A message to all members of FLORIDA 9/12 PROJECT Senate President Mike Haridopolos has decided to be the Senate sponsor for HJR1, the Florida Healthc


A message to all members of FLORIDA 9/12 PROJECT

Senate President Mike Haridopolos has decided to be the Senate sponsor for HJR1, the Florida Healthcare Freedom Act. This was going to be amendment 9 last year until the Florida Supreme Court took away our right to vote for healthcare freedom. Senate leadership rarely, if ever, sponsor bills so this is a POWERFUL message that he has become the Senate sponsor. I am the first one to be hard on these guys when they do something wrong, and I try to be the first one to thank them when they do something right.

Let’s show Mr. Haridopolos some love... email him at mike@senatormike.com (I think that goes to his blackberry) or post a thank you note on his Facebook page.

Please spread this around and let’s thank him for standing up for healthcare freedom!

PS. You can also call 850-487-5056, his office in Tallahassee.

Pat Wayman
Florida 912 Director of Communications


Since this is a joint resolution, you should also contact your representative in the Florida House of Representatives. Most of us will be contacting Rep. Will Snyder.

Others will contact Rep.-elect Gayle Harrell.

And don't forget Joe Negron in the Florida Senate.


Calls Again Needed to Stop the DREAM Act

The DREAM Act has been re-introduced and is expected to be voted on November 29, 2010. Proponents are desperately seeking enactment during the Lame Duck Session. Although recent election results were spectacular in electing pro-enforcement candidates, pro-AMNESTY Senator Harry Reid remains as Senate President and he has a history of 'ram AMNESTY down their throats' tactics. The good news is that this will likely be the last AMNESTY threat for years.

Although there are a slew of objections to the DREAM Act (AKA Nightmare Act), the two major objections are:

AMNESTY. Although "an estimated 360,000 conditional residents aged 18-24 would acquire permanent resident status under the DREAM Act," "estimates suggest that at least 2.1 million illegal aliens will be eligible for the DREAM Act AMNESTY". Remember that those given AMNESTY will eventually be allowed to petition to bring in millions of their relatives making the fiscal and population impact far, far greater than what proponents say.

In-state Tuition Ban Reversal. There is a federal ban on in-state tuition for illegal aliens although about 10 states currently violate that ban. The DREAM Act would overturn the ban thus allowing states to legally subsidize college education for illegal alien students. The resultant effect likely would be a long-term degradation of higher education similar to the degradation that K-12 public education has had as a result of mass immigration.

Senator Bill Nelson has been a long-time supporter of the DREAM Act and is expected to vote for it.

Senator LeMieux who is considering running for Senator Nelson's seat in 2012, is a likely No vote but he is being targeted by DREAM Act supporters as a potential Yes vote. Senator LeMieux voted against the DREAM Act during the DOD Reauthorization bill in September, 2010 and has stated:

"Many in my state support the bill," LeMieux said. "It's a very difficult situation for kids who are brought to this country and it's no fault of their own. I understand that and I am sympathetic, but to attach this to this bill without trying to fix our broken immigration system is disingenuous and irresponsible."


Why is this our business?

Our participation in these campaigns is important because action by our state legislature is the solution to the overreach of the federal government. In the case of the DREAM Act, the federal legislators propose to override the wishes of states. Does anyone think that we will be able to influence our federal representatives without this implied and expressed threat of States Rights?

For the Committee:

Cindy Lucas / Jim McGovern / Shona Darress

Visit the Martin 9/12 TeaParty Committee website.


An Author in Our Midst

Connie Houser from our meetings has released another book.

My title ABSOLUTE POWER! is based on the power that men in business and politics seek to acquire. The use and misuse of that power and the dramatic events that follow. The explosive results of seeking absolute power destroys lives and changes people forever. It forms a trap even the innocent can't escape, particularly when the lust for that last measure of power becomes the only object left worth obtaining. The opportunity for justice against this kind of power rarely occurs but this book pursues an opportunity for justice that only the heroine can obtain with the help of the man deeply in love with her. This is a tale of unrequited love, ambition, political power, intrigue and murder. The story begins on a ranch in Texas and ranges through London, Paris, Greece and Washington, D.C. The main characters, Alexi (ne Gaylord) Wainchester and her love-driven cousin and chauffeur, Ed Kay,(narrator of the story) travel to still war-torn London and Paris prior to Alexi's debut in London before Queen Elizabeth II. Her wedding in Texas to Senator Douglas Wainchester, son of Oklahoma Oil potentate, Douglas Wainchester, Sr., billionaire, is the prelude to Doug's, father-driven, ambitious campaign for the Presidency of the United States. Doug's subsequent election as President, early on embroils him in a political problem, not of his making, and makes an enemy of a powerful and wealthy Greek potentate, Demetrius Nicholas. The President's brother, Bradford Wainchester, as Doug's right hand advisor, and Ed Kay, now an unofficial but trained security agent in the Hoover driven FBI, attempt to protect the President and his first lady, Alexi. However, the intrigue from the first moment of Doug's presidency involves all the characters in a power hungry, deadly event that changes their lives dramatically. Set in the luxurious surroundings of wealth and power in the early 1950's, it characterizes the war weary politics of that era, following WWII, and the push for Women's Rights, undertaken by the books's first lady, Alexi Wainchester. This window to the turbulent politics of the fifties and after with its worldwide power struggles are reminiscent of today's turbulent political scene. Power and romance are often found together and often dependent on each other. Both are notoriously transient. This book provides a story the reader almost knows, cobbled with intriguing unexpected twists, set in an era that saw dramatic changes in the power of many who had long been without that power. You won't put it down!


Congress Wants To Serve You For Thanksgiving - Lame Duck Update

Here's a link to an important message from our associates in the South Florida Tea Party.

They will give you details about important concerns in the Lame Duck Session of Congress.


Jim Stack: Agenda 21 booklets updated from Freedom Advocates

Understanding Sustainable Development Agenda 21:
For the People and Their Public Officials

White Paper free download here

Fall 2010 Updated Pamphlet free download here

ICLEI: Research, Education, Action and Risks at the Local Level - Basic First Steps by Stacy Lynne. Every local Agenda 21 situation is unique. Stacy Lynne courageously continues to share her knowledge on ICLEI despite the harassment she endures.

Local Action Videos:
Abolishing Private Property in the Florida Everglades
Miami, Florida. The Dade County local news channel explores growing tensions between private property owners and government agencies regarding property use in a small area bordering the Everglades. In an apparent effort to restrict owners' use of their land, the Department of Environmental Resources Management (DERM) is filing reports that order citizens to discontinue land use, leaving many owners in financial crisis.

Austin City Council Activities Noticed as Treasonous
John Bush of Texans for Accountable Government exposes Agenda 21 to the Austin City Council. Bush informs the Austin City Council of the treasonous nature of Agenda 21 in local policies. The City Council ignores the information and unanimously adopts Agenda 21 and ICLEI international policies.

For more news see the Town Crier on the homepage. Investigate the Research Center and PowerPoint sections for new posts that may be helpful to you as you spread the word to others about the dangers of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.



On Friday, December 03, 2010 at 6:15 p.m., the Committee will have a meeting of all members.

1111 S.E. Federal Hwy
Suite 134
Stuart, FL

Now is not the time to rest!

for the Committee, Jim / Cindy / Shona

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