Issue 4, May 2011 Dear Reader, I hope this note finds you well. 2010 was busy for me from beginning to end—so much so, that I am afraid I fell behin


Issue 4, May 2011

Dear Reader,

I hope this note finds you well. 2010 was busy for me from beginning to end—so much so, that I am afraid I fell behind in electronic communications with my readers. Promoting The Intrigue at Highbury, a research trip to England, and writing the sixth Mr. & Mrs. Darcy mystery demanded much of my time and attention, and the rest went to the family and friends who helped keep me sane through it all. But after a silence of too many months, I am glad to be getting back in touch with you via this newsletter. Redesigning it was another project that has occupied me of late, and I hope you like the result.

In this issue:

• Website relaunch
• Update on The Intrigue at Highbury
The Deception at Lyme (Darcy Mystery #6) releasing this fall
• Upcoming Events

carriebebris site

The new

Website Relaunch

Like this newsletter, my website ( has also undergone a transformation. If you have not visited for a while, come take a look at its new design. The relaunched site has all the best features of the original, plus some new additions—all in a more handsome, updated, and user-friendly format. One of my favorite new features is a small map showing which countries my website visitors are from. (Don’t worry—no personal information is collected.) Some of you are very far away indeed, and it’s been delightful to see new dots appear in surprising places. If you have not yet visited, come put yourself on the map!


Update on The Intrigue at Highbury

Heartfelt thanks to all of you for your warm reception of The Intrigue at Highbury (Or, Emma’s Match). The fifth Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery received wonderful reviews, but as I have told you before, it is the response of my readers that matters most to me. Writing a story in which Emma and Mr. Knightley—another very popular Austen couple—take a prominent role along with the Darcys was a challenge (Emma, in particular, kept wanting to take over the book—which really is such an Emma thing to do!), so I am glad you enjoyed seeing the Knightleys and Darcys work together to solve the murder of Frank Churchill’s uncle. If you have not yet read The Intrigue at Highbury, it is still available in hardcover, and a trade paperback edition will release in August 2011.

I also thank my Italian readers for your enthusiastic response to Intrigue’s Italian edition, Intrigo a Highbury (o: Gli equivoci amorosi di Emma), which released this past January. Grazie!


Sixth Darcy Mystery coming this fall

Ever since the Mr. and Mrs. Darcy series began, readers have been asking me for a mystery based on Persuasion. As Captain Wentworth competes in my heart with Mr. Darcy for the title of Favorite Austen Hero (the winner generally determined by whichever Austen novel I happen to be reading at the time), I have dearly wanted to indulge this request. However, the right plot—one worthy of both these heroes (not to mention their wives) joining forces—did not present itself, and other adventures claimed the Darcys’ attention first. Readers have also long wanted to see Mr. Darcy’s sister, Georgiana, make a happy match. Again, I have wanted to oblige you, but the right gentleman simply had not come along.

Until now.

I am pleased to announce that The Deception at Lyme (Or, The Peril of Persuasion) releases in October 2011 (coincidentally, the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s first published novel, Sense and Sensibility). The Darcys’ newest adventure sees them allying with the newlywed Wentworths to solve two mysteries—one from the present and another from the past—as they meet all of your favorite characters from Persuasion. If you look at the cover on the right (or visit my website for a larger image), that cloaked figure standing at the far end of the Cobb isn’t Meryl Streep—it’s Mrs. Clay. It seems that Louisa Musgrove is not the only young lady who has trouble maintaining her balance on the Cobb, but this “accident” has more deadly results. (Poor Elizabeth and Darcy cannot even enjoy a seaside holiday without stumbling upon a body!) Meanwhile, when Darcy learns surprising information about his late cousin, he needs Captain Wentworth’s help to investigate whether the young naval lieutenant truly died in action.

If you are a fan of Master and Commander or Horatio Hornblower, there are plenty of men in navy blue uniforms to capture your imagination—and perhaps Georgiana’s heart. Actually, Georgiana draws the attention of two handsome suitors. But is one of them a villain?

Visit my website ( for a synopsis and publication details. I will add more information and an excerpt as the release date approaches, so be sure to return there in the coming months. And as a thank-you to you, my newsletter subscribers, I’ll include exclusive information in future newsletters.


Upcoming Events

I enjoyed meeting many of you this past year at events around the country. As much as I love spending my days with Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth, and other favorite characters, writing is often isolating work, so I always appreciate the opportunity to talk with real, live people—especially my readers.

My promotional tour for this fall’s release of The Deception at Lyme is still coming together. I will post events on my website as they are confirmed, so check periodically to see if I will be visiting your area. Meanwhile, the appearances below are already scheduled; see the events page of my website for more details.



Fifth Annual Ohioana Book Festival

May 7, 2011; 10 am - 4:30pm (This Saturday!)
Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center, 546 Jack Gibbs Blvd.
Free and open to the public—no tickets or registration required
Meet more than 100 authors at this daylong event celebrating books and Ohio writers. Bookfair, signings, panel discussions, readings, interviews, book appraisals, children’s activities, and more. As one of 10 featured authors, I’ll be participating in special programs during the festival, including a panel on “The Power of Words” and a “Readings and Conversations” session. Schedule, directions, and additional information at



“Getting It Right: Simple Research Steps for your Fiction and Nonfiction Writing Projects”

Antioch Writers' Workshop Second Sunday Series
June 12, 2:00-3:30 pm
Books & Co. at The Greene, 4453 Walnut Street
Free and open to the public.


An Evening with Mystery Author Carrie Bebris

June 23, 2011; 7:00 p.m.
Dover Public Library, 525 N. Walnut St.
Free and open to the public.


Jane Austen Society of North America

National conference and Annual General Meeting
October 14-16, 2011
Speaker (“Gunsmoke: Dueling in Jane Austen’s Time”)


As I write this, there is a robin on my windowsill just a few feet away, sitting in a nest that contains three small eggs. She and I have developed an understanding. She knows that I pose no threat to her eggs, and does not mind when I draw close to the glass to see how she and the new life she protects fare. In exchange, she observes me at work and reminds me to return to nurturing my own new creations if I am too long from them. Right now, her two dark eyes accuse me of neglecting Darcy Mystery #7 and other works-in-progress, so I had best attend them rather than risk the fate of the blue jay who crossed her yesterday. Good heavens, did he receive a scolding!

I hope you, too, are enjoying the spring (or autumn, if you’re one of my readers Down Under). Until next time, I remain—

Your faithful scribe,
Carrie Bebris


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