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Send a Letter to the Governor TODAY!!

SB1417 has advanced to the Governor's desk. NOW is the time to send in LETTERS of OPPOSITION on this poorly written piece of legislation that will harm California's Humane Societies and Humane Officers.

For over 100 years, humane societies have been helping abused and neglected animals with privately donated funds. SB1417 will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars for the same service we've received FREE. These taxpayer costs are ridiculous but the real tragedy is the cost to humane societies will eventually eliminate Humane Officers - an abused animal's guardian angel.

Sending a letter is quick, easy and automatic. (SEND LETTER)

If you prefer to write your own letter, it can be faxed to:
(916) 558-3160.

For US mail:
Office of the Governor
Attn: Michael Webb
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

Chicken t450


Write a letter to the Placer County Board of Supervisors:

OPPOSE: Poultry and Fowl Zoning Text Amendment - (will allow 6 chickens in urban, suburban and resort zones on lot sizes of 5,000 square feet or more in Placer County.) The County's current regulations allow animals raised for consumption (i.e., hens/chickens) to roam free throughout neighborhoods. The County's insistence to ramrod this poultry amendment into law without any regard for other conflicting County statutes is absurd and further demonstrates how poorly this "idea" has been vetted.

Write to the County Supervisors and ask them to send this proposal back to the drawing board until a comprehensive program can be created.

Rocky Rockholm
Kirk Uhler
Robert Weygandt
Jim Holmes
Jennifer Montgomery

Contact Information:
Write, FAX or call EACH County Supervisor
USPS: 175 Fulweiler Avenue, Auburn, CA 95603
PHONE: 530.889.4010
FAX: 530.889.4009


California State Capitol

Write letters to the Governor:

*SIGN: AB 2376*—(Fish & Wildlife Strategic Vision) Requires the Secretary of the Natural Resources Agency to convene a committee to develop and submit to the Governor and Legislature, a strategic vision for the Department of Fish and Game (DFG) and the Fish and Game Commission
VETO: AB 979—(DFG wholly occupies the law regarding fish and game); Prohibits any local ordinance that regulates hunting. Tell the Governor AB 979 is a power grab by hunters to prohibit locals from having any authority over hunting in their communities.
VETO: SB 1058—(Hunting and Fishing are priorities in the state) Declares hunting and fishing to be the priority of the Fish & Game Commission in state wildlife management areas and sets up the Big Game Management Account in which the money can only be used to enhance those hunting programs. Tell Governor Schwarzenegger Californians support wildlife protection for their own intrinsic value. While hunting is a priority of only 3% of the population, it should not be 100% of the Commission.
VETO: SB 1179—(Two free hunting days) Provides two free hunting days a year. Unlicensed hunters can hunt (guns, bows & arrows) if accompanied by a licensed hunter.
Write the Governor license fees support the opertaing costs of the Department of Fish and Game. Hunters who have not paid license fees should not be allowed to hunt.





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Friends of Placer County Animal Shelter works to find homes for homeless animals, while the Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills enforces the laws of animal abuse and neglect. Considered "sister" organizations, they work collectively to protect animals and serve the public.

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