Where has the month of January gone? Is that your question? For many on the east coast they are probably saying “good riddance” after all of the

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Where has the month of January gone? Is that your question? For many on the east coast they are probably saying “good riddance” after all of the snowstorms that just kept coming and coming and coming. And so now February is upon us and our thoughts turn to the days getting longer, the sun beginning to shine more often and thoughts turn to “love”. One of our bloggers, Jody Capehart has written an exceptionally good blog on this topic. Take a look! And then after reading and thinking, step out and touch a life with the gospel message of LOVE!


New Job openings


Help us Impact the World

Looking to join a global ministry?

(Volunteer and part time opportunities moving to full time)

Bible.org is looking for:
(1) web programmers and
(2) people with knowledge and command of mobile applications environment.
(3) In addition we need a Chinese speaking project engineer who is web savvy to help us complete the Chinese NET Bible project
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The developing world is rapidly moving to the position where the technology in a persons possession is a cell phone or a smart phone. (not a computer) We desperately need to hire and/or partner with people working on mobile applications and programing cell phones so we can get the bible and bible studies into their hands.

NEW!! NET Bible Online Released today!!

This past month we have been testing our new NET Bible Online Study Enviroment and its time to release it to you and get your feedback. We have included a personal settings option which allows you to take notes on the bible and to select your daily bible reading. As we get additional help we are planning to integrate much more content into it and will include other English and non-English language Bibles as we obtain permission. It will also support different languages in the future.

The first release has 2 editions (Basic and Premium). The premium edition will be made available to every overseas pastor and missionary. It has some features not available in the basic e.g. bible.org article pages from the search open in the left pane not a new tab, access to the theological journals. Special note: We have made this premium edition available to every bible.org 2010/2011 donor at the rate of 1 month for every $10 ( 1 year for every $100). Log-on and check your account to see your donation amount and the expiration of your premium access.

Help us get the word out about this new study tool, post it in your blogs and tell your classes and friends about it

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New NET Bible Online Study Tool Video



2009-2010 Report: We are still praising the Lord for you and our anonymous donor that gave our community a very successful fall fundraiser. As a result of your donations we will wipe out last year’s deficit and finish this year in the black with the ability to be used by God to hire some additional workers(see above) and distribute more Bibles and bible studies. We will also be able to give every overseas pastor and missionary access to the Premium edition of the new NET Bible on line study environment that we are announcing in this newsletter. (see previous) We are praising the Lord that He has validated our focus of “Ministry First” and we will be able to accelerate our plans to get the NET Bible into the hands of everyone on the Internet that wants one, especially the exploding third world mobile market. We want make content freely available in the mobile space and get the bible, trustworthy biblical material and study tools into the hands of everyone around the globe. To Help us continue to harness the Internet for God, donate now by clicking HERE
Note- All income (Donations and Bible sales/revenues) are accounted for. As store sales exceed store expenses those profits will be reported as a donation to the foundation.




2011 has once again shown us that bible.org is meeting your needs in many ways, some small and others a particular need. Here are some snippets of praises sent just in January. Thank you for taking time to share!

From Pastor Rodney: Dear Bible.org staff, I cannot begin to tell you how much of a blessing your website has been to me. Thank you for making yourselves available for God to use. Thank you for humbling yourselves for Him to use. I am going to subscribe to the Bibliotheca Sacra journal soon. Thanks again.
From: D.VENKATESWARLU: "Praise the Lord''

From Tony: I am impressed by the study of Elijah the man. I have entertained questions about this major prophet and his odd behavior. thanks for sharing your view.

Social Networking News


Facebook is so much a part of today's social environment that a recent
movie about it has received Oscar nominations. Facebook enables us to connect with loved ones, long-lost or otherwise. It can enable personal communication over the computer, or reignite interests or hobbies. Join us on Facebook where we post biblically relevant articles and engage each other in thought provoking truth. Almost 14,000 people have joined http://facebook.org/bible.org. If you haven't yet, come check it out and join the conversation.
In February, we'll be discussing topics like the Salvation ("Soteriology"), Theology of God ("Theology Proper"), Worship, and Creation.



NET BIBLE LENTEN BLOG TOUR 2011: Coming in March bible.org will have a special section called a Lenten Blog Tour. There are still slots available if you would like to try your hand at blogging and sharing the Good News about Lent and Easter. If you want to write a blog for us, send SonShine a sample blog for consideration. We will let you know by email if your writing is accepted and will assign a slot to you.


HEARTPRINTS: We welcome three new Bloggers to Heartprints: Ed Gossein, Jody Capehart and Chris Kemp. Jody will move between Tapestry and Heartprints. We thank God for these to fill our week with ideas for ministry for Children.

STAY TUNED: Part of Nathan Gunter’s Heartprints blog post will be featured in an independent writer’s article for the April/May Outreach Magazine. We thank God for this opportunity for Nathan to shine!


TAPESTRY: The month of February is a month of showing God’s love to all we meet and to praise God for what He is doing. As part of being thankful and sharing God’s love, the Women’s Leadership Team will be hosting a Tapestry “ Valentine Tea and Crumpets” get together to thank each Tapestry blogger for their gift to bible.org as they keep us thinking about current and new ideas.


IMPACT: We welcome Thom Garrett and his writings on Ultra Christianity. Lance Ponder keeps us up to date on all of the news in Creation Science. And also for sure do not miss a chapter in Hall Warren’s story of the “Lord of the Scrolls”. Our men keep challenging us to think “outside the box”.


David Austin

From the Director's Desk: Challenges come fast and furious to his desk. The phone lines ring and the emails come in. But, sometimes the Director takes time to read the current news of the day. So it happened that last week he was stopped in his tracks with the exciting news from California. What was this exciting news? Go and read about it on his newest blog post called: "Can We Rescue Our Culture?".




CHILDREN’S MINISTRY: EXCITING NEWS: If you remember in our January newsletter we had thoughts of looking ahead to 2011 and one item on that agenda was a Children’s Ministry Newsletter. We are happy to report that God has brought us three gals who have volunteered to assist us in this endeavor. So we praise God for Joanne, Susan, and Christina. This is a start and for that we are so grateful to the Lord. And to add to that praise, God has also given us a Ph.D. student who will begin to help us transform much of the training documents into real life distance education modules. Thank you Lord for Harriet! And more news: God has given us a new graphics illustrator, Sheryl, who will help in organizing the “Children’s Library's Bookshelf and Card Catalog". And also a new volunteer, Jeannie, who will help organize the articles into the “Children’s Library”.

mi women

Behind the scenes the Women’s Leadership Team are busily working on developing their Handbook of Goals and Ideas for 2011. We welcome Claudia McGuire and Sharifa Stevens to the women’s leadership team.


A snowy day in the NE USA

Michael Garrett, one of the bible.org team who lives in the snowy Northeast has been “out and about” meeting different pastors. His church has nicknamed the “Bible Man” for his enthusiasm over the NET Bible. He and two pastors from his church are working on a new New Testament NET Bible project for discipling new believers.



The “Hat Lady” was out sharing the news of bible.org once again. She was invited to the Trinity Fellowship Seniors Ministry Luncheon where she shared about the bible.org ministry and the NET Bible. If your church has a Senior’s Ministry and would like for her to come and share, drop _SonShine_ her a note for an appointment time. Or any other ministry as well as she is open to sharing and enjoys meeting new people and telling them about bible.org