startup week! This week, we couldn't help noticing that so many of our positions are based with "startups" - and by this we mean businesses that appe

startup week!

This week, we couldn't help noticing that so many of our positions are based with "startups" - and by this we mean businesses that appear to be relatively young and still in high-growth mode. They might be innovators in their spaces, or they might be jumping on a trend - either way, these can be some of the most exciting but risky jobs. While you may end up at the next Google, you can also end up at the next Kozmo. (If you don't remember that one, just let it go - we're showing our age.) And these can be incredible opportunities to work directly with founding teams. If you're interested in entrepreneurship yourself one day, listen up.

It makes total sense that we're seeing a bit of a resurgence in startup hiring:
* The costs of starting and running a high tech company are relatively low. As Thomas Friedman eloquently wrote this week in the NYTimes, entrepreneurs are increasingly taking advantage of "all the tools of the flat world — teleconferencing, e-mail, the Internet and faxes — to access the best expertise and low-cost, high-quality manufacturing anywhere."
* As we've written in the past, the economy is showing signs of life - jobs are being added, and retail demand and manufacturing output are up. Startups are risk-takers, and they eager to be first in front of the consumer when they start spending again.

But don't just jump into that startup job - or even into applying for that job - without heeding our *tips for getting and staying hired at a startup...READ THE REST HERE!*


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the coolest startup opportunities

See below for the latest part-time and internship opportunities in the startup world. Or, click here for a full list of jobs on Urban Interns! Remember, you must login to apply.

marketing / social media intern

Wallpaper Collective needs a marketing and social media intern to blog, tweet and reseach with an eye toward creating buzz and driving traffic to the site. Since launching on December 1, 2009, we have enjoyed an enormous amount of attention in the design press (New York Times, Chicago Tribune,, House beautiful, ApartmentTherapy), and now we need help to take advantage of that press. Candidates must be internet and social media saavy. Must be clever, smart writers. Must have understanding of basic marketing principles. Design - savvy and internet veterans will have an advantage. Help grow a terrific start up with loads of potential in an excellent working environment. Basic MS Office skills more or login to apply.

intern for startup networking & events company

This position is for a startup company focusing on networking and networking events. Will have a lot of exposure to entrepreneurs and will involve blogging, social media, general admin, event planning, scheduling but is completely flexible and you can create your own position as the role expands. Work from home or can work from our home office part time as well. Position can be paid or unpaid - will be determined based on availability and negotiated role and more or login to apply.

sales marketing positions

Entrepreneurial iPhone Apps company looking for enthusiastic interns Join our Sales & Marketing Team to spread the words of great iPhone apps! Must have a passion for food, outgoing, and have excellent communication skills. The outreach evangelists must also be personable, passionate and can strike small talk conversation with total strangers. Knowledge about iPhone and iPod Touch is a more or login to apply.


advertising opportunity

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