Welcome to "CreativeHands News" September 2010 ~ Issue #1 CreativeHands Network? What's That? Welcome to the first issue of our "CreativeHands Ne


Welcome to "CreativeHands News"
September 2010 ~ Issue #1


CreativeHands Network? What's That?


Welcome to the first issue of our "CreativeHands Network" newsletter. You are receiving this newsletter because you are a member of LumberJocks.com, GardenTenders.com, or HomeRefurbers.com or you are on the mailing list for the LumberJocks' eMag.

I am really excited to announce the corporate site for the online communities created by Martin Sojka. "CreativeHands Network" is the gateway to all of our online communities where people of all ages from around the world share their interest in different forms of creative outlets, such as woodworking, gardening, and home refurbishing. (Read Martin's blog here...)

Our CreativeHands News will:
~ keep you informed about special events at each site
~ highlight some cool projects and activities from each community
~ inspire you to create, learn, and share

The LJ eMag will continue to be published for LumberJocks.com. It will have a new look and will now be coming out in the middle of the month (although this month it is going to be a little early due to personal schedules).

As always, I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for future issues of our CreativeHands News!
~ Debbie


Special Events

Create & Share

Our new Create & Share Challenges are opportunities to share ideas, tips, and techniques. At each of our CreativeHands sites, we will be holding challenges throughout the year and we invite you to participate, even if it is to post a "don't try this because look what happened when I did it" tip.

September 2010 Challenges

The deadline for this month's Create & Share Challenges is September 30th.
Random winners will be announced October 1st.
For full descriptions and rules, see the "read more" links provided for each site.

September 2010 Sponsors

We would like to thank the following Sponsors who have donated prizes for random draw winners for our September Challenges! (At this point in time, we have two sponsors confirmed.)



LJ: Create & Share Challenge


Kitchen Treasures
"Create & Share" a handy-dandy kitchen item and share the building process in a blog. The item may be a cutting board, a spoon, spurtle, or some other useful or decorative item for the kitchen. We love creativity and we don't mind duplicates either, so add your item to the list! All you have to do is create it and share the process with us in a blog at LumberJocks.com! Tag the blog as "CS1". READ MORE...


First Place Award Winner

LumberJocks' 2010 Summer Woodworking Awards
Our Summer Awards has wrapped up and the 77 amazing entries made voting nearly impossible. Congratulations to everyone who participated and a big thanks to our sponsors!



GT: Create & Share Challenge


Preserving the Produce
Do you have a favourite tip, strategy or recipe for preserving garden produce (whether fruit, veggie, or flower)?
Post your "preserving wisdom' in our GT Blogs, and tag your entry as "CS1". Let's inspire others to plan for tomorrow through preservation. READ MORE...


One of the Challenge Entries

GT's Summer Container Gardening Results

Our "Container Gardening" challenge was a huge success, with twenty-five beautiful containers showcased.
Read more about this challenge...


HR: Create & Share Challenge


Window Wonders
From dull to glam, from old to new: windows can be transformed by using a number of strategies, from paint, to curtains, to... well, you tell us! Show us how you have updated a window, sharing tips and tricks that you used and/or learned during the process.
Post the "Window Wonder" in a blog and tag it as "CS1". READ MORE...


Networking Opportunities

Are you planning on hosting a networking event such as a picnic with your fellow LumberJocks, GardenTenders, or HomeRefurbers?

Post information on the site and then send me an email so I can add it to our next newsletter.
Also, LumberJocks can have the event added to the Event Calendar.

Upcoming Events

Niagara Falls, Canada: October 30th, 2010 at the Niagara Woodworking Show. Read more....


Meet Our Artists

This section of our new newsletter features interviews with members of our "Creative Hands" sites. Our members are not only artists in their respective fields but also an inspiration to move forward in our own lives, to dream more and to create more.

In this issue we are featuring one member from each of our sites.


Dick & Barb Cain

Dick & Barb Cain became members of LumberJocks in August, 2006 and just celebrated their 4th Anniversary here with us.

