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Newsletter #13 for February 23, 2011

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Reminder: Where to find us!

We have a lot of fresh faces on our newsletter list, so we thought we'd take this opportunity to welcome those receiving this email for the first or second time. We're so glad you're here with us!

The SmallWaterSupply.org newsletter comes out once a week, around Tuesday. We also post something new at least once a week to our blog.

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RCAP article

Preparing for Perchlorate

We wanted to call attention to this excellent overview of what small systems need to know about a new regulation for perchlorate. (It also provides helpful time tables for any new regulation coming from EPA.)

We think the end of this article is the most important and should be reiterated:

"Technical Assistance Providers can help you find ways to make your system more efficient, less energy-consuming and more compliant with state and federal regulations. They also can provide a rate analysis, grant and loan application assistance, technical and managerial training and vulnerability assessments. They can help you draw up a feasible plan to get your water system back on track, up to date and ready for whatever regulations come out in the future."

There are a lot of people on your side out there, willing to jump in and get you on the right track. Thinking ahead now will help make future transitions that much easier.


Will Obama's Infrastructure Bank help water systems?

We found this snippet from the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators super helpful and thought our readers might appreciate the clarification as well:

"You may be wondering if the creation of a National Infrastructure Bank as proposed during the President’s State of the Union message is similar to infrastructure bank discussions that have been taking place within the water community over the past several years. The short answer is “no.”

The Administration’s proposal for a National Infrastructure Bank is anticipated to be a public-private partnership that will focus on major infrastructure projects, principally in the areas of freight rail, subways, roads, bridges, and air traffic control. An infrastructure bank for water and wastewater projects is a separate effort and is still in the early discussion mode within the water community."

IMG 0771

Improving regulations at EPA

A chance to speak out about EPA regulations

The US EPA has launched a new effort to collect citizen input in their retrospective reviews of regulations. You have an opportunity right now to share your side of the story when it comes to how (any EPA) regulations impact your community and how the Agency should move forward in their next review.


Weekly Reading for February 23, 2011

Each week we'll provide a collection of our favorite links we know you'll love too!

1. Filtered tap water beats bottled - A new study shows that consumers may be better off drinking filtered tap water. This is a great article to share with customers who may be stuck on the bottle.
2. Value of green infrastructure - A new report from American Rivers highlights the benefits and costs of this new breed of infrastructure improvements.
3. 4th graders find the truth about drinking water - We love this awesome story of school children who discovered bad reporting about water in their community.
4. Why pipes burst in the winter - This may be a little late in the season for many, but this infographic is very helpful in explaining exactly why there is a risk to pipes during a big freeze.
5. A lecture on rural life - We enjoyed this "from the soap box" perspective, from one citizen to another, on what it means to support life in small town America.


What You Need To Know About Us

We are here to support small community water and wastewater operators. We've found thousands of free online resources and created an easy way to sort through them quickly. We've also created a national events calendar that lists training, exams, conferences, and workshops for every state and national training provider that has that information on the internet. In developing such a comprehensive set of information and tools, we are also serving the 800+ training, primacy, and technical service organizations, by helping operators get to their information.

You can call us (866-522-2681) if you need assistance. We will find the right TA provider or expert to help you in your state. We will print large documents you find on our website and mail them to you for free. We are a free service, grant funded to support small community water and wastewater systems. We aren't buying, selling, or advertising anything.

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