SUDDENLY SLIMMER ATLANTA INTRODUCES THE SUPREME WRAP! A powerful new wrap that guarantees 14 to 30 inches lost in just 2 short hours...or your next w



A powerful new wrap that guarantees 14 to 30 inches lost in just 2 short hours...or your next wrap is absolutely free!


(Atlanta, GA February 1, 2012) Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta , home of the revered and loved inch loss body wrap, has done it again! As if it wasn't enough to provide clients with luxury spa experiences that include super wraps such as Ultra Slim, Age Reversal , and Essential Therapy Wraps, Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta has created a new wrap so powerful and unique, you won't find it anywhere else in the world. The Supreme Wrap, appropriately titled, is quickly becoming the solution of choice for those wanting the best results for their inch and weight loss goals. By combining ingredients found in their Ultimate Wrap series, The Supreme Wrap is the first "3 in 1" treatment that promotes fantastic skin, increased energy and well being, and stunning inch loss. These new age wraps are both healthy and detoxifying and are a far cry from the harmful wraps your mother experienced. Most body wraps in Atlanta do not give inch loss guarantees and do little more than pamper the body. The majority of Supreme customers on the other hand experience inch loss well in excess of 14 inches on their first wrap and can see a significant difference in their body, especially when dressing after the wrap.

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Most would wonder if the inches lost are purely that of stored water in the body, but Suddenly Slimmer does not use heat, Infra Red or other dehydrating methods to achieve inch loss. By using proprietary all-natural, laboratory prepared solutions, along with exclusive certified techniques, Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta has perfected the ability to visually tighten and tone all areas of the body. Spa owner Julie Tracey explains "Our Supreme Wrap detoxifies the body and rejuvenates and nourishes the skin, while sculpting and compressing fat cells, cellulite and loose skin. Most people are very skeptical but are amazed when they see their results. The process is very simple, yet very, very effective! ”. She further explains “Our Supreme wrap is for everyone with any body shape because we can target areas that exercise and dieting can’t impact like loose skin, cellulite and stretchmarks. And as long as you maintain your weight and have an occasional wrap to remove built up toxins, inches lost are permanent. Many of our clients choose to continue to get wrapped monthly for the health and beauty benefits and just to feel great!"

To book your appointment for The Supreme Wrap or another amazing inch loss service, Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta has two convenient locations in Alpharetta, GA and Norcross, GA.

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