June Good News: YOU are there for you Who is? Yes, YOU are. As Pema Chodron, this month's featured "Must Read" author, writes, "When you have made


June Good News: YOU are there for you


You have already and always been a good friend to you. Now all that is left is to see it.

Who is?

Yes, YOU are.

As Pema Chodron, this month's featured "Must Read" author, writes, "When you have made good friends with yourself, your situation will be more friendly too."

So often we think that so much change is needed before we can feel better.

I used to - and sometimes still do - think that way myself.

But the truth is, often all that is needed is a little shift.

Chances are, when you really stop to look, you will perceive that you have been trying to offer yourself your own friendship for quite some time now.

You have been wanting to accept that friendship for quite some time too.

But something holds you back. Maybe it is fear of what might happen if you let you down. Maybe you just aren't sure it can be done. Maybe you haven't decided whether you want friends in your life just yet - you feel that vulnerable and scared.

But the truth is, you have already and always had your own friendship for all of your life.

Through it all - whatever "it all" has looked like in your life to date, and however challenging it may have felt - you have been there for you.

Isn't it about time you simply turned to yourself, gave yourself a big warm HUG, and whispered,


With great respect and love,



This month in Good News:

Inspiration for Beating Ana (and Mia, and Ed)
Meet Shannon in Texas and Pennsylvania!
Learn More About "Beauty Undressed"
Book Must-Have of the Month: "When Things Fall Apart" by Pema Chodron
RSVP now for "Navigating Insurance for Eating Disorders Recovery" with Lisa Kantor, JD
YOUR recovery questions answered!
Mentoring & Recovery Blog: "Moods as a Mentor"
Shop for a Cause in the Key to Life Store
Take Good News & Pass it On


Inspiration for Beating Ana (and Mia and Ed)

4Flowers web

Trust does not grow on trees—trust is grown on the tree of
my life as I take small, daily steps out of my comfort zone,
holding my own hand for reassurance and support. I too can live an
amazing life.

I too can be my own best friend. I too can have the adventure of a lifetime at my own side. I too can safely and wisely choose the relationships, situations, and experiences that are best for me, and boldly say “no”when I mean no, and “yes”when I mean yes.

I am strong; I am a fighter and a survivor. I am worthy of my own

QUOTE from Beating Ana: How to Outsmart Your Eating Disorder and Take Your Life Back


Shannon is presenting for the second time at the Renfrew Conference

Meet Shannon in Texas & Pennsylvania!

July 20, 2011: Texas Behavioral Health Institute Annual Conference, "Mentoring & Eating Disorders"

November 13, 2011: Renfrew Center Foundation Annual Conference, "Mentoring: An Empirically-Supported Approach for Facilitating Sustained Recovery Progress"


Learn More About "Beauty Undressed"

"Beauty Undressed" is a gripping multi-media event that delves down deep into the origins of our current "culture of thin" and emerges with surprising results!

A recent event participant shares his experience of "Beauty Undressed":

Shannon was fabulous! Articulate, appropriately humorous and real. Students’ hands were flying up in the air for questions repeatedly through her talk – a talk about eating disorders but not. She planted seeds for thought and served as a resource for participants. If given the opportunity, Scottsdale Community College would certainly bring her back. -Becky Bradley, Scottsdale Community College

BU EP2011 C

Book Must-Have of the Month!

I don't know who I have ingratiated myself with amongst the book-gods, but I have been on a good reads roll lately!

Last month I thought my book recommendation, "A Return to Love", was my reigning favorite.

But that was before I was told that I really should read "When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times" by Pema Chodron.

In truth, I do not like one book over the other. In fact, I felt the same way when I read Byron Katie's "Who Would You Be Without Your Story" back in April.

What I love, however, is that each time I read a new favorite, it is also like I am reading all my other favorites contained within it.

Sometimes it just happens that way. We fall on difficult times, and the universe (or the book-gods, or the divine, or whomever we prefer to credit for the un-subtle and overtly encouraging hints we keep getting) just conspires together to keep nudging us forward, all the while whispering, "Don't you DARE give up!"

This is exactly what Pema Chodron does throughout "When Things Fall Apart". From the first initial pages when we learn that one of today's leading Buddhist teachers once was nothing less nor more than a jilted wife whose world had literally fallen to shards at her feet, all the way through to the end when we read her humble parting words, student-of-life to fellow student-of-life, we are struck again and again by just how little we really know about the daily life we have been leading right under our own noses, or how much we really do share in common beneath the surface scenes of it all.

Even better, and surprisingly, given the depth of the subject matter, Pema's words easily bypass a skeptical mind that might wish to argue, and slip right into the heart of the matter, which is that we haven't felt "right" for quite some time now, and we truly do want to find a way to feel better.

Sometimes, Pema writes, that way arrives when everything else in our life falls apart.

Or, in the words of her teacher, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, "Chaos should be regarded as extremely good news."

