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You’ve Been Hand-Picked To Get ‘The Juice’!

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why the improving economy can help your job hunt

Now's the time to get your foot in the door with a small business.

The US economy is showing signs of life. Case in point:
* Manufacturing improved significantly in March
* Retail sales continue to improve
* Even though the unemployment rate is still quite high at 9.7%, this reflects an increase in the actual number of jobs, so businesses are adding jobs overall.

On the heels of all of this news, the NY Times published an article last week questioning the legality of unpaid internships. We commented on that article on our blog as well.

So what does all this mean for you, job-seekers? Small businesses see that the consumer is back, and they're starting to staff up to meet the growing demand. But even though the job market seems to be improving, full-time employment is still really hard to come by (as 1 in 10 Americans will tell you). Career expert Lindsey Pollak noted in her recent podcast the trend of "Modern Moonlighting", in which even those with full-time jobs are pursuing side projects.

In other words. people are hedging their bets, spreading themselves around, and building rock star resumes. So you've got to be as competitive as ever. Lucky for you, small businesses continue to add jobs that are not only part-time and flexible in nature, but are paid! Now, it could have been a reaction to the NY Times piece, but all our featured jobs this week are paid.

And for those of you looking for a summer internship, perk up - spring is here! Many businesses are starting to think about hiring summer interns. An internship is not just a great learning experience over the summer -- it can be the gateway to full-time employment come fall or the following year. So check back on the site often, and remember to check your email for messages from employers on Urban Interns!

personal/professional assistant

Flexible-time opportunity for someone interested in consumer products and entrepreneurial management. A successful new start up is looking for someone to help manage orders and workflow. Opportunities to get involved with other functions and operations of the business will exist, based on candidates skills and interests. Candidate must be highly organized with excellent time management skills. He/she will need to be able to multi-task and prioritize. Experience in marketing to beauty/salon businesses preferred. The role may include some bookkeeping and experience with Quickbooks is a plus. Some tasks will also include running personal/professional errands for the President/Founder. Hours and length of internship are flexible around your schedule. The position would be based in Downtown Manhattan though some days you may be able to work from home or out in the field....read more or login to apply!

sales & marketing in healthcare with opportunity to build a company

Go ahead and be creative! We are providing the right candidate(s) an unique opportunity to grow one of our businesses and prosper. Our principal business is a fast-growing web-based healthcare company. However, we also have a small medical services company in NY and NJ. We have created a strong business model, which improves healthcare for patients and provides physicians with ancillary revenue opportunities. Founded by a lawyer, an investment banker, an entrepreneur and a cardiologist, we have the knowledge and skills to mentor and help you excel and grow the business, although we don't have the time to grow the business ourselves. We currently have four full-time highly skilled employees providing cardiovascular imaging services, but no one involved in the sales & marketing of our business. Your success will initially provide direct sales commission (and perhaps a small base salary), but the right person will be given the opportunity to run our day to day operations, and execute a sales and marketing strategy. Ultimately, our goal is to expand this business throughout the East Coast...read more or login to apply!

event planning rockstar needed for unique online and offline event

*We need an event planning rockstar to help us produce a unique online event that will take place in New York City in November 2010. The event has been cemented, the venue chosen, the agenda molded and buzz is starting. BUT, the planner of the event is crazy busy and is honestly afraid he'll forget something crucial and the event won't be as successful as he'd like. He needs someone who is going to be his second (or third) brain and help him make this event a success. Can you help? We need a fun-loving, go-getter who is willing to get involved and help make this event sing. Previous experience in event planning is a MUST...read more and login to apply!

advertising opportunity

Want to reach an influential group of business owners and young professionals?

To learn more about advertising opportunities with Urban Interns, contact us at advertising@urbaninterns.com.

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