Dear Friends, Moments matter. Moments when we give…when we pray…when we serve…when we care…and when we offer hope. These moments become the holiest o


Dear Friends,

Moments matter. Moments when we give…when we pray…when we serve…when we care…and when we offer hope. These moments become the holiest of interludes because it only takes a moment for an orphan’s heart to feel the love and tender care of the Father.

From the instant a child is born, the Father is there. The very second an abandoned little one is tucked into an orphan bed for the first time, the Father sees and knows this precious child by name. God is there when one of His own is too weak to survive. He carries him home in His embrace.

We are so blessed to be a part of the lives of God’s most needy children. Every moment matters to God…and to AGCI. Through the work of our wonderful staff and because of the financial support of our faithful friends, our ministries of hope continue to impact the moments that matter in the lives of orphans around the world.

Moments Matter in Taiwan

“First Moments of Life”

A young woman struggled to give birth. Her mother wasn’t there in her hospital room, her father didn’t even know she was pregnant, and her boyfriend had left her long ago. But Deana and Kate, our staff in Taiwan, were there at her side, holding her hand and encouraging her in a language she didn’t know.

As the contractions grew stronger, she squeezed Kate’s hand and looked into her eyes. She had no pain medication, and Kate called her “the bravest woman I had ever seen.” Talking to her in her limited Chinese, Kate was moved to tears. During this monumental moment in her life, this young woman was staring into the eyes of a stranger who had become her family.

It is so profound what God has called us to do in our work and ministry in Taiwan. How dear each of His precious children are. The beautiful little girl that this young mother entrusted into the arms of a family, who reached out and accepted her as their own within moments of receiving her picture, is an amazing portrait of God’s love. What amazing grace, that God would send Deana and Kate to be at this birth-mother’s side as her daughter experienced her “first moments of life.

Moments Matter in Bulgaria

“Life-changing Moments”

If there ever was a man who lived in the moment, it was Doc. Three years ago on Easter morning in one final moment he passed from this life and was instantly present with the Lord.

Doc spent his life living each moment to its very fullest. He found special, amazing moments in God’s plan that most of us didn’t even know existed. Most of His moments in the final years of His life were laced with relief journeys to carry hope and help to Bulgaria’s orphans.

He crossed the thresholds of almost every orphanage in Bulgaria and took the hand of hundreds of orphaned children, personally leading them home to their new families.

Every moment did matter to Doc. Because he recognized the value of every interlude God gave him, he was able to run the race set before him with resolute faith and great joy. Because of his commitment to the orphaned children he loved so much, many are now young men and women who stand ready to walk where he walked to make a difference in the lives of the orphaned children in Bulgaria, so they can experience the same life-changing moments.

Moments Matter in Ethiopia

“Last Moments”

He was brought to Hannah’s Hope weighing just four pounds. This tiny baby boy, found abandoned on the street corner, was very sick. After our doctor examined him, we were told there was not much we could do. But our special mothers refused to give up, taking turns placing the baby’s naked body next to their own, skin to skin to keep him warm. Despite their heroic efforts, two days later this sweet little boy passed away.

Everyone at Hannah’s Hope mourned this precious baby’s life. Almaz made the arrangements to make sure the child God had placed in their hands for such a short time received a proper burial. His life on this earth had so few moments, but for those brief moments Almaz and a special few loved him fervently as their own. They were present to lovingly place him, “not for a moment forgotten by God” (1 Peter 5:13), in the arms of his loving heavenly Father.

Please Remember…

"Giving Matters"

As Easter morning dawns yet another year, please remember with us the moment Christ died to give us all a new life. It is our prayer that as you celebrate all that God has given, you will remember “every moment matters” not just in your own life, but especially in the life of an orphaned child. So many children continue to live in such desperate places. Your gift will help us save a needy little one from a life of hopelessness and even death. The moment you give, a child’s life is changed…not just for a moment, but even one small gift can change an orphan’s life forever.

Remember, God works in moments. Miracles are born in the seemingly insignificant small decisions we make. So please stop and give a gift that will matter. Your donation will help us continue to sponsor children through our Hannah’s Hope country sponsorship program in the countries God has placed us. It will also allow AGCI to carry on our support to community programs that enable children to remain with their birth families. There is such an urgent, overwhelming need around the world, and our hearts are burdened and broken for all the children we serve.

Every moment in many of their lives really is a matter of life and death, so please take care of the moments and opportunities God gives you to help, for they will make an eternal difference. He calls us all to stand ready to give. His Word declares that our gifts become a clear demonstration of our care and love for orphaned children, who through no fault of their own are left with nothing and no one. May we all let the words of our Lord rest in our hearts this Easter season... “If any of you wants to serve me, then follow me. Then you’ll be where I am, ready to serve at a moment’s notice” (John 12:26).

The gifts we give come from God’s heart.
He just shares them through our lives, but only if we’re willing.

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