JULY 2011: FOCUS - FAMILIES This month we are focusing in on family(ies). What makes a family? A family is a structure which seeks to honor God’s pr

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This month we are focusing in on family(ies). What makes a family? A family is a structure which seeks to honor God’s principles of purity and holiness; the guide for future generations in worship and in day to day life. How are you, as a family, living that principle out? Hebrews 10 gives us some very practical ideas: Be confident to approach God daily for both your spiritual and physical needs; Be steadfast in your hope, Spur one another on to love and good works. We would love to hear from you! Send us your ideas on how you are implementing this practically. We will publish some of those ideas for others in the August issue. Also, did you know that as part of our help for families we have “rooms” on our Forum where you can dialog with the Moderators on Family Issues. Check it out! Also see the short article on The Steps to Personal and Family Revival here.




CALLING ALL KIDS Get an adult to help you choose a life verse! This should be one that is a biblical truth that never changes and one that teaches about integrity and character.
Here's an example: Phil 4:6 "Do not be anxious about anything. Instead, in every situation, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, tell your requests to God."
Here’s what to do:

1. Choose your Verse
2. Memorize the Verse
3. Explain what the verse means to someone
4. Illustrate the Verse in a poster or drawing
5. Photograph the Illustration
6. Send the photo to SonShine
7. All entries sent to Sonshine will be entered to win a compact Net Bible. as well as the winning illustration will be featured in the August Newsletter

Kids, here are some other ideas to fill your July Fun! If you have others send your ideas to SonShine!

1. Choose a biography from your church library or the public library of some interesting Bible character or a Missionary. After you read it, write a short essay. Put in the essay: Your Name, Your age, Name of book, What you learned, Why you would recommend it. Send your ideas to SonShine and she will choose some for the upcoming Newsletters.
2. Memorize the Books of the Bible. Choose your method or learn it by music.
3. Here’s a fun project to enhance brain skills, eye-hand coordination, reflect skills, time management, and more. Although not a bible.org project it is a good mind skills brain game and it is fun to boot: Lumosity: reclaim your brain.

Have a Fun Summer


global outreach

Bible.org across the globe! In Swazliland, a radio station called Wooma.net is broadcasting one of the bible.org authors: Susie Hawkins. Check this out by opening the Wooma net link and then finding E05: Women’s Ministry: Susan Hawkins: Passionate Faith on Display. You can download and listen to Susie teach or you can find that same article in the bible.org “library”.


Bible.org is actively working on a new project to help users better navigate the site. We hope to rate articles according to the level of spiritual maturity assumed by the author. eg (new Christian to post seminary). This should help users in locating which articles they want to read first on a specific topic. We have seen an influx of volunteers and more are needed. If you are interested in knowing more, click on this Rate Content link.



Recently Dr. Dan Wallace, professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, bible.org author, and team translator of the General Letters and Revelation for the NET Bible, wrote an article titled: A Bible for the Digital Age becomes the Translator’s Tool of Choice. The article explains the history of the NET Bible as well as encourages readers to consider the NET for their own personal use.

On another front, we are always excited when a fan of the NET Bible develops a New NET Bible application. This one is from "Ujjwal", a developer in India . We gave him permission to use the NET Bible and he developed a free Bible reader for the Nokia cell phone. This app supports the S40 Nokia devices so now Nokia users can select any S-40 device and you’ are able to view the details here

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Help us Impact the World

Looking to join a global ministry?
(Volunteer with the opportunity to move to a paid position)

Volunteers/Interns needed:
We are making good progress on the Chinese NET Bible project (CNET) but we still in need for additional volunteers. This month we had a person who will help us get the CNET approved by the Chinese Government. NEEDED: Additional Chinese scholars, programmers and people to help build a web site, software products and distribution Contact us.
Several responded to our call for help: (1) to enhance our NET Bible online environment in Spanish and (2) our Sunday school teachers effort, but we still need someone to lead the effort. Maybe that is you? If you would like to explore leading the effort Contact us.



