─ News ─ > The summer was busy for each member of Project 33, therefore we are back with another newsletter, which brings you crispy and fresh news f

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─ News ─

The summer was busy for each member of Project 33, therefore we are back with another newsletter, which brings you crispy and fresh news from our camp.


─ Berjo Mouanga ─


Berjo went all the way to London UK to help with preparations of African and Caribbean Design Diaspora Festival 2011. He set up his works and attended the private view.

"it was just incredible bieng a part of such a great event, with all those talented artists from all over the world, I would like to thank all the people who attended, and feedback and appreciation I have recieved for my work."

There are pictures from the festival on FLICKR, if you want to take a look.



Berjo will be exhibiting some of his works with other artists at The Original Gallery in London, during the Black History Month in UK. The show will be held at the Original Gallery in Hornsey Library from October 12th to 29th.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Check out I AM THENUBLACK for more informations.

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Berjo has also released a couple of new projects entitled Illustrations & Self Initiated projects, you might want to check out his portfolio for more of his work.

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Luke Tomski


Luke was working on different projects for the lats few months. The most significant project was the release of the limited edition of Becherovka (which is almost like a national herbal liqueur from Czech Republic). Tomski and Alice Gurinová (illustrator from Slovakia) were asked to design the bottle, which is soon going to hit market shelves. The official release party included different events, like live painting, DJ and VJ set by Laboratory of Darkness (another ongoing project by Luke).



Tomski also attended DesignBlok 2011 4.-9.10.2011 (Annual international showcase of industrial, fashion design and lifestyle in Czech Republic). Redbull had selected few artists who attended live art battles SecretWars. Each artist was randomly picked and given a small sized fridge to paint on every day during DesignBlok. Luke´s day D was on 6.10.2011, his fridge slowly turned into a bull zombie with an overflowing brain. Tomski´s work was highly appreciated at the battle´s afterparty.



Along with Studio Kouzelna*** Luke realized projections for Coffee Week event in Brno. The screening took place at a dimensional building, the video content was nothing other than coffee. A dark poetic story went beyond the bounds of traditional mapping and offered a breathtaking show to everyone present. The video is coming soon with an online portfolio of the whole Studio.


There is another event waiting for Tomski in next few days, It is the SecretWar battle, which will take place on 21.10.2011. Black color, white canvas, brushes/markers, ninety minutes and two artists going in. Be on the look out and come support.

Check out Tomski´s portfolio for more of his work.

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Project 33 was created by three friends who study at Tomas Bata University in Zlín (Czech Republic). This project is a liberal association without limits or strictly defined rules. There are different people in this project, from different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. These signs of diversity are noticeable in their work, because these guys don't just work in their fields, they also like to experiment in different fields such as VJ-ing, programming or fashion. It is difficult to define their disciplines, because they cross the borders. Once they have started as a graphic designer, illustrator and animator, today these fields are multidisciplinary to them. Each one of them works as a freelancer and everyone's attitude is very unique, that's why 3 disciplines, 3 individuals and 3 projects which represent their collaborative Project 33.

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