peace and love / to one and all this is the news coming straight from the tind headquarters selected works and news covering period from january 201

bitching about madmimi

peace and love / to one and all

this is the news coming straight from the tind headquarters
selected works and news covering period from january 2010 till end of april 2010

yes this means pretty much 3 newsletters in one year, not much huh?
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news follows in chronological order

Copy of DSC 0529

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Bday Print / Lolos

limited silkscreen print for Vassilis Lolos
35cm x 50 cm / 1 color (black with a hint of silver)

all prints are done on different papers,
each one is unique.

if you wish to own one
contact at

behind the scenes here

DSC 0229

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Window Display / Maximos

window display for maximos
designed by erato / applied by tind

designed with visual basic application
created by erato for corel draw
based on the equation created by French mathematician Gabriel Lamé (1795�"1870)

more on Gabriel Lamé and his equations

here here here here and here

you can download the *.cdr file
created for this job here

if used please credit us

behind the scenes here

Copy of DSC 0647

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Limited Edition Silkscreen Print / Twelvetimestwo

friend Yiorgos Yiacos designed I printed

he did superb job with his super sexy art illustrations

4 silkscreen prints 50cm x 70cm
in 2 different papers with 2 different colors
limited edition of of 25 from each design

prints are up for sale / contact him for reserving one or even all four at

making of here

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best seller / all info

The Wooden King Himself / Book Design

helped Wooden King
with his new best seller

full of love Trinkets is a must have !
more info about it here

buy Trinkets among other cool stuff here

cards prosopa

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Prosopa Restaurant Cards

new cards for prosopa restaurant

4 different designs at front / one common back

240 gsm chagall paper

Prosopa is a hawt restaurant located @ Gkazi

it has the best banoffee in town !

prosopa menu- 2

click picture above to see the whole menu

Prosopa Menu Merit @ EBGE 2010

In other news,
a merit form the greek design awards (ebge)
is won for my work on the design of
the prosopa restaurant menu

limited print of 30 greek / 10 english
digital print at hp indigo and special binding to hold
36 pages in bristol matt papper at 170 gsm

you can see the whole menu here

more work has been done for prosopa restaurant
inside design graphics

design + application done by tind+erato


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7ply Festival 2010 / First Place

First place for my contribution
for the 2010's 7ply project festival

it was inspired from something
all skaters will use at least once
a handsaplast ! (bandaid)

handsaplast power to the skaters !!!

full view here


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