The HIA event was a grand success. At the conference many vendors and end users interacted and discussed different types of green building technologie


The HIA event was a grand success. At the conference many vendors and end users interacted and discussed different types of green building technologies. The rate of growth in this industry just in and around the tri-state area is staggering. Clearly, the New York City program PlanYC 2030 requirement that all property owners obtain a "benchmark" for their buildings, (50,000 square feet or above), by May 2011 is having a profound effect on the entire building industry.

In two weeks the Green Build Expo 2010 will kick off in Chicago to what expo organizers believe to be the largest green building audience ever assembled. The Greenbuild International Conference and Expo is presented by the U.S. Green Building Council. Here is an interactive list of companies participating at the upcoming expo.

What is Cogeneration?

Cogeneration (also called combined heat and power or CHP), is the use of a heat engine or a power station to simultaneously generate both electricity and useful heat.
All power plants must emit a certain amount of heat during of electricity generation This can be into the natural environment through cooling towers, flue gas, or by other means. By contrast CHP captures some or all of the by-product heat for heating purposes, either very close to the plant, or—especially in Scandinavia and eastern Europe—as hot water for district heating with temperatures ranging from approximately 80 to 130 °C. This is also called Combined Heat and Power District Heating or CHPDH.

In the United States, Con Edison distributes 30 billion pounds of 350 °F/180 °C steam each year through its seven cogeneration plants to 100,000 buildings in Manhattan—the biggest steam district in the world. The peak delivery is 10 million pounds per hour (corresponding to approx. 2.5 GW). This steam distribution system is the reason for the steaming manholes often seen in "gritty" New York movies.

By-product heat at moderate temperatures (212-356°F/100-180°C) can also be used in absorption chillers for cooling. A plant producing electricity, heat and cold is sometimes called trigeneration or more generally: polygeneration plant.

Perhaps the first modern use of energy recycling was done by Thomas Edison. His 1882 Pearl Street Station, the world’s first commercial power plant, was a combined heat and power plant, producing both electricity and thermal energy while using waste heat to warm neighboring buildings. Recycling allowed Edison’s plant to achieve approximately 50 percent efficiency.


The LEED'r Green Company Profile:


Intelligen Power Systems

David H Lesser, President

Intelligen Power Systems is a leading manufacturer of pre-packaged cogeneration systems, with over 20 years of experience designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining cogeneration equipment. We have over 200 installed systems in many types of facilities and several million run-hours on the equipment. Intelligen cogeneration equipment is recognized for its reliability and is built to provide years of trouble free operation

* What are your top products? What makes them different from other products in their category?

Our top products are pre-packaged cogeneration systems. By pre-packaging the equipment around a standardized design, Intelligen can provide very cost effective installations and dramatically reduce installation time. In addition, our systems are set up with reliable remote communications to maximize our service support efforts. Our service department is the best in the business.

* Why use your products? Is it cost effective? How do they help the environment?

Our cogeneration systems are built using industrial grade engines and have durability that is unmatched in the industry. Every suitable property owner should install a cogeneration system to reduce their overall energy costs. Futhermore, cogeneration helps the environment by reducing the carbon footprint one leaves behind, and greatly increases the efficiency that one receives from burning fossil fuels. The systems are designed to comply with the highest emissions standards.

* What are some of the projects you are working on?

Some sample projects include: multiple residential apartment complexes in upper Manhattan, a hospital in Amityville, Long Island and a manufacturer of food products in Brooklyn to name a few.

* What is the future for your company?

The future of Intelligen Power Systems is to make the cogeneration factor accessible for any and all facilities and to continue being the premier cogeneration equipment supplier in the New York tri-state area.

Intelligen Power Systems is a forward thinking organization which is constantly adapting to the changing energy needs of today and tomorrow. Cogeneration is the answer to the rising energy demands of our growing metropolitan areas.

Spotlight LEED Project of the Week


courtesy of www.building

Belgium’s Médiacité Shopping Mall

The Médiacité in Liège shopping mall opened last October of 2009 in Belgium, and new photos of the naturally daylit mall and entertainment center have just been released. Located a short distance from Santiago Calatrava's high speed rail station in the heart of the city, the new multi-use facility has revitalized the former industrial area into a community pole. The exciting new urban infill project is the first shopping and leisure center in Europe to be awarded the “Very Good” mark under the New BREEAM Retail 2008 protocol, and is the first BREEAM certified project in Belgium.

Green News


Engineered Pulp Used To Make Cheap, Light, Green Coffin - People just dying to get their hands on 'em - DanCof (The Green Way To Heaven) writes that about 36 million coffins are produced every year. That is a lot of chipboard at the low end and fancy woods at the high end, just to bury someone on

World's Greenest Parking Lot Will Be at Denver International Airport - The team at Denver International Airport has teamed up with BMW Group DesignworksUSA to complete the parking lot and they are expecting to earn a LEED Gold certification upon completion — they also might get a Platinum certification by the Green Parking Council. The parking lot is expected to not only excite visitors who own green vehicles but will surprise even gas-guzzling patrons with their clean on


Self-Driving ‘Dial-A-Car’ Could Reduce Traffic By Up To 80% - Engineers at the Berlin Free University have designed an ingenious method to reduce road congestion and traffic by using cars that drive themselves. The team has developed a ‘dial-a-car’ system that allows users to call for a car via their smartphone or iPad, at which point it will automatically drive to wherever they are in order to pick them on

Global Warming for Gamers - Think you’ve got the smarts to rein in climate change without crashing the global economy? In the real world, even leaders of nations are having trouble figuring that out. But in the new strategy video game “Fate of the World,” players singlehandedly confront that daunting challenge, while tackling peak oil, overpopulation and saving the rain forest to on

EPA Top Partner Rankings - The Green Power Partnership works with a wide variety of leading organizations — from Fortune 500 companies to local, state and federal governments, and a growing number of colleges and universities. The following Top Partner Rankings highlight the annual green power purchases of leading organizations within the United States and across individual industry sectors...check out the rankings.


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