One of the blessings of being an internet ministry is that we can link to you via the internet. With that in mind, did you know that your ministry could be a co-laborer in the vineyard with bible.org?
Opportunity One: -- Brand the Bible Study Environment with your own logo/brand and links to your site. We maintain it, fix anything that is broken, and give you the Study Environment for your ministry to use. You get free advertising to your site and we get the word out about the Word. Contact Michael Garrett for more information.

Opportunity Two: --Does your church have a bookstore? Do you own a bookstore? We have the opportunity for you to be a reseller with the advantages of stocking the finest study Bible with the 60,000 translator notes and satellite maps. You get to advertise the NET Bible and we get the advantage of stocking your shelf! Check out the reseller agreement here and then contact Michael Garret, our Marketing Specialist for more information.

NavPress and the Message!


NavPress and the Message: We are pleased to announce that Nav Press and Bible.org have partnered together to provide them the tools needed to provide their visitors and followers an online Bible Study. The NET Bible Study Environment has offered NavPress a Study Environment to call their own using the version of the Message. NavPress will also link it to their main website.
One of the core missions behind Bible.org is to support people doing ministry. In our pursuit of doing this not only have we provided over 15,000 articles for people to read/study and enjoy we also have provided one of the most awesome Study Environments on the Internet. For free.
We believe we can come along side ministries and supply them with the tools to do ministry right. Why should a ministry worry about supplying their visitors and their followers with Bible links to verses and studies when they can have their own Study Environment.
If you feel you Organization can benefit from having a Study Environment built just for them, contact Michael Garrett, Dir of Marketing, to see if your organization qualifies for a co-branded Study Environment.


Lots of praises as the Lord uses your donations for His Glory.. We are still running a shortfall in donations this month! But We Praise God for His provision and your faithfulness! Here are some memory jogger ideas for you to consider to help us continue to push forward to bring bible.org to the world:
1. Pray for bible.org daily.
2. Get Out and About and take the opportunity to hand out NET Bible brochures and cards to those in restaurants and churches you visit on vacation. Start dialogs with others to be our bible.org ambassadors. Need some of these to share? Send us a note and we will gather a supply for you
3. Come and Visit bible.org if you are in the Dallas area and see the office firsthand and meet the staff.
4. Remember to Donate to support the ministry click here
Think intentionally and strategically! Whatever you do, don’t miss this great opportunity to pray, seek God daily in your Daily Reading, and do something “intentional” to share bible.org with those He brings across your path.

Note- All income (Donations and Bible sales/revenues) are accounted for. As store sales exceed store expenses those profits will be reported as a donation to the foundation.



From Fred in Tanzania: Dear members of Bible.org, I’d like to use this opportunity to congratulate and thank you for the good job you're doing. Actually by the grace of God, I was able to learn and understand in a way that I’m now illustrating and preaching to people as a Bible teacher. I also have a session of teaching Sunday school in my local church…may God bless the entire crew of Bible.org and may you reach as many people as you can. AMEN.

Social Networking News


Topics: Prayer, Worship, Kid’s Ministry all are discussed on the bible.org blogs page. Read along and see what our bloggers have to offer in these and other topics. Check out Gail Seidel's summer reading idea. Or are you wondering about Gehenna and tartaroō? Check out Dr. Burer's article.



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How about Twitter? Joined yet? Try it and find out about C.S. Lewis. And since we are talking about Family…check out the book Dad Cents on the Facebook page.

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Look what is happening in social media now! Just released as of July 1, 2011
Catch BibleBird on Twitter using the NET Bible
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FORUM: Soon there will be a new look and a new feel as the techies work on updating this page. Don’t miss the chats, the discussions on Family and other topics.


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Don't forget the NETBible One iPad Web App. You can find it in the Apple App Store by searching for "NETBible One" This free app brings the power of our web basedNET Bible Study Environment) to the iPad, and represents the first step of our new Mobile Development Initiative. Keep your eyes on our website and this newsletter for announcements throughout the summer and fall as we are working on an IPhone and Android NETBible app. See above for the app for your Nokia Cell phone. .