April 2011 News - Crimson vs. Thor & More! Well, I've been teasing about this new story for months, and now it's finally here. I didn't want to reve

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April 2011 News - Crimson vs. Thor & More!

Well, I've been teasing about this new story for months, and now it's finally here.

I didn't want to reveal the name of it until it was out, 'cause I thought it was just "too good" -- that is, good enough that I didn't want anyone else pouncing on it before I did.

See the article below for more on "Thor Loser."

Also in this newsletter, an update on Frost Harrow, an updated Appearances Calendar and Editorial Calendar. Plus, some links to some new wallpapers as well.

Clearly this is a banner month for both old-time newsletter subscribers and newcomers, too.


THOR LOSER - A Mythical Battle of Wits & Weapons!

As I said above, I've been teasing this one a while, and now it's finally here!

Click this link to buy "Thor Loser" for Kindle, Nook, & all e-formats on Smashwords!

Most of you probably know that Crimson is one of my favorite characters. When writing about her, I often had that feeling that Robert E. Howard described about Conan -- that the character is standing next to my shoulder, telling me about her latest adventure, and I'm just the guy writing things down.

This tale is a knock-down drag-out doozy. Though, like all Crimson tales so far, it's a stand-alone story, it also ties into last year's "Crash of the Titans" as well as adding new info to the developing Crimson mythology.

Like epic battles? This is for you. Like Norse myths? This is for you. Like funny homages to godly super-heroes? This is for you. Want to get a glimpse into Crimson's heretofore mysterious past? This one is really for you.

Plus, it's a steal at only $1.49 in all e-book forms.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy it!

Click here to buy "Thor Loser" for Kindle on Amazon.

Frost Harrow Update

Frost Harrow is a series of modern-day Gothic horror novels in the tradition of Dark Shadows.

The series is a long-term project -- which means I've been working on it since around 1996. At one point (1999), the five finished books were available as e-books from a now-defunct online publisher. Yeah, 1999. Who had e-book readers then? The books were ahead of their time -- too much so.

I've been talking about reviving the series for years, and now that talk is finally turning into action. This year, I intend to release two or three of the Frost books in both print and e-book form.

The trick is, they're 15 years old. The world has changed in that time -- and I've become a better writer, too. I can't just put them out "as is," so each book is being lovingly revised and rewritten to bring them into the new millennium. It's taking longer than I'd hoped, but I want the results to be truly spectacular.

Frost Harrow #1 is in the final stages of revision, and I'm starting work on FH#2. I've re-designed the logos and all the covers are getting brand new art, too.

I'm very excited about this series, and I hope you will be, too. You can follow the day-to-day and week-to-week progress of the Frost series on my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Spread the word: Frost Harrow is coming!

Editorial Calendar

Here's the latest update on my upcoming projects. I've split the Frost Harrow books out into their own section. With your support, these are going to be big.

Summer 2011 - Frost Harrow #1 - Scream Lover
Fall 2011 - Frost Harrow #2 - Die with Me
Winter 2011-12 - Frost Harrow #3 - Ghouls


NOW: Kidnapped by Saurians (Dungeons & Dinosaurs)
NOW: New "Gift of the dragons" (see cover below)
NEW: "Thor Loser" with Crimson (see cover above)
May: "The Road to the Crown"
June: Pan-Dimensional Yule Party
July: Time War: Brute Force &/or Crimson story
August: GenCon antho featuring "Time War 2"
September: Six-Gun Crimson (tentative)
October: Steampunk story (tentative)
November: Elf Erotica story (untitled)
December: BK: Swords & Sorcery

Still available: Walkabout Publishing's Unforgettable by Paul McComas.

I'm still sticking to my schedule of a release every month (either a new original or a re-release). Upcoming re-releases include the e-book version of "Martian Knights" (short story -- also available in the collection Martian Knights & Other Tales) and "Shipmates."

Can I keep up this brutal pace? Am I crazy for trying? Hang on to your hats and enjoy the ride!

Coralshell Sisters Wallpapers!

Those saucy Coralshell Sisters are back with two spectacular desktop wallpapers. One like this, and another one closer up. Yeah. You know you want it. And why not? They're smart, they're funny, and they're dangerous as hell. Bring some excitement to your desktop! Lia's on the left and Rina on the right. But you knew that, didn't you? Click here to go to my wallpaper page and download Lia & Rina for free!

Appearances Calendar

As I continue my expanded public appearances in 2011, this newsletter will help you keep track of the places and times to see me! Here's what's coming up!

June 17-18 - SE WI Festival of Books, Waukesha, WI - Panels (pending confirmation)
August 4-7 - Gen Con, Indianapolis, IN - Writing Seminars
Click here for my Gen Con schedule!
August 11-14 - Wizard World Chicago, IL - TBA

Come to these events! You can pick up a new book or two, get things autographed, or just drop by and say "Hi!

Out Now! Get your copy today!


Get Your Free Stories Now!

My "write a review, get a free story" policy continues -- and some folks are building up quite a free story collection! So, if you've posted something on your blog, or Facebook, or Amazon (or elsewhere), let me know. You can contact me through those services, my website, or just write to fanmail@stephendsullivan.com.

For your efforts, I'll send you a free story in PDF, or a format you prefer. I'll even try to send something you haven't seen before. And, those who put up reviews are also likely to get a first look at my new stuff (like my upcoming Dungeons & Dinosaurs story or even Time War 2.). Such a deal! So, what are you waiting for? Hit your keyboards!!

Coming Soon!


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