we are looking for creativity and an unending variety of interpretations of the category:

Fluidity: "Like grasses swaying in a summer breeze, the fluid motion is visible in the solid form of the wood."
Create a woodworking project that portrays fluidity and/or movement, Be sure to describe your inspiration and vision-- the interpretation is as important as the finished product.

Full Awards details are coming soon.

LumberJocks Connect & Other LJ Events

Checking The Event Calendar

Check the Event Calendar for future events.

Picture 3

LumberJocks Around the World

Who's In Your Area?

looking for other woodworkers in your area? Start a blog and send me a note and I'll add it to our eMag!
when plans are confirmed for a picnic or other LJ event, send us an email with the following information for the Event Calendar: Title, Date(s), Location, Description (1 paragraph), Link to blog or forum post with more details.

Interview With An LJ: teenagewoodworker



June is the month of the International Day of the LumberJock and this month we have an interview with someone who I believe truly represents what LumberJocks.com is all about.

The teenagewoodworker is a teacher and a student; he inspires others through his projects, his blogs, and sharing his personal woodoworking journey with others; and he is an inspiration due to his talents and his enthusiasm.
I, for one, am very pleased that he found our online woodworking shop a little over two years ago.

The Interview

1. How did you find LumberJocks.com and what keeps you coming back?
I found out about lumberjocks the same way that countless other people have, through the Wood Whisperer. He mentioned the site and at the time I was new to woodworking so I was trying to find every website that I could that had anything at all to do with woodworking. Now what keeps me coming back is probably the community as well as how user friendly the web site is. I am able to just take a glance and I can instantly see some cool projects as well as tell what is going on without having to dig around as on many other websites. That combined with so many good people just makes the site a winner in my book!

Read the rest of the interview...

The Talk of the LumberJocks Shop


One of our "hot" projects

We have a new feature at LumberJocks.com, (links located in the Projects Page's toolbar) helping us quickly check the following:

hot projects
(projects with lots of discussions over the past 30 days), and
silent projects
(projects posted in the past 30 days that are still waiting for some feedback).

The following are other projects posted by our fellow LumberJocks.


Inspiration for many LJ boxes

... if you haven't seen Andy's inspirational box be sure to check it out! It is the basis of his art box tutorial.

Andy has also compiled some of the projects that have been posted following the tutorial.

You can see the boxes listed here in his blog.

LJ Shop Project: From the Table Saw


Just one of the projects tagged with "table saw'

June is the month of Father's Day - Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there.

As I thought about the article for this month I asked myself, "what would be the "father" of all woodworking tools?" There are many options that come to mind but I chose the table saw to represent woodworking tools today.

Checking the projects tagged as tablesaw I found an amazing variety of projects that have relied on the table saw for at least part of their creation.









There are lots of inspiring projects but, when building make sure your enthusiasm doesn't override the safety precautions. The table saw can be one of the most dangerous tools in your shop if you are not aware of how to use it properly.

Some quick tips:
* keep the machine clean and well maintained
* use the safety guard and push sticks
* concentrate on every move, no matter how "simple" it might be.

For more information on using the table saw, check out the following:
* LumberJocks' Projects tagged as table saw and tablesaw
* LumberJocks' Blogs tagged as table saw and tablesaw
* LumberJocks' Forum discussions tagged as table saw and tablesaw

Where In The World Is MsDebbieP?


This month we head to Blake's Workshop on the west coast of the USA.

With a gorgeous view outside. looking into a redwood forest, and an inside view of a very organized space, Blake's shop is definitely an inspiration!

Picture 4

Blake's Workshop - Organization!

Regardless of how perfect a shop is, there is always a wish list. When asked what he would change, Blake said, "Power. My shop is in an old horse stable that has enough power for one 60 watt bulb. Every time I run a saw my lights flicker and I am constantly running 200 feet up the hill to the main house to reset the breaker. If I had more power I could add a dust collection system and run some of my tools on 220v."

Blake's spacious shop seems to be very thought out regarding tool placement. I asked him for some tips on "work flow". He replied, "My tiny shop is always evolving to improve the "work flow". For a small shop, compare the heights of machine infeed/outfeed and bench tops and adjust if necessary so they are compatible. For example, the back of my 8" jointer sticks out about a foot so I raised the height of my tablesaw just enough to fit most of the jointer under the tablesaw's left wing. When I built my bench I made sure it was the same height as my table saw because it is so close. My bandsaw is positioned to outfeed over my oscillating spindle sander and several other tools."

"Considerations like these were made all over my shop to maximize every square inch and keep the most working space. I hate moving machinery if I don't have to so I set everything up as tightly and efficiently as possible. However almost everything IS on casters just in case I do need to move something for a special set-up."

As for "Words of Wisdom" for new woodworkers: "For new woodworkers... build a box! There is no better project than a simple box to learn about your tools and hone your skills. It's how I got my start in woodworking and I still love building boxes."

"For all woodworkers... Read, Read, Read. Before I knew about Lumberjocks, I found out that my local library had a great section on woodworking. You can find a lot of information about woodworking on the internet but don't pass up some of the great woodworking authors like James Krenov, Toshio Odate and fellow Lumberjock Tom Fidgen (check out this review), as well as special publications by Taunton Press (publisher of Fine Woodworking)."

Thanks for letting us visit, Blake, as well as for the tips!

LumberJocks.com Stats

Current Site Statistics

We are 18,971 woodworkers making 851,206 comments
on 32,202 projects, 14,719 blogs, 1,427 reviews and 17,109 forum topics.

Looking Back

June 2009: 10,211 woodworkers making 453,853 comments on 17,275 projects, 8,666 blogs, 740 reviews and 8,280 forum topics.
June 2008: 4,550 woodworkers making 218,299 comments on 7,847 projects, 4,682 blogs, 342 reviews and 3,472 forum topics.
June 2007: 971 members, 1529 projects, 1129 blog entries and 480 topics posted and commented on.


LJ Stats Growth Since 2007

A Word From Martin

Debbie: Check out the graph depicting the growth of our site since June 2007, the beginning of our eMag. Thoughts, Martin?
Martin: In my opinion eMag has been one of the best additions to LJ. We kept improving it down the road and I'm very pleased with the current format. You're doing your best every month Debbie and it shows in the stats. Thanks for all your hard work!

Promoting LumberJocks.com


Why Promote?

more activity means more advertising potential
more advertising = more "perks" and services

How To Help

word of mouth: talk about the site
distribute promtional material for special events
use your LJ profile as part of your business website
make a personal donation to the site
set up a LJ booth at a local wood show (ask about our LJ banner)
host a LJ picnic or other event
use the badges and widgets provided, on your sites
let potential advertisers know about our advertising information
purchase items through the LJ Woodworking Store powered by Amazon

Father's Day: How about a LumberJock barbeque apron for that special Dad in your life.


"I have found the LJ community to be a very positive and encouraging place (virtually speaking) to be. It’s a shame our real communities can’t be more like this." ~docholladay

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