I asked Dick, "How did you first get started working with wood?" and he replied, I guess I got off to a real early start. Being depression times my Dad was fortunate enough to have a job, so he took on the task of building a new home in 1935....
Read the rest of the interview here...



Greenthumb (Roman) has been a member of GardenTenders since January, 2008.

I asked Roman, "How did you first get started at gardening?" Roman's Response: ....that's easy, my Grandfather taught me, my brothers, sisters, and cousins the "carrot and stick" method.

Read the rest of the interview here....


Todd Thomas

Todd Thomas has been one of our HomeRefurbers members since December, 2008.

I said to Todd, "Not everyone is a handyman when it comes to fixing up houses, how did you first get started at refurbishing rooms/homes?" Todd replied, "I kind of fell into it really. About 3 to 4 years ago, I was selling insurance at the time, making a living but hated it, and ...
Read the entire interview here...


For Passion or Profit?

Picture 1

Jordan's Art

For Passion or Profit

This past month, one of our LumberJocks members, Jordan, posted a blog about making a living from your craft. I will let you read the full blog, here, as well as the insightful comments posted by fellow woodworkers.

Regardless of whether you are woodworking, gardening, or fixing up a house, if the thoughts of income are on your mind, here is something to ask yourself: "What is my intention?"

Take a moment .. or two.. to really consider what you want to achieve through your craft:
* are you doing this as a hobby, for fun, and for your own personal enjoyment?
* do you want to make a profit at your craft?
* do you want to earn a living from your craft?

The answer to the question "what is my intention" will indicate whether you are in this for "passion or profit" (or a combination of the two, of course) and will also affect your fees, if you choose to follow the profit avenue. If you want to earn a living at your craft, well, that is where Jordan's blog comes in handy.

For those of you who are considering using your talents, skills and passion to keep the bank account happy, be sure to check out and contribute to the business forums on the prospective sites.

Business Forums at:



In The Spotlight


Sliding Spice Rack

Nooks and crannies,,, where there's a will, there's a way.
Here is a sample of how our LumberJocks puts small spaces into very good use. What a treasure this would be in any kitchen.


10-foot tall tomato plant!

Working with the environment, along with the love and care of a gardener, plants can, and will, often outdo themselves. A 10-foot tomato plant? That's spectacular.


Bread Oven & BBQ

I don't know about you, but I love things that serve multiple purposes and this bread oven and barbeque does just that. Not only is it useful but what a beautiful addition to the backyard.


Milestones & What's New

CreativeHands Network
September 1, 2010: Our Corporate Site was formed. (Read more...)

NEW FORUM: GardenTenders.com has a new forum!
If you have visited and toured a garden somewhere in the world, we'd love to hear about the experience (and look at pictures of course). Our new Garden Tours & Art is a wonderful spot for a photo journal of your tour.


Site Statistics


20,943 woodworkers making 950,475 comments
on 35,889 projects, 16,348 blogs, 1,573 reviews and 19,394 forum topics


1,203 gardeners making 48,301 comments on 647 projects, 1,475 forum topics and 1,846 blog entries.


1,282 refurbers making 5,927 comments on 340 projects, 239 forum topics and 252 blog entries.

That's a total of:

23,428 CreativeHands Network members
36,876 CreativeHands Network projects
18,075 CreativeHands Network blogs
21,108 CreativeHands Network forum topics


"I have been a member of this community for close to a year now and I am still amazed at all the helpfulness, friendliness, and comradery we have here in our own little corner of the internet." ~Maveric777, LumberJocks.com


Promoting Our Sites

Forward this newsletter to someone you know who likes to create, whether it is woodworking, gardening, or home refurbishing.



Looking for a good place to eat in the USA? Check out DiningVerse.com.
Martin Sojka, our Founder and CEO, is also part of the team that has created and operates the DiningVerse site.


Corporate Information


CreativeHands Network

Founder & CEO, Martin Sojka
Website: CreativeHandsNetwork.com
eMail: info@creativehandsnetwork.com
advertising: Advertising Information