Facilities Memorandum of Understanding by and between CVUSD and OPA has been Approved Oxford Preparatory Academy is pleased to announce that the Faci


Facilities Memorandum of Understanding by and between CVUSD and OPA has been Approved

Oxford Preparatory Academy is pleased to announce that the Facilities Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Chino Valley Unified School District and OPA has been finalized.

Maximum Enrollment

"d. Satisfaction of Proposition 39 Obligation. The Charter School agrees that by accepting the Premises pursuant to this Agreement, the District has fully and completely satisfied the District’s obligation to provide facilities to the Charter School under Education Code section 47614 and the implementing regulations (“Proposition 39”) for the term of its charter ending June 30, 2012. The Charter School shall not request facilities pursuant to Proposition 39 for the term of its charter ending June 30, 2012.

e. Maximum Enrollment. The parties agree that maximum enrollment shall be:
i. For 2010-2011, a total of 856 site-based students and 200 independent-study students; and,
ii. For 2011-2012, a total of 876 site-based students and 200 independent-study students."

What does this mean for Wait Listed Students?

Students not selected for placement by Lottery on April 17, 2010 were given a waiting list number. Students at the top of the wait lists and eligible for Placement into their grade level based upon space available have been notified of openings in rank order by phone call. As students are placed, the wait list numbers will change (move up) accordingly.

A comparison of OPA's Student Enrollment before and after the MOU Approval

Picture 3

Oxford Prep held a random public lottery on April 17, 2010. At that time, 728 students were placed in the grade levels illustrated by the chart above.

The approved MOU allows Oxford Prep to increase enrollment in the following grade levels (see chart below).

Picture 2

Oxford Prep will have School Uniforms for all Students

Our school uniform program will be presented during our parent information meetings over the summer. We will have a complete uniform solution. Stay tuned!

OPA wishes to Thank our Community Partners for their Valuable Support!

McGroarty Lee

Lee McGroarty is a Chino businessman and owner of Chino Executive Offices. Mr. McGroarty has been extremely supportive of Oxford's mission and has assisted us with temporary office space, allowing OPA to conduct the work necessary for staff to prepare for the opening of a school. Mr. McGroarty's generous support and his belief in supporting quality education and partnering with his local community has been a big asset to Oxford's success.

Lee McGroarty is running for U.S. Congress, 42nd District. To learn more about Lee, please visit McGroartyforcongress.com.


CrossPoint Community Church, located at 5960 Edison Avenue in Chino has graciously hosted Oxford Preparatory Academy for a number of our pre-enrollment meetings, our day-long Lottery Event, and our forth-coming parent information events. They have been a key partner in our success and their hospitality has facilitated OPA's ability to communicate our mission and vision with hundreds upon hundreds of Chino Valley families over the past several months.

CrossPoint is offering a summer Kid's event that looks like tons of fun! Visit www.crosspointcrcweb.org for more information.

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