Happy November! Getting ready for Thanksgiving – and an extra hour of sleep in the morning as the clocks “fall back” ! Thanksgiving - the ultimate f


Happy November!

Getting ready for Thanksgiving – and an extra hour of sleep in the morning as the clocks “fall back” !


Thanksgiving - the ultimate family gathering.

Whatever type of feast you are planning - just the whole crowd or just a few, Thanksgiving dinner gives your children the chance to show off the good manners they've been learning. These handy etiquette tips will make your kids welcome at any dinner.

Creating a personal Turkey Tee is a craft that everyone in the family can enjoy. Add some personality to your turkey and see if anyone notices the resemblance. ;-)


Daily Fun, November

NOVEMBER 1 — National family literacy day
NOVEMBER 2 — Cookie Monster day
NOVEMBER 3 — Sandwich Day, Cliche day
NOVEMBER 4 — National chicken lady day, King Tut day )
NOVEMBER 5 — Guy Fawkes Day, National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week
NOVEMBER 6 — Election Day,Saxophone Day
NOVEMBER 7 — International Tongue Twister Day
NOVEMBER 8 — Cook something bold
NOVEMBER 9 — Go to an Art Museum Today Day
NOVEMBER 10 — Forget-Me-Not Day, Area code day
NOVEMBER 11 — Veteran’s Day, Origami Day, Guinness World Record Day
NOVEMBER 12 — National Pizza with The Works Except Anchovies Day, Domino Day
NOVEMBER 13 — World Kindness Day, Sadie Hawkins day
NOVEMBER 14 — Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day
NOVEMBER 15 — National clean your refrigerator out day, I love to write day, National bundt pan day
NOVEMBER 16 — Button day, Have a party with your bear day
NOVEMBER 17 — Homemade bread day, Take a hike day
NOVEMBER 18 — Mickey Mouse birthday
NOVEMBER 19 — Have a bad day day
NOVEMBER 20 — Traffic Light Invented, Children's day
NOVEMBER 21 — World hello day
NOVEMBER 22 — Start your own country day, Humane Society anniversary
NOVEMBER 23 — Eat a cranberry day, National cashew day
NOVEMBER 24 — Celebrate your unique talent day
NOVEMBER 25 — National parfait day
NOVEMBER 26 — Alice in Wonderland Published
NOVEMBER 27 — Pins and needles day
NOVEMBER 28 — Thanksgiving, First night of Chanukah, Red planet day, Make your own head day
NOVEMBER 29 — Sinkie day,Square dance day
NOVEMBER 30 — Day of friendship

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