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June 2012





Welcome to our June 2012 offer for the first bottlings of our 2011 vintage and some recently disgorged, very long lees aged museum stock sparkling wine.


A quick note on the just completed 2012 harvest and season.

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The spring of 2011 indicated we were in for a similar season to that that led to the 2011 harvest; rain and humidity and very slow ripening.  Things changed, however, and changed again and again.  December saw cold, windy weather disrupt the flowering significantly.  From late December to late February we received barely a drop of rain and had eight weeks of contrast to the start of the vines’ season.  Then, what was for many harvest interuppting, a deluge of 150mm of rain freshened the vines, pushed them through veraison and a stunning run of perfect autumnal weather ripened the very small crop.  At this early stage, despite the meagre volume of wine, 2012 looks very exciting.

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Bindi Sparkling Wines. A mixed six pack offering

We have not made any base wine or tiraged (bottled) any more sparkling wine since 2003.  All the fruit has been used for our table wines.  However, we have kept reserve stocks of most of the wines, mostly for private use and for using at dinners and tastings.  Last October small amounts of three wines maturing in the cellar on fermentation lees were disgorged and are now ready for release.  As you will see in the notes below, the wines have had some extremely significant time on lees, are made from exceptionally low yields, are very dry (two of the three received no liquering at disgorgement) and are mature, complex, delicious, striking vinous expressions of Bindi history.

Bindi 2003 Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

This wine was originally offered after five years on lees.  It has now had eight years maturing on yeast lees and is really in the zone.  Barrel fermented, no malo lactic, it was searingly intense as a young wine.  It is really still a vigorous, vibrant young wine and we retain some on lees in the cellar.  It has time on its side.  This wine is bright with green tinges.  It is spicy, floral, has lemon and grapefruit notes, some yeast and earth aromas.  The palate is fresh and vigorous, very fine and poised, creamy, superbly balanced and is long and delicious.  It will mature well on cork for a few years yet.

Bindi Cuvee V Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

A blend of 1993 to 2000 vintages with the reserve wines matured in barrel.  This wine has been matured for ten years on lees in the bottle.  It is bright and youthful in colour, with some gold developing.  The nose is deep and exotic, flinty, has honey, toast and brioche aromas with floral scents.  It is complex!  The palate is rich, creamy, earthy, very textured and very, very long.  The complex flavours and textural nuances linger and evolve beautifully.  It is a wine worthy and capable of matching flavoursome white meat dishes.

Bindi Cuvee III Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

A blend of 1993 to 1997 vintages with the reserve wines matured in barrel.  Matured for thirteen years on lees in bottle.  This wine has been disgorged on several occasions over the years and this is the most profound expression yet.  Bright colour, some gold.  The nose has lemon butter, spice, cream, is round, rich and complex.  The palate is fluffy, mineral, very fine, very long, very deep, very layered and finishes with finesse and fine texture.  It is in a moment.  And puts the drinker in one.  Emotional.

These three wines are offered in a six pack consisting of one bottle of 2003, three bottles of Cuvee V and two bottles of Cuvee III.


Vintage 2011

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The 2011 season in Victoria is well documented as being exceptionally testing and at Bindi we certainly felt the strict examination of the weather.  Drought breaking rain, tropics like humidity and barely a few days respite between these weather events.  It meant exceptional attention was required to ensure the canopy was open and airy and that preventative sprays and, for the first time in eight years, a couple of early season curative sprays were applied to manage what were, for many, crop destroying mildew events.  Bunch and leaf destroying downey mildew was the primary concern, then botrytis made a devastating challenge to those that had survived that far.  We took no chemical measures for botrytis, as we have not for over a decade, and had no issue by harvest time.  The result was a good crop level of very healthy fruit that achieved ripeness with high acidity and intensity by the end of April.  

At the end of February we bottled the 2011 Composition Chardonnay, 2011 Composition Pinot Noir and the 2011 Pyrette Heathcote Shiraz.  The wines are still a little unresolved post bottling and will require a couple more months before they are settled sufficiently as to show as they did immediately pre bottling.

The vintage to my mind is reminiscent of 1995 and 2004.  Both of these vintages wines are characterised by medium weight, fragrance, harmony, elegance and delicious drinkability after three or so years.  The 2004 wines in particular are some of the most delicious, seductive and textured wines we consume at the winery today.  With a couple of years in bottle to settle and evolve these 2011s will provide a lot of pleasure for a decade or so.

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2011 Bindi Composition Chardonnay

Pure, mineral and flinty with tangy grapefruit, spice, wet stones and cut pear aromas.  The palate has very bright acidity despite being over 13% alcohol, has fine leesy texture, is tight, long and savoury.  The more it breathes the more texture and flesh it develops and it will require at least six moths to really settle, fill out and shine.  At this stage it has some resemblance to the 2005 which thrilled many for its minerality, racy acidity and line and length whilst challenging others for its firm acidity and intense drive.  Today the 2005 is very harmonious and textural and retains its vigour and drive.  I expect to see this wine go the same way, particularly the way it has evolved in barrel and evolves over several days after opening.  

2011 Bindi Composition Pinot Noir

This wine is just beginning to emerge post bottling and its pure red fruits, spice and floral notes are showing the seductive personality of this vintage.  The palate is fresh, juicy, creamy and silky and the delicious red fruits are carried by fine tannins and balanced acidity.  It is showing in a similar way to the 2004 wine which has built texture, complexity and perfume over seven years in bottle.  Given another twelve months or so in bottle it will really begin to shine.

2011 Pyrette Heathcote Shiraz

This is already an approachable wine with its seductive mix of smokey, savoury, earthy, gamey, graphite elements mixed with juicy red and black fruit flavours.  It is fresh, creamy and smooth on the palate with intensity, balance and texture.  The fine tannin is in balance and carries the complex, mineral, earthy flavours very well.  These wines have been maturing very well and we are seeing improvement over five to seven years where increases in textural interest and complexity develop whilst fruit definition and freshness remain.  Ideally cellar for a couple of years and drink over the next five or so.


A note on the ability of Bindi Pinot Noir to age.

Over vintage this year we opened a range of bottles that gave evidence of the ability of our wines to age well given correct cellaring and closure. The 1992 (four year old vines, now at twenty years of age) and 1993 were fresh, balanced and delicious.  There were no excuses required of ‘not bad for a wine this old’ and the like, it was simply a case of the wines drinking very well.  Other older wines we enjoyed were from 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.  Sure, some are from vintages that show the warmer conditions (most notably 2001) and some from late, cold seasons (2002) but all were drinking well.  Naturally, in the early years we were in no position to say the wines will generally improve for five to ten years and usually hold for many more after that but now we can comfortably make that call.  Last Spring Bindi master classes presented in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney showing Block 5 to wine trade and journalists gave important perspective to the consistency of style, quality and age worthiness of our Pinot Noir, and this vineyard in particular.  And in October last year over a dinner and tasting at Bindi a group of 14 Masters of Wine, trade and journalists from the UK, Europe, India and the USA were presented with a dozen Bindi Pinot Noirs going back to 1992 which presented the same evidence of age worthiness and quality.  Naturally, vintages vary in personality and longevity but we feel that these few decades have indicated some important confidences can be held.  But we must be vigilant and we must be patient!  The resolve remains to focus a little more each season, to care for the land, vines and wines with more detail borne of increased experience and insight.


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