Learn more at www.pemachodronfoundation.org


RSVP Now for MentorCONNECT's* "Navigating Insurance for Eating Disorders Treatment with Lisa Kantor, JD"


Date: Wed, July 13th, 2011
Event: MentorCONNECT Teleconference
Topic: "Navigating Insurance for Eating Disorders Treatment"
Open to: all - general audience
Cost: free*
Presenter: Lisa Kantor, JD
Time: 8-9:15pm central time

Event Description: People seeking treatment for eating disorders seldom have the resources to pay for appropriate therapy. They often need extended residential treatment followed by proper step-down treatment. Few health plans understand eating disorders to appreciate the standard of care and are reluctant to pay for the proper time in residential treatment. This tension creates an undesirable atmosphere at a time when cooperation between patients, treatment professionals, and insurers is essential for a patient's full recovery. In this teleconference, the leading eating disorders litigation specialist in the country outlines how patients and treatment providers can learn to better navigate insurance to obtain eating disorders treatment.

PRESENTER BIO: Lisa Kantor is a principal with the law firm of Kantor & Kantor LLP in Los Angeles, CA. She is a tireless advocate on behalf of eating disorder sufferers who have been unfairly denied insurance coverage and reimbursement for necessary expenses related to medical care for recovery from an eating disorder. Lisa received her Juris Doctor from University of Virginia School of Law and was awarded a Dillard Fellow. In her own words, this busy and prolific professional says, "I always have time for eating disorder matters." www.kantorlaw.net


Upcoming 2011 Teleconference Series Events Include:

August 10: "Choosing the Right Level of Treatment for Your Needs" with Jennifer Nardozzi, PsyD
Sept 14: Thom Rutledge with Cheryl Kerrigan & Jeanette Henriques


*MentorCONNECT is a registered 501c-3 nonprofit corporation and DONATIONS ARE WELCOME


Your Questions....Shannon's Answers


This month's questions include:

* How do I work on liking my body?
* Help! I need a daily recovery plan!
* Is recovery really possible after 34 years of fighting?
....and more!

CLICK HERE for Shannon's responses


Moods as a Mentor

I have discovered many things in my post-recovered years (that is, in the years since my dependence on my eating disordered thoughts and behaviors subsided for a sustained period of time).

For instance, I have discovered that sometimes we just hurt.

Sometimes we just feel sad.

Sometimes we just wake up on the wrong side of not just our own bed, but of the world as well.

Where did we ever get the idea that shifting sands means something is going wrong - or right?

As author Pema Chodron writes in her book, “When Things Fall Apart,” “We’re always in some kind of mood. It might be sadness, it might be anger, it might not be much of anything, just a kind of blur. It might be humor or contentment. In any case, whatever it is, that’s the path.”

It took me a long, long time to start seeing those shifting-sands moods as anything other than the dangerous possibility of relapse, the result of something I must still be doing wrong, or an indication that I am never going to get “there” – to that place of no more shifting sands.

In other words, I was confusing recovery with life. .... to read the full blog post, click HERE


No-Fee Mentoring from Eating Disorder Survivors

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Shop for a Cause in the Key to Life Store

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Key to Life Shop Keeps the Recovering Person in Mind

From "Beating Ana", the first book about connecting and mentoring for recovery, to the "Circle of Hope" pendant that is a constant reminder that none of us have to face hard times all alone, the Key to Life shop has something for all of us. Enjoy beautiful original music written by Shannon, write down your thoughts in the "Beating Ana Journal", and much more!

*Browse the Key to Life Shop now*


Take Good News & Pass It On!

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Good News is meant to be shared.

Do you know someone who could benefit from an ezine like Good News or a recovery community like MentorCONNECT?

Is your organization looking for a powerful speaker who can empower whole audiences to get excited about tackling personal limitations as opportunities for growth?

Then take one helping of Good News...and pass it on!




About Shannon

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Shannon Cutts is the author of Beating Ana: How to Outsmart Your Eating Disorder and Take Your Life Back the first book to address the importance of adding a recovered person, or mentor, to the treatment team. She writes extensively for Bulimia.com, the Huffington Post, and others. Her work has most recently been profiled in Glamour and Woman's Day.

She is also a college circuit speaker who has traveled the country presenting her popular campus program, Beauty Undressed.

Currently Shannon serves as Executive Director for MentorCONNECT: Where Relationships Replace Eating Disorders. MentorCONNECT is the first global eating disorders mentoring community and a registered 501 c-3 nonprofit corporation. www.mentorconnect-ed.org . She is widely recognized as the leading national advocate for the value peer mentoring adds to the eating disorders recovery process.

In her free time, Shannon continues to rewrite her own recovery story by enjoying all of the gifts recovery brings, including spending time with family and friends, taking chirping lessons from her pet bird Pearl, soaking up the beauty of nature, listening to STING (and trying to find a way to meet him), and taking extra-special care of her body, mind, heart, and spirit.

For more information about Shannon, please visit her at www.key-to-life.com

Until next time...remember this:

There is always a reason to have hope! If I could beat my eating disorder, then YOU CAN TOO.

See you next month with more Good News!





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The hardest challenge is to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to make you be somebody else. -E.E. Cummings

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